Naldz Graphics is Back!!!


Hello Guys!!!! I would like to shout out that Naldz Graphics is back!!!yeah its really back for good.  So hows everyone??Oh I missed you all!!!. Its been 3 months since I was gone. Maybe most of you guys ask me what happened to

Well, I already stated what happened about my site  almost last 2 months ago in WPWebHost on their Comment Section when they posted something about “What Happened to Naldz Graphics“.

When I started developing, the domain was on my friends info. He actually gave that domain to me as a gift. It was my first ever site and intended to be my Portfolio. A month came by, I decided to convert it to a design blog and never expect that it will be a success for only a little amount of time. But then, Last November this problem happened and I waited for my friend for months but then he didn’t came back. I don’t know what happened to him and its really too long enough waiting for nothing so I decided to transfer in .net. And now I own all my domain infos. Sad to say that i wasn’t able to back up 25 of my posts. But things happened. And I would like to apologize if the site was down for a very long time.

But before anything else I would like to say thanks to Sharath Patali. A very nice friend of mine since I was on the mid of  developing my He’s the one who help me do the code when I decided to redesign my theme last year and still helping me at  Present. Second, I would like to say thanks to WPWebhost- The Best Web Hosting for WordPress Users for helping me run 24/7. This guys really made my day:)

What Will Naldz Graphics Readers Expect?

To all my Loyal Readers let me give this opportunity to say thank you so much for the support. And talking about expectations on Naldz Graphics in the Future, Expect more Advance Tutorials and Great Resources will be serve for you so better come everyday:)

Monthly Giveaways

Yes, It’s  still on the List to give you guys some Good Giveaways every month. It could be like Free PSD-XHTML conversion, Free  Softwares, and many more that will surely very useful to everyone. Hopefully we can get more Sponsors to participate.=)

I guess this would be all for now:) Im still planning to add more features here in the future but It will be a secret at the moment=)I would like to apologize again if the site was down for a long time and thank you very much for the overwhelm support. Please do Subscribe to my RSS Feed if you didn’t Subscribe Yet. This will give you an Updates on the Latest Tutorials and Giveaways right direct to your Email. So now what? SUBSCRIBE NOW!!! =)

Thanks for Reading and Come Back Again=)

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  • Bennett

    You really are back.Can’t wait to see your future post and tutorials.Welcome back!!!

  • Rich Bailey

    Congradulations on getting the site back up. I’m following you on Twitter and I am now subscribed to your site. Looking forward to the content

  • Jaswinder

    Your back wooo! when’s the new site design going to be up?

  • Aira Bongco

    Welcome back Naldz. I will sprinkle the site with lots of luck. Good luck!

  • Nora AbdulRhman

    glad you’re back :)
    welcome ..
    waiting to see you future posts !

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  • mayhemstudios

    Welcome back my friend! 150 people to follow on Twitter. Start compiling now. :)

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  • reactlab

    Woot! Looking forward to more great posts.

  • Duff

    nice to have you back Ronald!

  • Love CJ

    welcome to back.

  • Ronald

    Thanks Guys for the warm welcome:)Hope you enjoy my future post in Here;)Keep in touch

  • Max Stanworth

    Good to see you back for good, Hopefully we can all enjoy your posts again now!

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  • Meroko

    Glad to see you back!! I’m sure it was a lot of hard work, but it’s going to pay off, you were very missed!

  • Karinne

    Woohooo! Welcome back! ’bout time :D

    Karinnes last blog post..AETUTS launched

  • Jeff

    Its nice that your back. cant wait for your tutorials:-)

  • Dainis Graveris

    I can just say – glad to see You back and good luck with Your site, glad to hear everything is now ok!

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  • TransPhattyAcid

    Hey, Naldz!

    Welcome back and thanks for all the great info/tutorials!

  • joyoge designers’ bookmark

    welcome to back.

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  • SE7EN

    Glad to see your come back :D

  • Su

    I’m so glad you are back! I missed ya. Looking forward to a new ‘relationship’. I know it will be amazing. Thank you!


  • Tom Ross

    Awesome to have you back mate :)

  • SBL

    Great post…

  • Eva Vesper

    Welcome back Ronald! Good to finally see you.

    We look forward to seeing great stuff this year. =)

  • Tyler Nolin

    Welcome back! The site looks great!

  • Jackie Brewer

    So excited to see things are back and running. I love the tutorials. The Apple tutorial is something that I am using to get my students jump started and interested in Photoshop. I will have an Electronic Media class next year and doing a little PR for the class.

  • Aravind Ajith

    Welcome back Ronald.. :)

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  • MandyMiller

    Hi, I can?t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Can you Help me, please :)