During this time of the year, artworks are just overwhelming. There could be some who may believe that art has its limits but there would also be those who’d love to cross the borderline. The results of creativity all throughout the year has even gone better not to mention the Halloween! There’s so much to notice, so much to look forward to and so much to enjoy during his time of the year indeed. From costumes to even decorations such as Pumpkins. Pumpkin Carvings also known as the jack-o-lantern has been a proof of the wide array of coverage that art has gotten into just like these cool carvings. This type of art started during the British Isles and it has just been getting better and creepier!

Since Jack-o-Lanterns has already been a tradition, we take you to the world of Pumpkins and let you see these 30 Examples of Beaming Pumpkin Carvings and notice how creative the artists have been from a simple hobby up to big contests to flaunt their edge in this type of art. This may also be considered Food Art but as Halloween peeks, we look at Pumpkins as food and decoration at the same time…

2014 Update:

In this update, you are in for more treats as we have added more impressive carvings that you’ll love. Scroll down and check them all out, be amazed with these imaginative works of art and love them. Come, take a peek, and enjoy!

Dragon Pumpkin Carving
Well Lighted Pumpkin Carvings
By: ciarra
A dragon pumpkin carving as one of the artist’s hobbies.

Zobie Grave Pumpkin
So! Arrogant Pumpkin Carvings
By: mcgalio
The back part of the pumpkin has been cut for the light to be able to shide on its background.

Pumpkin Carving
Beautifully Made Pumpkin Carvings
By: Mr. Cavin
This is the artist’s present for himself. A pumpkin carving that’s toboggan-hat themed.

Angler Pumpkin
Very Nice Pumpkin Carvings
By: highborntalon
The pumpkin carving is angler fish inspired since the artist has been freaked out by such kind of fish.

Pale Man
Very Imaginative Pumpkin Carvings
By: RDPJ Cakes
Separate cuts of pumpkin have been used for the hands.

The Scream
Amazing Pumpkin Carvings
By: SirPecanGum
It was Edvard Much’s Scream that inspired the artist to make such a marvel as this.

Very Creative Pumpkin Carvings
By: estrangeloedessa
An awesome photo of a jack-o-lantern.

Well Carved Pumpkin Carvings
By: veyn
This is the little rat pumpkin, an entry to the halloween carving contest.

So! Adorable Pumpkin Carvings
By: prairiecat
The pattern for this Spider Pumpkin has been inspired from pumpkin carving booklets.

City Under Attack Pumpkin
Inventive Pumpkin Carvings
By: klinkenberger
This is a carving of a monster who’s trying to destroy the city.

Seasonal Pumpkin Carvings
By: branditressler
Total carving time for the artwork lasted for 5 hours and the artist behind is Karyn.

Touch of Art Pumpkin Carvings
By: Frank C. Grace
The artist is Roger Williams Zoo.

A Haunted Scene
Very Appealing Pumpkin Carvings
By: bigjbway23
The pumpkin weighs 45lbs and it took the artist 4 hours to finish such masterpiece for the contest.

Hello Mr Jack
Very Lovely Pumpkin Carvings
By: xxsephalxx
The pumpkin lantern has been perfect for the lighting of this Jack-O-Lantern.

Pumpkin Totem
Very Artistic Pumpkin Carvings
By: spider-shadowz
This is another creepy entry for the Halloween Carving Contest.

Jack-o-Lantern 2011
Interesting Pumpkin Carvings
By: origamidoc
One total expression of one’s artistic ways even with pumpkins.

4 Eyes Happy Lit
Simple Awesome Pumpkin Carvings
By: 89AKurt
An addition to the magnificent style on this pumpkin carving is the ambient light used.

Barfing Pumkin
Lots of Hardwork Pumpkin Carvings
By: spiritsofthedragons
The name of the pumpkin carving is Mr. Faty being the fattest pumpkin that the artist had.

Fiery Skull
So! Charming Pumpkin Carvings
By: sage_82
A pumpkin carving that has been designed a long time ago but took time in starting the artwork.

Pumpkin Stein
Magnificient Pumpkin Carvings
By: aquapocalypse
The pumpkin is Frankenstein from the Soul Eater.

Alluring Pumpkin Carvings
By: weirdal
This pumpkin carving has won a great deal in a contest.

So! Fabulous Pumpkin Carvings
By: thecrazyoneofthegang
Here goes a Nostalgia Pumpkin for the Halloween Carving Contest 2010.

Man in The Moon
Very Fantastic Pumpkin Carvings
By: halloweenpanda
Face carved on pumpkin has never been easy which makes it more worth viewing.

A Princess of Mars Pumpkin
Fascinating Pumpkin Carvings
By: crasio
Materials used to carve such a masterpiece using an X-acto knife and a couple of clay scuplture tools.

My Toothless Pumpkin
Very Elegant Pumpkin Carvings
By: nemesis-19
The artwork has been inspired by the movie “How to Train Your Dragon”.

Captain Jack Pumpkin Carving
In Demand Pumpkin Carvings
By: keldarak
It took the artist 7 hours to finish the pumpkin art.

Werewolf Pumpkin
In Style Pumpkin Carvings
By: chaoskomori
A werewolf has been carved as part of something that’s traditional for the artist’s grandpa’s halloween decoration.

Lit Version of Quot Totoro Quot
Very Fashionable Pumpkin Carvings
By: punkbouncer
The pumpkin art was a runner up winner in the pumpkin carving contest.

One of Us, One of Us!
Very Lovely Pumpkin Carvings
By: kenklinker
The Pumpkin Carving has been inspired by one of the scenes of Freaks which is a 1932 classic film.

Forest Cottage Pumpkin
Endlessly Famous Pumpkin Carvings
By: masterpiecelost
Some haunted place has been carved on a pumpkin with that freaky effect on it because of the light used.

Minion, The Croods and Ironman
minion ironman pumpkin carving
By: emmap2013
3 pumpkins with carvings of minion, The Croods, and Ironman.

The Great Pumpkin
scary pumpkin carving
By: illtemperedArtist
A very huge pumpkin with a very huge and scary grin.

Jesus of Nazareth
jesus Christ  pumpkin carvings
By: St0ney
This is a very detailed of Jesus in a pumpkin.

Clown Pumpkin
clown pumpkin carvings
By: JoeStafford
A very nice face carving that will give you a scare

Norman Rockwell’s Sunset
picture pumpkin carving
By: St0ney
This pumpkin has a carving of a cute picture of kids cuddling.

Off the Leash Logo
off leash pumpkin carving
By: St0ney
This has a logo of a K9 training company

America font pumpkin carving
By: St0ney
This carving demonstrates an wonderful font.

Logos 4
logo pumpkin carving
By: St0ney
Another carving inspired by a nice logo.

Mr. Incredible Pumpkin
mr incredible pumpkin carving
By: ImpartialX
This is a pumpkin with a very impressive carving of Mr. Incredible.

Merry Grinchmas
Grinch Christmas pumpkin carving
By: St0ney
A pumpkin with a rather Christmas-feel carving with Grinch.

There would always be something to create on things that won’t really seem to matter aside from the fact that you eat them. But there’s more if one being artist just have the passion for real Art. Enjoy the rest of the Halloween Fever!

Sarah Corres

About the author: A graduate of both Business Management and Nursing who simply chose to engage herself in Web and Graphic Design with that passion for art and writing.


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