Flat design has significantly rung a buzz to the design world. From web designs, UI designs, to graphic designs, they are everywhere. It has become the face of modern design today. As how they are currently being accepted, they are here to stay for a while. As designers are adapting to this trend, more and more logos are now created with pastel-colored, flat designs and people are loving it. That makes sense.

Basically, a good logo should be simple yet still attractive to effectively capture the people’s attention and memory retention. This is right at the flat design’s alley.

But for it to be efficient, designers must balance creativity and simplicity to the design. If you’re lacking some inspiration, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Browse through this list and check out some of the creative ways on creating a good flat design logo. We have handpicked and gathered some of the best logo designs that are sure to give you some inspirations and ideas for your own design. Come, take a peek, and enjoy!


This logo is for company that offers an iPad app that collects data and observations for laboratory researchers. The designer combines the iPad figure with a beaker that symbolizes laboratory works.
flat logo design


This next logo is created for a burger finder app. It is designed with the ‘B’ turned into a burger in flat design.
typography logo


Jarga has a purple-themed logo design that utilizes a bird with a crown and is designed flat.
flat design logo

Gaijin Cafe

This logo is perfect for people who both love coffee and vintage gaming.
cafe flat logo

Cute Duck

Here we have a simplistic and still aesthetically pleasing flat design of a duck logo.
duck flat design

Trees on Steroids

This next one is with flat design that has a little touch of vintage, forming creative logo design.
tree flat logo

New Larks

This logo utilizes pastel-colored blocks being puzzled together.
pastel flat design

Bee chat

Bee chat has a clever design that combines a bee and chat bubbles as its wings.
bee logo design


Here is another clever logo design that is based on the theme if the organization. It’s basically a location pin mixed with a pencil.
pencil logo flat

Flat Design Tutorial

This next feature is a simple shelf of magazine files in flat design.
book flat logo

Cell World

This logo of Cell World features a cellphone and a world uniting as one, this symbolizes the world-class service the company offers.
cell minimal logo

Burger Hot Spots

Here is another use of a location pin as a logo, this time merged with a burger design.
burger flat logo

The Fishtie

This next logo has a clever design that fits to the title.
fish tie logo

Whale Navigator

Whale Navigator features a cute whale design with a location pin at its top.
whale logo flat

Ark Design

Here is a logo of an ark in various colors and contrasts.
ark logo

Galaxy Dogs

A simple yet still attractive logo design that effectively represents its title.
hotdog chain logo

Real Estate Agency Watermelon

This logo combines a watermelon with a city skyline. It was created for a real estate agency.
watermelon city logo

Smart owl

This logo caters a colorful burst, which makes this flat design more vibrant and attractive.
owl flat logo


Here we have a computer mouse being boiled in a lab flask.
flask logo

Food for Thought

The famous phrase is cleverly interpreted with a fork and brain in a flat design setting.
brain logo

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