WordPress Themes are widely used in blogs and websites. They are used to make sites more lively and presentable. Today, many free wordpress themes are made and are ready to use for new upcoming websites. These themes could be helpful for those who have no knowledge in css coding, designing, etc. but wants to customize their website or blog. With the right theme and design in your site, it can enhance the browsing experience of your website or blog.

Today, we will be showcasing 45 Free WordPress Themes with Appealing Designs. This collection includes a wide variety of wordpress themes made with good looking designs and almost premium-like that can spice up your wordpress powered websites. They are all ready to use and of course, they all come for free. Come check them all out, take a peek and choose your best pick.

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Glory WordPress Theme




Brave Zeenat Free WordPress Theme

brave zeenat

Dailynote Theme Released

daily note

Red Magazine

red magazine




wood free wordpress theme

Papertagz Creative WordPress Theme

paper tagz

Little Bet


Koi Theme

koi theme


big video wordpress theme




responsive restaurant wordpress






nice free wptheme

Vector Flower

vector flower

Monstic Creative WordPress Theme



light free wordpress theme

Gunie WordPress Theme


Blackboard WP theme

new theme

PG Space Magazine

space magazine


light photography wordpress

Spexel WordPress Theme


Aparatus WordPress Theme


Tauri Theme


Download Monitor

download monitor

Recipy WordPress Theme




Free WordPress Theme Zexee


City Journal

city journal

Joyous Childhood

joyous childhood

WordPress Theme Masipag






simple wordpress photography

Tauri Theme

tauri theme


black photography wordpress

Free Magazine News Style WordPress Theme

news style

Old School

old school

Go Solar

go solar

PG Global Time

pg global time

Gust: Thematic Child Theme

pg global time

Ebrian Acebedo

About the author: A Licensed Medical Practitioner who apparently likes web design and business.


  1. It’s posts like these that keep me coming back to Naldz Graphics 🙂
    A few of these got my attention right away. Makes me want to change the theme for at least one of my blogs… haha thanks

  2. This is a very beautiful themes as always..good job.

  3. Wow what a great theme you got here..i recently added it to my site and its look stunning, Thanks 🙂

  4. Nice Post Eb 🙂

    @Eric – Thanks Eric :)I and the team really do appreciate your feedback a lot.hehehe

  5. Nice ones! Great mix with good style. I don’t think these compare to a custom built theme, especially if you want to stand out, but there is certainly a market for these!

  6. It’s refreshing to see a new collection of WordPress themes. Thanks for putting this together.

  7. There are like 3-4 themes that look a lot like knock offs of Web Designer’s Wall by Nic.

  8. Stupid question… I’m loving the themes here and have a WordPress blog of my own. But how can I implement these themes onto my blog? I dont have premium access. I’m just using the free route… is there any way around that in terms of the install / customization?

  9. Some of them really have high quality design, thank you.

  10. amazing inspirations in this beautiful post. thanks for sharing

  11. Great Collection Thanks. Some fmailiar looking ones but lots that i’ve never seen before

  12. These kind of posts really make it easy for those of us blogging, looking for a neat theme! Thanks for the collection, I’m using the Aparatus theme on a handful of our sites already and it rocks!

  13. Nice collection, Ronald. It’s been a long time since I’ve dug around for FREE WordPress themes. How have you been?

  14. anc,
    For your free wordpress.com account, all you can do is click on Appearance and choose from the themes there. If you want to customize with your own theme, download the WordPress files from wordpress.org, and use the files to install WordPress on your own host.

    You can even install WordPress on your own computer to try out themes and plugins or just to tinker. That way you can learn without the whole world seeing your experiments.

  15. The designs are ok, but the quality of these is horrible.

  16. great ..one of them will surely suit my next project..thanks a lot

  17. Wow i have seen lots of list of WP themes. But never seen this type of unique and all choice able themes.

  18. Great list, this is why I’ve considered the switch to wordpress.

  19. I love your blog. I’ve added it to my favorite bookmarks and subscribed in a reader.

    Looking forward to reading more posts by you.


  20. Super theme’s site. I found you on google. I might come back and read some more.

  21. im really impressed with your collections of wordpress themes.

  22. Great collection!
    I like “Monstic” and “Masipag” themes.

  23. Awesome themes! I’m going to test most of them on my wp blog.

  24. Nice one… did not know that….anyone has link to other similiar stuff ? thx Mariano

  25. Thanks for all the freebies!!! Love the site, keep ’em coming!

  26. Nice pieces of wordpress theme. Very useful for wordpress graphic designer. Thanks for sharing this resource.

  27. Fantastic collection of themes! Topz Glow the Sparkling WordPress Theme looks great for a design blog like yours 🙂

  28. I’ve been making web sites for over five years now, and I usually encourage clients to use WordPress. I’ve attempted a bunch of other platforms, but they just don’t cut it. With a globe of developers behind it, it can accommodate just about any type of functionality you desire. I like the availability of themes too, and generally find sites like this to appear for new goodies for tasks. You listed a couple of here that I like, and will most likely attempt out on some future tasks or on my testing server.

  29. thank you for that theme. That was exactly what i was looking for

  30. Those are pretty cool themes. I really liked them. I guess I’m gonna spend some time trying to decide which one to use on one of my blogs!

  31. using the Bueno theme for a company blog… thanks for sharing all these free themes!

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