We received a great response to our readers when we  showcase the collection of Business Card designs.  And today, we made a new list to inspire you and this time its all  about Brochure. A Brochure is a small booklet or pamphlet, mostly containing promotional material or product information.

Here  is a showcase of Beautiful Brochure Designs for another list of inspiration. In this post you will see some example of a good brochure designs. While you’re at it, you might also want to check this Revisable & Ready Print Brochure Template Design article for inspiration or for premium resources. Also, read some tips in creating a good brochure design that can help you on your next design project. Enjoy!

2014 Update:

Inspiration is one of the force that drives our creativity to flow continuously. With that it is important that it doesn’t stop coming so we have added new brochure designs below for you to see. I’m positive you’ll get inspiration and some ideas that will be valuable for your next designs. Come and check them all out.

creative brochure design
Source: k.james

ready to use brochure
By: designsitesup

brochure design
Source: Antonio Bonanno

ready brochure design
Source: Toast Creative

useful brochure designs
By: designsitesup

ready brochure designs
By: designsitesup

ready to use brochure designs
Source: inkdphotos

real estate brochure design
Source: inkdphotos

By: designsitesup.com

Hey! See more of these stuff to get some motivations and ignite ideas.

By: designsitesup.com

pink brochure designs
Source: Studio MIKMIK

artistic brochure designs
Source: studiomikmik

unique brochure designs
Source: Source Creative

wine brochure designs
Source: inkdphotos

water brochure designs
Source: inkdphotos

wood design brochure
Source: FalkPhotoDesign

white design brochure
Source: inkdphotos

marketing brochure designs
Source: vi.sualize

By: sortdesign.co.uk

blue brochure design
Source: vi.sualize

people brochure designs
Source: Matt Wahl

square brochure design
Source: vi.sualize

water company brochure designs
Source: Jash-Aqua1

resort brochure designs
Source: Abaca Maldives

wine brochure designs
Source: Pix Brains

kitchen brochures
Source: Shawn Hooghkirk

electrician brochure design
Source: Fifteen Design

fashion brochure designs
Source: Mirza Irfan Baig

resort brochures designs
Source: Ringo Design Labs

architecture brochures designs
Source: Studio MIKMIK

call center brochures designs
Source: Aliv Pandu

exhibition brochure designs
Source: Studio MIKMIK

So which one do you like the most? We would love to hear your favorites. Maybe you would like  to drop a comment if you like.

Ronald Bien

About the author: A Graphic Designer and the founder of Naldz Graphics. He launched Naldz Graphics to help the Design Community in providing quality design resources and tutorials.


  1. A very nice collection of Brochure Designs to get inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the inspiration. Great collection!

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  4. I really love the toast creative with a bite:] Thanks for sharing.

  5. Excellent, thanks. Really like sortdesign’s

  6. Very inspiring collection of brochures using contemporary design. Thanks for sharing.

    Follow us on Twitter: @stratigodesign

  7. Very nice collection!

    I love the pacing of the NA* brochure

  8. Amazing what you can do with some space, a little copy and a printing budget!

  9. Nice! Wish the brochures they give in malls look like these. 🙂

  10. really i love this showcase
    very inspiring me
    thanks for share

  11. Brilliant collection. Thanks for sharing. Very inspiring… Cheers

  12. Nice collection. Have added to delicious, thanks!

  13. Many of these would take a sizeable budget to produce but the end result is a design which really stands out. One of two of the designs are not very readable and that needs to be addressed as a priority in design.

    My favourite of the collection is inkdphotos’ Hardware brochure: clever idea, simple execution, great style and designed in two-colour so cheaper for printing.

  14. Creative, colorful, well printed, and totally stylish.

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  25. damn…niiiiceeee….iv saved all o dem for ref. material u know…thanks!

  26. I just love it…
    great idea and design concept….
    I’m proud of you kababayan. Thanks for sharing.

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  28. wow these are amazing but where would you get this kind of stuff printed?

  29. Awesome list .. I’m first time seeing any collection of brochure designs.. thanks 🙂

  30. Cool selections!!! Great Inspirations!!! Mabuhay ka kabayan!!!

  31. Great did. I loved to bookmark this page forever. Thanks for providing inspirational work for us.

  32. Those are awesome brochure, some are just WOW.. ^.^
    great job finding them

  33. It is nice to see fun creative design with rainbow of colors.

  34. It is nice to see fun creative design with rainbow of colors.

  35. Nice collections. Everyone will get different ideas. Thanx.

  36. beautiful collection brochure is a good selection for any inspiration for designers of color graficos.la application gives life to each design

  37. Colors are really eye-catching! Excellent designs!

  38. Really inspiring and cool examples. That´s why I love Internet, thank you for sharing with us. 🙂

  39. Your blog is amazing..Nice design and interesting blog post makes me to stop here for a while..
    Thanks a lot for such an amazing blog…Keep it up…

  40. Galing naman ni Ronald! Iba talaga mga Pinoy, pati banyaga, napapahanga! Ganda ng mga articles, freebies…lahat! hehe! Congrats Bro!

  41. Brochure designs are very nice and to get inspiration from these designs

  42. Very Goods inspiring collection of brochures using contemporary design. Thanks for sharing.

  43. Very Impressive Designs for inspiration, I will defiantly use these styles , Thanks for sharing

  44. The inked photos collection, and especially the coffee themed designs are very good and realistic. Matched well with the product theme.Thanks for sharing

  45. impact 2008 seems very corporate
    indeed good collection.

  46. concept – colorfulness – commercial very nice designs
    thank u i inspire your designs

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