There are a lot of researches that back up the psychology of color and how it can significantly influence an overall design. They can affect how people will perceive your design and even affect their decision-making. With that, it is important for designers to pick the right colors that will fit best to your design’s purpose.

Fortunately, there are great color tools that can help you instantly get beautiful color palettes that you can use for your designs.

Below, we have gathered some of the most effective tools that can help you create your own color palettes easily or give you ideas and inspiration that you can grow and mold in order to come up with a great design. So, go ahead and scroll down through the list, try them and pick the ones that prove most valuable to your work process. Come, take a peek, and choose your pick.

1. Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC (previously known as ‘Adobe Kuler’) is a web-based color tool that has the essential elements of a great color tool such as creating and saving color palettes, choose various color rules, manually edit RGB values, and more.
adobe color tool
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2. Gradify

Gradify is module that can change your images into a CSS gradient of their dominant colors. The CSS gradient is scalable to any size.
gradient module tool
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3. LOLColors

LOLColors is a website that has a collection of curated color palettes for you to find some ideas or inspiration.
curated color palettes
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4. Colordot

Colordot makes your screen a big color picker. You can choose various color by just moving your mouse cursor around the screen. Horizontal motion changes the hue, the vertical motion changes the lightness, and the mouse scroll adjusts the saturation. To pick a color to your palette, you just need to click the color.
color picker tool
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5. Paletton

Paletton is another great color tool that will help you get good color palettes with its various elements that you can tweak on. It will also let you see a preview on how your color palette will look like in a typical web page.
best color tool
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6. Colrd

Colrd serves as a great inspiration to designers. This website showcases various gradients, palettes, patterns, and images that are shared by other users. It may help you get some good ideas that you can use for your design.
color palette share
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7. Brands in colours

Brands in colours is a site that displays a Sass list of famous brands’ colors such as Facebook, PayPal, Adobe, etc. After its Sass file, you can use them to your own designs. The site also shows what brand the colors came from as well as their RGB values.
sass list colors
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8. Brand Colors

Brand colors has a collection of more than 1,000 colors of various brands that can be used in various formats including SASS, LESS, STYLUS, and CSS.
color collection formats
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9. React Color

React Color offers 7 various color pickers including from Sketch, Chrome, Photoshop, Slider, Compact, Material, and Swatches.
color pickers tool
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10. Trianglify Generator

Trianglify Generator helps you create a cool pattern that is similar to a low poly design. This geometric image can look great as a background or anything that you can think of for your project. You can adjust the variance, cell size, and color palettes.
pattern color tool
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11. Colorable

Colorable lets you tweak the colors of the fonts and the page background independently from each other. This will allow you to see a good preview in relation to the contrast of two colors and how it will look like in a web page. You can adjust the hue, saturation, and lightness as well.
web design colors
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12. Glitchtop

Glitchtop creates a pixelated pattern of a color gradient and can be played like a gif. There is a boxed panel where you can adjust elements such as sizes, hue, gradient, saturation, etc.
pixel colors pick
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13. Color Hunt

Color Hunt showcases a interesting color palettes that can help you get some great idea for your design. Each color has its hex code for easy use.
color palette resource
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14. Sip

Sip is an app that is simple yet helpful color picker that helps you get a color palette based on what is in your screen and instantly encode them.
color pick app
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15. Cohesive Colors

Cohesive Colors takes your ‘random’ color palettes and put an overlay color to it so you can have a more cohesive set of colors.
color schemes tool
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