Understanding how to take pictures is vital in order to create good photography composition. Without it, you will ends up merely clicking on the shutter taking images of whatever subject without considering how it would appear. Photography composition includes proper planning on how you will take the picture. You may be an enthusiast of a particular types of photography but you have to take note of the composition all the time.

Composing your photo would depend on many factors for there would be different applications on a certain subject. But you have to know the things you need to consider to come up with a good photography composition. So, today, we will give you the valuable things you need to take note of for a good photography composition. Considering this would help you to have a more pleasing and attractive image that tells a distinct story.

1. Use the proper orientation.

Use the proper orientation
Image: hypnotikdsigns

There are two photo orientations you can use. You can either use horizontal or vertical. If your subject is tall, use a vertical orientation. If it is wide, use the horizontal orientation. But there are times when the orientation is not obvious. You can take a picture using both and check which one is better. Choose the one wherein the part of the photo that you want to emphasize is clearly seen.

2. Choose a unique angle.

Choose a unique angle
Image: Marsel van Oosten

You do not have to shoot using the eye level all the time. You can also experiment with different angles. Consider photographing from high above, down at ground level, from the side, from the back, from a long way away, from very close up, and others .It is said that a good photographer has various positions while taking a picture. This is because the photographer looks for a good angle to take a picture.

3. Be creative in framing the subject.

Be creative in framing the subject
Image: Keith Sutter

You can draw the viewer’s attention towards your photo through the framing. Be creative by using objects that are near the subject. Tree branches, arc ways, doors, windows and others can be a good framing. Doing this can add beauty to your work and could even help to relay a story to those seeing it.

4. Try cropping the picture.

Try cropping the picture
Image: Martyna Ball

There are times that when you have taken a picture, some elements that you don’t want to include were seen in it. Sometimes, the subject becomes too small. You can fix that by cropping the surroundings that you think are not necessary. Doing this can ensure you that the viewer can immediately look at the subject without any divided attention.

5. Use the rule of thirds.

Use the rule of thirds
Image: Michael Knudsen

When taking photos, try considering the rule of thirds. You can do this by creating invisible grid lines that divides your camera frame into three sections. Create two vertical and two horizontal imaginary lines. Using these invisible lines, position your subject away from the middle frame or you can also position vital elements along the lines or at points where they intersect. Doing this will make your photo look more attractive.

6. Simplify the shot.

Simplify the shot
Image: Aliona Shevtsova

You can give a better photography composition by simplifying your picture. You can focus on the subject only and do away with elements that are only nuisance to your image. Don’t let something distract the viewer’s eye which can make your subject look ambiguous. A simpler shot featuring your subject would be a lot better.

7. Choose a good background.

Choose a good background
Image: su7a

A good background gives emphasis to your subject. It also has something to do with your subject and can create a unique story for the entire image. Nature can be a good background while others create their own backgrounds so that they can convey what they intend to tell the viewers. A busy background can also give a different impact to the picture.

8. Observe balance.

Observe balance
Image: khalllody

When taking a picture, see to it that you take note of balance. Balance the weight of the subject and the other elements in the design like the background. You can do that by giving more emphasis to your subject than to an element that is less important.

9. Create a sense of depth.

Create a sense of depth
Image: Sergey Kokinskiy

You can add some depth to your image by including a foreground object that looks far away from your subject. Include a foreground, middle ground and background in your photo like you are adding some layers into it. This way, it looks more appealing and real to the human eye.

10. Make use of leading lines.

Make use of leading lines
Image: tallerthanoursouls

Lines can draw the viewer’s eyes. Lines can create various effects like you are leading towards something or pulling the eye to the image and others. Try taking pictures of images that shows lines like curve roads, and others. It can have a unique impact.

It’s Your Turn Now

The value of photography composition should be recognized by photographers for it is the key to having a great photo. Without it, you will end up with an image that will be left unnoticed. Wow your viewers by having good photography composition. Do you think there are still other things that one needs to consider to have good photography composition? Feel free to add it to our list.

Ebrian Acebedo

About the author: A Licensed Medical Practitioner who apparently likes web design and business.