No one can ever doubt the fact the freelancing is a challenging job no matter how easy it looks for some. There are really so many challenges that one faces in having a freelance job. Part of that is how to deal with rush work. A freelance designer will surely come to face a decision whether to accept a rush work or not. Some opt to accept it especially when they do not have much work to do, they need extra income or they feel the need to help a client.

But there are also designers who abhor rush freelance job. They refuse to accept them even if it means a higher pay due to many reasons. For today’s post, we will unveil to you the reasons why some designers hate rush freelance job. They may not be used to designing hurriedly but there are still other reasons behind that. Let us try to know them.

1. It makes rush planning.

It makes rush planning
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Planning is very important for every project. When a project is rushed, the planning is rushed, too. It would result to poor planning with greater chances of having mistakes even in the planning stage. Just be sure that when you take rush work, planning is still good. Do not rush planning for it will ruin the entire project.

2. It results to rush research.

It results to rush research

Aside from planning, research is also a foundation of a project. You need to conduct proper research to make sure that a project would be successful. You also need to take note of important information needed for the project. Rushing a project will result to poor research, giving the tendency of lacking information for a project.

3. It gives fewer ideas.

It gives fewer ideas
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When in a rush, you just stick to what you can think of. You can no longer think deeper for better ideas on the project because you are already in a hurry. So, instead of getting the best design, you end up with an average design with a limited idea.

4. It limits brainstorming.

It limits brainstorming
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Instead of brainstorming to get the best concept, you might opt for one concept immediately. You skip the process of brainstorming and just do what you first thought of. This might compromise the result of the project and you might not be able to effectively communicate to your target audience.

5. It shortens the design process.

It shortens the design process
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In every design project, there is a work flow or design process that you follow. It is important that you complete the entire process to make sure that you will not skip or forget anything. When you are in a rush, there is a big chance to skip some parts of the design process which also gives the risks for mistakes.

6. It causes stress.

It causes stress
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Since you will be in a hurry to finish work, you will feel stressed-out. It would really be a great pressure on your part especially that you also need to make sure that your output will have a good quality. You are running after time while ensuring for a good work output. That would certainly be stressing.

7. It can lead to mistakes.

It can lead to mistakes
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You can observe that when something is done hurriedly, there are really mistakes. You may not be able to notice those mistakes while still working on it because you were merely thinking of trying to finish it. The downside is that you can notice the error when the entire project is finished. Then, you would need to do it again.

8. It urges you to work for longer hours.

It urges you to work for longer hours
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You are left with no choice but to work for more hours than you usually do. You need to do this in order to finish the project with the short deadline. You are also trying your best to finish it earlier so that there will be enough time for corrections and revisions.

9. It changes your work schedules.

It changes your work schedules
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For sure, you already have some work scheduled before the urgent project came in. If you have weighed things and decided to accept it, then you have to create a halt or a detour to your schedule.

10. It limits the design of the project.

It limits the design of the project
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Rush work would mean that you could not add some in depth details into the design. This is due to the limited time you have. So, instead of using the more complicated technique that gives better result, you look for simpler and easier ways. The result may also be good but it would be a lot better if it is not in a rush.

It’s Your Turn Now

The things stated above are the reasons why some designers do not accept rush freelance job. They do not want to sacrifice the quality of their work and would always want to see the best output. But still, the decision lies in your hands if you will accept rush freelance job or not. How about you? Do you accept rush freelance job or do you dislike it?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.

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  1. Great list. One of my least favorite things about rush jobs is that a client will always say it’s just “something quick and easy” and that “it shouldn’t take much time at all.” Those are always clues that it’s going to be more complicated that originally presented, and it’s never either quick nor easy. It often is worked backwards due to bad planning. “Just layout this flyer real quick… just a little text, a piece of clip art, and bam! We’re done. Right?” Wrong. Poor planning like that leads to days of revisions, searches for logos in the correct resolution and format, writing and re-writing copy that’s planned out poorly because of a rush. The job always takes more time and effort than originally suggested.

    Clients also balk at rush fees and don’t understand why it should “cost so much!”

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