Textures serve a big advantage in making websites and other graphics design projects better looking and efficient. Another great thing about it is that you can find it anywhere,in your town, maybe in streets, or even in your homes. Examples of this are fabric textures from your clothes, linen or any fabric materials you have. After capturing the texture it can help your blog in making it more effective and giving it a nice touch.

In our next post, we will be showcasing 50 Free Expedient High-Resolution Fabric Textures. We have collected some of the beautiful fabric textures that have different designs for you to choose from. They all are high-resolution images and best of all, they all come for free. Don’t hesitate to check them out, these showcase may include the texture that will suite your taste. Come, take a peek, and choose your pick.

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Sari Fabric

To start the list, we have a black fabric that is designed with yellow floral details and made even more exquisite with flowers filled silver glitters. This could be downloaded in 1578x2790px, in JPG format. This stock is only available for personal use.
muslim fabric textile

Nouveau Pattern

A yellow fabric designed with brown nouveau pattern print, this texture could be used as a background for your website or print designs; or you can add some texture effect to your design. It is available for personal and commercial use as long as proper credit and link back is given to ‘Dori Stock on Deviantart’. This texture can be downloaded in 2400x3600px @ 300dpi.
pattern fabric

Tan Carpet

Here is a close-up texture of a brown carpet where the thread loops are visible. This could be used for backgrounds and other designs that need to have some fabric/carpet texture to be perfect. It is also free for any personal and commercial use as long as it is utilized for other designs and not as a resource itself. Download it in 2310x3017px resolution.
Carpet texture

Fabric 13

Fabric 13 is a red cloth texture that is downloadable in 2000x18000px. This could be used for private or commercial projects that will look better with the textures of crisscross threads. If you use this stock in any of your design, give proper credit to the owner who provided this texture.
fabric textile

Rusty fabric texture 3

This next texture was taken from an old fabric that has rust stains on it, giving it a grungy look. It is unrestricted stock, meaning it can be used for personal and commercial designs. You can download this texture in 1944x2592px.
dirty fabrics texture

Diamond Pattern Satin

This texture is a black and white checkered fabric that could be downloaded in its original size: 2592x1944px. It can only be used for personal projects
Diamond texture satin

Pink Crushed Velvet

A pink velvet fabric that could be creatively used as a texture for graphic and web designers. It is downloadable in 2592x1944px. For personal/private use only.
Pink cloth Texture

Texture 2

Here is another fabric textile with a beautiful floral print on it. It is available in high definition download of 3231x2290px.
Fabric pattern texture

Fabric textures

An old brown carpet texture that you can add to your resources. It could be obtained in 3072x2304px.
old textures carpet

Color Changing Fabric Stock 2

Next in the list is this gorgeous color changing cloth that you can grab in 2560x1920px and use on your design project.
gradient stock texture

Color Changing Fabric Stock

Here is a violet fabric that also shows a beautiful gradient. It is applicable as a background or a texture for hi-res designs. You can download this texture in 2560x1920px.
texture violet fabric

Canvas Texture

This is a texture is taken from an old canvas fabric, which was scanned, uploaded, and now available for download in 2550×3509.
Texture cocky fabric

Red Silk Fabric Texture 3

If you’re looking for a shiny silk texture, then this next freebie is the one for you. This texture is a red silk fabric that has a little shine-effect. It may be downloaded in 2048x1536px. A little note: If you use this stock on your design, give a link back to the owner of this image. (FantasyStock).
silk red texture

Nouveau Pattern 4

Another cool texture stock that has a nouveau pattern printed on a blue fabric. This texture is great as a background, pattern, or texture depending on what you need for your design. Get this texture for free in 3600x2400px resolution.
texture Pattern fabric

Bubble Mermaid Scale

This next stock is a combination of two resources. It includes a nice fabric textile and a pattern of many tiny bubbles – all in one stock in 1596x1796px. It may be used for digital art, backgrounds, textures, and more.
fabric bubble texture

Fabric Texture #6

Here is a golden floral fabric that is great for textures. This stock can certainly be a good tool for designers who can use it for digital arts and design projects. You can download it in a high resolution size of 4000x3000px. To top it all off, it is available for personal and commercial projects.
gold fabric textiles

Cloth Old 05

This is a texture taken from a dirty and old cloth. It’s downloadable in 2451x1392px and may be used for personal uses.
old fabric

Matting Texture Fabric

Below is a red fabric that is big enough to be used as backgrounds or a texture resource for graphic designers. Its original size is in 2560x1920px.
fabric matting texture

Carpet Texture 7

Here is another close-up texture of a rag with color fillings and is in an original size of 2048x1536px for download.
fabric Carpet texture

Carpet Texture 5

This next carpet texture in brown color is a 2048x1536px-sized stock that incorporates floral pattern. In exchange of using this stock, link back is required to Orange-stock and commercial use requires permission from the owner.
texture carpet fabric

Fabric Texture 1

For this next texture stock, you have another cool fabric textile with striped colors that could be interestingly used for your designs and personal projects. This is also downloadable in 2048x1536px and can only be used for personal work in exchange for a link back to the owner’s deviant art page.
fabric stripes texture

Fine sacking material texture

In this next freebie, you can add another resource of a sack texture that can definitely be grabbed in 2560×1920 pixels at 2.9MB.
brown fabric sack texture

Floral PJ 2

This is a floral fabric textile from a pajama that has a size of 1634×2334 pixels.
flowers fabric free texture

Fabric Texture 2

Here is a nice fabric free texture with an intricate pattern that looks good for backgrounds and digital art elements such as texture effects and patterns.
fabric patterns textures

Rusty Fabric Texture 2

Just like Rusty fabric texture 3, here you also get an old carpet texture with a rusty element to it. Also, it is an unrestricted stock, which means it could be used by graphic designers for personal and commercial design projects.
grunge carpets textures

