Have you ever watched the movie Swan Lake? Well, this could have been popular to children. The art in cartoons was made attractive especially in the transformation of an ugly duckling to a very pretty bird, the Swan. Swans belong to its genus Cygnus. They may float in water too like ducks and geese but they are birds so beautiful belonging to the family Anatidae. There’s just a big difference when you seem to look at a baby swan until it grows to become such a pretty bird may it be the white or the black one because of its wings. Photography grows beautifull in one’s heart too.

In Photography, there is that innate nurturing of the passion to take magnificent photos so to be developed in the certain field. Just like this Collection of Swan Photography where it shows how swift and relaxed the images are taken as these Swans flaunt their beautiful wings and their charm. Come on and take a look!

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Swan Song

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The Swan

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Castle Douglas Swan Fountain

Grotesque Swan Photo
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Swan Neck

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Very Glamorous Swan Photo
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Black Swan

So Cute Swan Photo
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Swan in Loch Lomond II

Blushing Beautiful Swan Photo
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Dripping Swan

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Bright Looking Swan Photo
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Lintilla Swans, Mistley

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Swans @ Cosmeston

Indeed So Elegant Swan Photo
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There are just so many Inspiring subjects in Photography to look through. In taking pictures, there has to be that passion… and there has to be the choice of subjects who could touch the hearts of many too! Have you tried taking a meaningful photo lately?

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