Logo is very important to any organizations and other non-commercial entities as it give a solid identity or trademark. There are lots of cool and creative Logo Design now a days which could be useful to get some inspiration that’s why we collect  some of the best logos out there.

In this post you will see different kinds of Logo Design based on animal concept.  Here is 50 Beautiful Logo Design Focus on Animals.


























Which of this logos do you like the most? We would love to hear your favorites. Let us know if you have more suggestions on a Logo Design based on animals. We and  our readers will surely love your cooperation. Maybe you would like to drop a comment if you like.

Ronald Bien

About the author: A Graphic Designer and the founder of Naldz Graphics. He launched Naldz Graphics to help the Design Community in providing quality design resources and tutorials.


  1. My two favs are the vonde swan logo and the GirAfrica logo. Simple, clean and effective. Cool post Thanks!

  2. they’re all great but I like Silent Monkey the best!

  3. I really like the SpiffySparrow logo – it is a spiffy sparrow too!!!

  4. I love the silent monkey and monkey business:] Nice collection:]

  5. I really like RedIbex, Monkey Business, Red Fox, and Nocturno. Thanks for the GREAT post!

  6. Great logos. Can’t say which one I liked most. All are having its own beauty. Thanks for showing us this nice collection.

  7. Hi all designs are good ,but i liked silent monkey a lot ,all these are good logos

  8. These logos are simple yet beautiful! Great collection!

  9. its good and i like the plastic whale and green mokey and others too. iam going to make my own logo. i never give importance to logos.but i will do it from now.lol

  10. Hello, i dont know how you got on my igoogle page but i REALLY look forward to your posts. awesome!!! your design work is deadly too and taste in works exquisite!

    Will check back very often.

  11. Thanks for the article; I’m always looking for inspiration when I start the logo creation process.

  12. Really great collection. I especially like the clean and sophisticated look and use of gray in the “vonde” logo. I relatively recently did a couple of animal based logo designs actually.

  13. Most of all i like Fishforward logo!!! Greate work!

  14. Silent monkey is my favorite, you know he has done something bad!

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  16. A lot of great logos. My favorites are the Magouya because the gecko is incorporated into the Y, and also the first example Lightswitch which is super clever.

    Green monkey has a cool look, and I love the style of the Small Orange Fish. Great examples.

  17. Sylion logo is looking very professional and we are thinking to write a review on Sylion logo. Other logos are also looking fine for example Silent Monkey, SpiffySparrow and Red Fox

  18. Nice post. they are all great but i liked the swan logo the best 🙂

  19. Fantastic Collection. – My Fave is the SharpShark logo becuase of it’s simplicity!

    Not so keen on the ab-vet logo – it looks like MS Clipart.

    Keep-up the great posts… I really enjoy reading.

  20. Wow there are some really beautiful logos in here, ty for this post!

  21. In the Nido website have a 2 more great logo design focus on Animal. Elephruit and Panda.

  22. Awesome, good post!! Thanx! These come in really handy because I have to do a logo with several animals in it right now…so to have this to inspire me is great!

  23. Nice roundup.. These logo designers enough creative and make , sometimes amazing stuff..

  24. sooo many of these i like…. the cartoony ones are awesome… wish i had a client who wanted a cartoony bird or something as their logo 🙂

  25. Great! Love coming across other designers and their logos that use animals. I find it really inspiring. I really liked SPOT, Birdbee and Silent Monkey. Also, more and more companies now a days are looking to incorporate some of our ‘furry friends’ into their brand. In fact I have dream job, in that ALL of my clients come to me for this, since it’s the kind of the niche design that I’ve chosen to specialize in. Thanks again! 🙂

  26. I love this collection. I am doing my thesis on animals in graphic design. If anyone could comment on these questions that would be amazing. Thanks!

    Would you be more attracted to buy from a company that had an animal logo? Why?

    And do you prefer it when animals display human qualities (such as monkey business above) or when they are depicted more in their true form?

  27. very clean and beautiful logo. It’s always an inspiration to see how other people think and create.
    Thanks Ronald for sharing.

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