Business card is one of the traditional and still effective marketing tools that are offered until today. Even in this time of technological advancement where most paper materials are becoming obsolete, business cards still prove to be useful in promoting one’s services or business in a classic, professional manner. But merely having a business card is not enough if you want it to be efficient. The design must also be carefully considered, as it is plays a critical factor on how your business card will be perceived by your potential client.

Your business cards are the extension of who and what you are. Hence, you should make sure that they are designed in a way that represents you and what you offer.

Today, we have a collection of business card designs that are specifically made for taxi/cab operators and such. Scroll down and maybe get some fresh ideas and inspiration that you can apply in creating your own business card. Come, take a peek, and enjoy the browse!

Taxi business card

In this first design, the business card utilizes full background images with logo overlay and the contact details at the back. Overall, it’s a beautiful design that can attract attention to viewers.
taxi business card

Business Card Design

This next taxi business card feature has a minimal design that effectively displays the necessary contact information and logo design. It is a combination of orange and blue gradient background.
blue taxi business card


Here is another design that is directly inspired by yellow taxis. It has a yellow theme with additional stitched leather texture to augment the overall look.
yellow taxi card


This yellow-gray themed taxi has a logo with long shadow design along with the contact information in large font style and in contrasting colors.
minimal taxi business card


Here’s another design that you might like.
yellow business card

Business card taxi

This next design comes with contrasting light font colors in dark background. It also has a round corner version.
black taxi card


Cabguy’s business card design capitalizes on its creative logo design that offers a good brand identity.
cab business card

Taxi Driver

Another minimalist design for a taxi company.
taxi driver card

Yellow Taxi

This here is a business card design that is shaped like a taxi cab that makes it both attractive and one of a kind.
unique taxi business card

Cartao de Visita

Cartao de Visita has a yellow-themed business card design that has the contact details strategically organized to be more effective.
taxi card design

Taxi Service

This one comes with a free PSD template that you can use.
taxi service card

Taxi driver’s business card

At the back of this business card are icons that display some of the additional services that are offered.
taxi business card design

Taxi business card

taxi yellow card

Taxi Business Card

Another black and yellow combination design that suits well for a taxi-themed business card.
taxi cab business card

Ken’s Taxi

The gradient effect is cleverly used to match the service offered.
night taxi card

Card for taxis and cafes

This card has its elegant feel with the black background partnered with gold elements.
gold taxi card

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