It’s the month of Februray once again! This month isn’t just a special month for us here at Naldz but for sure, this too is something special to all of you guys out there. There are just four (4) seasons in a year but the Season of Love is added to make it five (5) as dreamily believed by some. February is said to be the season for it. The month of love as others regard it. Valentinus is the Latin name of St. Valentine,a Roman priest and martyred saint. His feast day is on the 14th of February. He was marrying Christian couples which Claudius Gothicus, then ruler of Rome caught him. It was a crime to help Christians and it lead to the death of Valentine. He was given special commemoration that even the whole month of February becomes the celebration of love since he died of the love for Christian couples.

One of the many ways to express love is through creativity in cards. There may be e-cards all around the web already but the effort of creating one is still worth it. Love shows effort despite the busy schedules and all that… In one of today’s post, we share with you a Sweet Collection of Valentine’s Day Card Inspirations to simply give you ideas as to what designs will cards have on this special day. There are several ones to be inspired of so feel free to check it out and feel the love…

Valentine Cards

Inspiring Valentines Card
Card size is 5 x 7 inches and 300 dpi in color.
Image: CherrypinkEtsy

PS I Love You

Sweet Valentines Card
A well-crafted example of a Valentine’s Card.
Image: Amy Heller

Valentine Card Class

Creative Valentines Card
A card that’s a product in a card making class that the artist took.
Image: kspan17

Valentines Card

Nice Valentines Card
A Valentine’s pink and pop-up card with the creative addition of glitter and ribbon.
Image: Eekers!

Valentine Cards

Cute Valentines Card
Notice the colors used in this cards creations.
Image: Vicki O’Dell…The Creative Goddess

Valentine Card

Pretty Valentines Card
A vintage pink back button has been sweetly pinned on the card.
Image: KisforCalligraphy

Tulip VI

Really Nice Valentines Card
A simply inspiring print out on a card.
Image: frills&frolic

Valentine Card

So Creative Valentines Card
Another pop-up card example for Valentine’s Day.
Image: tabbecat77

Happy Valentine Card!

Amusing Valentines Card
A Valentine Card with the use of elephant and hearts punch.
Image: libelulacards

“Love” Valentines Day Card

Amazing Valentines Card
Simple yet well-expressed Valentine Card example.
Image: Daniel Wille

Valentine Cards

Inspiring Valentines Card
A couple of Valentine Cards to be inspired of.
Image: Kirsten W

Boy Robot Valentine Card

So Thoughtful Valentines Card
A Valentine Card for an online store.
Image: Spencerette

J’adore Handmade Valentines Card

Heartwarming Valentines Card
The artist regards this creation as fun and flirty.
Image: Looney Lizard

Novela Handmade Valentines Card

Eye-Catching Valentines Card
A trio of hearts become the creative highlight of this Valentine Card.
Image: Looney Lizard

Crazy for You

Hopeful Valentines Card
Another well-crafted example of a handmade card.
Image: PaperandRibbons

Bella Luxury Handmade Valentines Card

Very Inspiring Valentines Card
Another luxury valentine’s handmade card that aims to impress the receiver.
Image: Looney Lizard

Petite Valentines

Really Cute Valentines Cards
There can be cute Valentince cards too in their own handmade envelopes.
Image: jmc71

Key to My Heart Valentine’s Day Greeting Card

Fabulously Done Valentines Cards
A simple attractive Valentine Card captured using a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi.
Image: oldladybern

Mini Cards

Lovely Valentines Cards
Mini cards can also be created for friends.
Image: bcraftygirl

Valentine Card – I Love You

Creatively Crafted Valentines Card
Simply colorful and cute Valentine Card inspiration.
Image: Handmade in Israel

Happy Valentine’s Day Greetings Card

Pretty Valentines Card Creation
With a printed paper as background, a simple highlight to the card will perfectly do the magic.
Image: libelucard

Valentines Card

Unique Valentines Card
The inspiration of the card is from Tara Anderson.
Image: immacola

Walentynka Valentine Card

Wonderful Valentines Card
A Valentine Card captured using a Panasonic DMC-FZ5.
Image: made-by-viva

Be Mine Valentines Card 01

Fascinating Valentines Card
The card measures 110mm x 75mm.
Image: Mini Trinkets

Puppy Love Valentine Cards

Full of Love Valentines Card
Puppy Valentine Cards using die cuts and punches.
Image: Bunches and Bits

Valentine’s Card

Simply Expressive Valentines Card
A couple of mini Valentines Card designs.
Image: ablemabel

Cupcake Valentines Card

Simply Nice Valentines Card
A creative mix of materials for a Valentine Card.
Image: MrsSLaurent

Valentine Card Swap

Simply Fascinating Valentines Card
Soft colors were used in this Valentine Card inspiration.
Image: creative chaos


Simply Fantastic Valentines Card
A creative combinations of leopard background and heart prints.
Image: ablemabel

Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards

Futuristic Valentines Card
Valentine cards where love and fun are combined.
Image: Salon de Maria

Perfect Pair Card

Really Sweet Valentines Card
Such sweet yet very expressive idea of a Valentine Card.
Image: vgkchick

Mini Valentine

Magnificently Created Valentines Card
A simple yet neutral use of colors in a design will complete the craft.
Image: Megan Ashman

Custom Order for Janet

Elegantly Done Valentines Card
An example of an ordered card for the artist’s friend.
Image: iflookscouldquill

Valentine’s Day Card

Simply Crafted Valentines Card
A pink and black card inspiration.
Image: kittykatkards

Valentine card – Flowers

Pretty In Pink Valentines Card
Simple prints and some beads have been used in this card.
Image: Emily & Greig Walker

Be Mine

Really Creatively Crafted Valentines Card
Identically designed with some color differences.
Image: Tonya Doughty


Cool Valentines Card Example
Another example of a handcrafted mini card.
Image: made by eight


Nice and Pretty Valentines Card
Some stitches on the side plus ribbons, buttons and hearts did the magic on this Valentine Card creation.
Image: made-by-viva

Mini Origami Dress Card Valentine

Nice and Pretty Valentines Card
A pretty example of a Valentine’s Card taken using a Nikon E3200.
Image: kittykatkards

I {heart} U

Heartfelt Valentines Card
The artist used the following as materials for this card:
pp and cardstock stickers: MME
index journaling card: LilyBee Design
glitter alpha stickers: American Crafts
Image: SylviaB

Let Us Know

There are just several ways to express Love and one of these is using your creativity through handmade or printed cads. Which among our collection from such creative artists captured your heart? Let the inspiration grow and share your craft with others. Here’s wishing you an Advance Happy and Love-Filled Valentine’s Day!

Sarah Corres

About the author: A graduate of both Business Management and Nursing who simply chose to engage herself in Web and Graphic Design with that passion for art and writing.


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