30 Free and Fresh iPad Wallpapers


Various state-of-the-art gadgets have now emerged in the market. In response to the latest technology that modern science has to offer, we bring you wallpapers for the newest gadget produced by one of the most prominent company in the world… The iPad. This piece of item is the latest gadget presented to us by Apple. With several features included, it allows its user to browse through the web, email, photos and video in one touch. To further customize this gadget, we have decided to collect the most recent wallpapers designed in the web.

This post contains the first ever set of wallpapers created by several designers and photographers in the web for the iPad. 30 Fresh iPad Wallpapers are compiled below for those who are aiming to customize wallpapers for the gadget once they have it. The wallpapers indicated here may serve as freebies, so feel free to check out the items available. I know that there will be more much better iPad Wallpaper in the future once it’s totally out so make sure to watch out for it here as we will have another list or resource one of these days.. Have fun!!!

iPad Wallpaper Wooden Style

iPad Wallpaper Wooden Style

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Glass Apple IPad Wallpaper

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Into The Blue

Into The Blue iPad Wallpaper

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Dawn Tree

Dawn Tree iPad Wallpaper

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Ucla Flowers for iPad

flowers wallpaper for iPad

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Wood Veneer

Wood Veneer iPad Wallpaper

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Big Apple Logo

Big Apple Logo iPad Wallpaper

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iPad Walpaper

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iPad Electric

iPad Electric Wallpaper

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iPad Ink

iPad Ink Wallpaper

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iPad Vertigo

iPad Vertigo Wallpaper

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iPad Paint

iPad Paint Wallpaper

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Ace Combat

Ace Combat  iPad Wallpaper

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Over the Horizon

iPad Wallpaper Over the Horizon

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Rincon Sunset for iPad

rincon sunset for iPad

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Green Bamboo

Green Bamboo iPad Wallpaper

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Scratched Steel I

Scratched Steel iPad Wallpaper

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ipad 17

iPad Wallpaper Free

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Winter Sun

Winter Sun iPad Wallpaper

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Retro Futuristic Wallpaper 3

Retro Futuristic Wallpaper

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3D Mirrors

3D Mirrors iPad Wallpaper

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Scratched Steel II

Free iPad Scratched Steel

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Armageddon iPad Wallpaper

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Gold Glass

Gold Glass iPad Wallpaper

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Fibonacci Succulent for iPad

fibonacci succulent for iPad

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ipad 19

abstract iPad Wallpaper

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Elemental Flow

Elemental Flow iPad Wallpaper

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Bamboo Path

Bamboo Path iPad Wallpaper

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iPad Wallpaper

iPad wallpaper Free

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Brick Flint & Stone

Brick Flint Stone iPad

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  • Gopal Raju

    I liked the second last!

  • Johan

    I’ll bookmark this one just in case I buy one :)

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  • Vanderson

    bookmarked… cant wait for it to be released… cool wallpapers will get one of this collection for sure.

  • Smeel Steel

    cool wallpapers… will get one of these if i buy one (iPad)… thanks naldz..

  • lester

    Hope i can soon buy my own iPad so i can use some of these awesome wallpapers. Good job naldz!

  • mike

    You can’t go wrong with the cartoon space guy near the top. I’d like to see a list of illustrated wallpapers similar to it. ;)

  • Jim Hanifen

    Well you are definitely way ahead of the curve on these. They all look good, hard to pick one until I have a iPad in my hands. Probably won’t be version one, wait for the second version to come out next year.

  • undergroundbastard


    Thanks for featuring some of my iPad wallpapers in your collection. In addition to the three you selected, there are another dozen and a half or so here:

    Keep on checking in, as more are added daily.



  • Nimit Kashyap

    I hope to use them soon

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  • Webtoolfeed

    These are awesome, gotta admit the first one is my favorite.

  • Vsekart

    It’s just great!Cool collection!

  • Wendy

    Interested in what you said about this subject.

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