Photography, as one of the most loved form of art comes in various types that one can surely have fun doing. That would include macro-photography, portrait photography and many others. Night photography is also one of the most loved types of photography because of the resulting unique images after a shoot. You can imagine how one would take the challenge of capturing a picture with less source of light. But if you have mastered the technique, you will definitely love night photography.

Some people might think that night photography is simple but when you really look into how it is done, you will come to realize that it really is quite challenging and truly fulfilling when you get the output. So, today, we will share to you some tips for night photography which might be able to help you. Also, you well get to see a showcase of some excellent and impressive pictures of night photography. Here we go:

1. Have good preparations.

Have good preparations
Image: Michael Knudsen

Part of your preparation is knowing the area where you will take the picture. Plan where you will drive and which places you will stop. You also need to know how the weather would be so that you could wear the proper attire. Bring everything that you need. Aside from your photography stuff, you may bring along with you other things for personal needs like food, flashlight, cellphone and others especially if the place you have chosen is quite far from the city.

2. Bring a flashlight.

Bring a flashlight
Image: Danny Xu

The flashlight can be a big help for you. Aside from guiding you in dark areas, it can also be an aid for your photography. You might like to illuminate some areas using it especially if the foreground is so dark. It can give a good effect to your shot.

3. Play with the shutter.

Play with the shutter
Image: Punk Diva

Take plenty of shots by seemingly playing with the shutter. It would be best if you take many pictures so that you can choose among which are the ones that you like. Try to use different exposures in every photo and experiment with every image. If you take a lot of pictures, you will surely end up getting great shots with impressive visual impacts.

4. Use a sturdy tripod.

Use a sturdy tripod
Image: Jorge Feteira

Using a tripod can ensure you that you will have a good output. You can avoid shaking which gives better and sharper results. You may use the timer or the remote trigger if you want to make sure that there won’t be any blurs due to shaking. You can also use the mirror-lock to reduce camera shake when the shutter is released.

5. Don’t rely on flash.

Don’t rely on flash
Image: Robisi213

Flash could be useful when you are taking photos in low light conditions but it would not be a great help for night photography. If you are taking a picture of late-night shots for a cityscape, flash can only show a little light because it cannot reach your subject. You may use an external flash or you may decrease the shutter speed for longer exposures. External flash can create softer lights making your images look better.

6. Set the white balance.

Set the white balance
Image: 2stupid2duck

Most cameras have their white balance set to Auto but when you intend to take pictures during the night, it won’t do the work well. So, set it to daylight setting in order to capture the colors of the night like the sunset and other city lights.

7. Use wide angle lens.

Use wide angle lens
Image: Jens Kling

Your picture will look a lot better if you make use of wide angle lens. It can capture more light to make the output look more visually appetizing. So, try using wide angle lens for night photography.

8. Slow the shutter speed.

Slow the shutter speed
Image: Lev Tsimring

By slowing the shutter speed, you are acquiring more light. You need to do this because during the night there is absence of light. So, opening the shutter for a longer time could give more light to your shot. But if you are trying to get a photograph of a moving object, it would be a different story.

9. Try using night mode.

Try using night mode
Image: tvd photography

You can use this setting especially if you’ll ask other people to take the picture. You could use either the one that could offer a flash or the other one that captures images of those with some lighting. You can get a good effect with this setting.

10. Take a picture with sky colors.

Take a picture with sky colors
Image: Niels Christian Wulff

It would also be nice if you take your picture when the sky is not totally dark yet. Take advantage of the setting sun to give your image a dramatic touch. The “golden hour” can give you tones that are very stunning.

11. Try taking pictures in black and white.

Try taking pictures in black and white
Image: Cain Pascoe

A photo taken during the night also looks great in black and white. It would look great with reflections and glows. A black and white image looks dramatic and elegant especially when taken with great lightings.

12. Review and adjust images.

Review and adjust images
Image: blackcoffee@KeisukeIkeda

After taking a picture, look at it and make necessary adjustments when needed. Look at the images if they are too light or too dark. Then adjust them and take another picture. Do that until you get the result you want.

It’s Your Turn Now

Night photography is something that photography lovers and viewers surely love. This is due to the unique output it can give with its absence of natural light. Have you tried doing night photography? Or are you a photographer who specializes in night photography? Would you like to share some tips to us in addition to our list?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.