Carpet Texture 4

This next texture is a brown carpet texture that has some swirly vine patterns that you can take advantage of when used on your own design. It can easily be downloaded in 2048x1536px but requires proper credit to Orange-stock and link back to the stock when used.
carpet swirls textures

Carpet Texture 3

Similar to the texture above, this following texture is also a carpet texture and is designed with a gray leaf/vine pattern. It is also available in 2048x1536px and also requires credit and link back to Orange-stock when used.
carpet vines textures

Ribbed Blue Silk Texture

Here we have a blue silky fabric free texture with vertical lightings giving a stripes effect. This is an unrestricted stock, meaning there is no need for permission in using this texture. However, the owner requests for a link back to FantasyStock whenever they are used to your design. Grab this texture in 24000×1800.
striped blue fabric

Yellow Velvet Fabric Texture

Next is a yellow velvet fabric that can be applied as a texture to your design work. This texture is freely available for your commercial works. It can be used for your digital artworks, prints, publication, etc. Download it in full resolution of 2560×1920 pixels.
yellow fabric

Doormat Closeup

A high-resolution doormat-rag with twigs and tiny stones, this stock can serve as a nice texture for graphic or web designs. It can be downloaded in 2560×1920 pixels and can be used for free.
doormat fabric


This is a detailed hi-res white fabric free texture with some dirt that can also be used as a great texture resource for adding some cool effects to your designs. It is also downloadable in 2560×1920 pixels, and is free to use in any of your artistic design projects.
Crosshatch fabric

Texture 013

Here is a diagonally checkered brown fabric that is usable as both texture and pattern. It can be downloaded in in hi-res 3264×2448 pixels and can be used for your personal and commercial projects, as long as the owner is credited for the stock used.
checkered fabric

White Fabric Texture

Another hi-res fabric freebie texture with visible thread details in original size. It is available in 3024×2016 and can be used for any projects provided link back to Mifti-Stock.
White Fabric

Red chenille fabric texture

Next is a bloody red fabric that is perfect for horror and vintage designs. Use it as a texture resource for any of your designs that you think will give the best effect. It is available in 2500×1667 pixels.
red fabric

Fine square weave fabric

This is a dark fabric free texture with hi-res details showing the threads tidily weaved to each other. It can be downloaded in 2560×1920 pixels and can be used for any of your design projects.
weave fabric free texture


A red fabric free texture in hi-res thread details that is great for texture overlays and other effects. You can add this resource to any of your designs with its original size also in 2560×1920 pixels resolution.
red texture

Fabric Texture

Here is an edited stock of dark fabric stock texture that has a flat weave appearance, which is great for design projects that is going for an additional eerie effect. Grab this texture in 2500×2500 pixels and use it in any of your artworks.
black Texture

Gold Satin Fabric Texture

For this next one, we have a nice satin fabric with beautiful gold glitter sequences. This is an unrestricted stock and is available for any personal and commercial designs that you have. However, the owner of this stock requests a link back if you use it to your work.
Gold Satin

Complex pastel coloured fabric

A pink fabric textile with colorful threads weaved into it. This stock can be used as backgrounds for your website or as a texture to your graphic design projects. You can download the full size in 2560×1920 pixels.
pink fabric free texture

Fabric linen

Next in the line is a fine fabric textile. It can be used for free for personal designs, while commercial use requires permission from the owner of this stock. If you use this on your design, please make a link back to the page of the stock. Grab its original size in 1600×1202 pixels.
Fabric linen texture

Fabric circular weave

Here is another great texture from Mayang.com. It is a hi-res fabric stock texture exquisitely showing the detailed weaves of the fabric. You can download the original size in 2560×1920 pixels.
gray weave texture

White Fabric Texture 2

If you are looking for wrinkled textures, then you can add this next freebie to your resources. It is a white fabric with visible wrinkles and creases that you can use to add some texture effects to your design project. Please put a link back to Mifti-Stock if you use this stock to your works. Grab it in a very huge size of 4288×2848 pixels.
hi-res texture fabric

Old blanket fabric

A texture stock of an old brown blanket that is available in Mayang.com. Its full size is free to download in 1600×1200 pixels.
blanket texture

White Fabric 1

Another wrinkled cloth texture that has some blotches in it. It is available for download in 3024×2016 pixels and can be used for any of your designs as long as link back to Mifti-Stock is provided.
wrinkled fabric

Textile Fabric

This next freebie is from Best Design Options; it is a fabric textile with stripes of various shades of blue and gold sequences. It is available for download in 3872×2592 pixels and can be used for personal and commercial designs.
bright fabric

Textile Fabric Texture

Here is another texture from Best Design Options. This cloth texture has circular patterns that can be useful for either texture overlay or pattern overlay. It is also available in 3872×2592 pixels and free for commercial design projects.
circle fabric pattern textures

Fabric Textures

A cool fabric textile with circular pattern as well. It comes in a hi-res download with the original size in 3872×2592 pixels and is available for any personal or commercial artworks.
patterns circle textures

Fabric texture

A freebie texture of straw fabric. It is available for download in 3072×2304 pixels and can be used for your personal or commercial design tasks.
weave hi-res texture

Fabric texture

Here is a white fabric free texture with exquisite prints of leaves on it. Download this freebie in its original size – 2448 x 1768 pixels. It is available for private or commercial works where you can use it as a background, texture, or a combination of both depending on how you want to use it.
leaf pattern texture

Textile Fabric 14

For this last freebie texture, we have a horizontally striped fabric with various shades of blue. It can be downloaded in 3872×2592 pixels and is free for personal or commercial projects.
blue fabric stripe texture

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