35 Inspiring Dog Logo Designs


The dog being considered as man’s best friend is a nice subject for logos. Dogs are well-loved by many people because they perform many roles for them such as hunting, protection and most especially, accompanying them in their everyday lives as their domestic pet partners. Dog logo designs are popularly used in business branding most commonly in veterinary clinics and among pet sitters because a dog symbolizes honesty and loyalty.

Here is our collection of 35 Inspiring Dog Logo Designs which are very unique. We hope that you could get some ideas on these logo designs for your next design project.

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Dog Inspired Logo Designs

Dog Dachshund

dog dachshund logo

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BOXER show

boxer show logo

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parachuting dog logo

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World Dog Show

world dog show

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shoot my dog

shoot my dog

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buzz dog logo

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unpugged logo

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dog’s logo

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posh my pup

posh my pup

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Creative dog

creative dog logo

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petfoto logo

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dox logo

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leadshouse fi dog logo

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Black Dog V.1

black dog v.1

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Ms. Behave and Mr. Lucky

ms. Behave and mr. lucky dog logo

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green dog logo

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bad DOG

bad dog logo

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hot doggy logo

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dog click training logo

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barkerss logo

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dog days logo

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= woof logo

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dog wash

dog wash logo

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dots shund logo

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dog dish logo

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devil dogg logo

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farm dog logo

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Must Heart Dogs

must heart dogs logo

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Do Grin

do grin dog logo

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puppyteer logo

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chilli dog logo

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moon dog logo

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lucky dog logo

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wet dog logo

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rocket dog logo

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  • Steve

    The best binoculars Pentax give us a LOOK you need the best in you game.

  • heryien

    nice… :D

  • Ignazio

    So many cute and inspiring designs here.
    I think my three favorites are the Parachuting Dog Company, Unpugged, and Ms. Behave and Mr. Lucky. :o))

  • @_JJunior

    great inspiration! very good!

  • The Freelance Geek

    Love The Green Dog design.

  • Corporate interior chennai

    Really fantastic collection of logo designs of exclusively for dogs…Its creative logos…Its useful for designers

  • oknut21

    Cool Inspiring Collection..I may have to copy some of those straight. haha. thanks !

  • Emma Atunts

    Excellent! I’ve admired several of this designs before.
    keep it up !

  • amanda

    unpugged! that’s very clever!

  • adyz

    Awesome logos! I wished to see this post before I started an dog logo design witch is a crap comparing to these logos!

    Thanks for the post!

  • Robbie

    Nice showcase. Its good to see a nice contrast between the dogs and the background.

  • Eko

    Nice collection, thanks for the logo design inspiration.

  • Sergeich

    Cavedog Entertainment. Cavedog gained the attention of gamers and the gaming press alike with the 1997 release of Total Annihilation (TA), winning many accolades such as multiple “Game of the Year” honors.

  • Boost Inspiration

    Nice logos. Liked Devil Dog :)

  • e11world

    Excellent round up. many are really great here!

  • Red

    Lovely collection, Thanks for sharing!

  • Colddesign

    Very awsome logos…!

  • Smashing Share

    Impressive post. Thanks for sharing!

  • Arslan

    Really fantastic collection of logo designs

  • Behzad

    love them, few are cleverly done like black dog.

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  • Monica Cevallos

    As someone who specializes in designing logos for pet related businesses, all of these logos are quite fantastic; while also inspiring! :)