Given its long history, It’s amazing how business cards are still widely used by professionals and businessmen today in disseminating their products and services to people. This is one proof why business cards are effective in promoting your brand.

But in order for it to work the way you want, it should be intentionally designed to suit your purpose. In my opinion, an effective business card is one that clearly delivers the good qualities of the owner’s/company’s brand (professionalism, elegance, creativity). This will leave a positive impression to the client by just looking at it, which will put you in an advantageous position.

In this post, I have gathered some of the most beautiful business card designs that were made in minimalistic design, which is one of the hottest trend in today’s design world.

Scroll down and be sure to check them all out to get some insights and inspiration that you can use to fuel up your own design projects.

Come, take a peek, and enjoy browsing!


Chandra is a fashion brand that has a very stylish business card in minimal design. It has 1 color on each side that brings a creative vibe to the card.
minimal business card

Clean Business Card

This next feature has very minimal design in white. It only has the essential elements including the logo, name, and other information.
white minimal business card

New Cards

Here we have business cards in yellow and light grey. The design is comprised of a very noticeable typography and a dry seal to add some kick.
dry seal card


Minimalissimo business card stands true to its name. It has an ultra-minimalistic design of white with nothing but logo and the necessary information. Even with just these elements, the design still gives out a professional and elegant feel.
white minimalist design


Perconte has a brownish business card that combines a classy fee with modern touch.
inverted color design


In this business card, the design is even made more minimalist with the thin line font.
ultra minimalist business card


Here we see that a good logo can bring a great effect to the total design of the business card.
logo business card

All Design Transparent

This one utilizes a black and white theme with nice font styles for the information and a deboss for title wordplay.
black white

Markus Tsang

Here we have a photography-theme business card with a black background and high gloss rings that depicts a camera’s lens.
photography minimal business card

Black & White

Another great example of a black & white motif for a business card design.
black white design

Julia Miceli

This branding has a come up with a creative business card design that uses stamp printing.
stamped design

Gold Foil

This is a clean and minimalistic business card that incorporates gold foil for its typography over a grey background – nice combination.
foil typography

Carlo Boni Wedding Stories

Carlo Boni business cards display elegance in simplicity with this minimal design.
business card design

Flower Lantern

What do you think about this rectangular design?
wedding florist

Mkov Photo

This design was formed to mimic the photographer’s style: simplicity and monochromatic.
monochromatic business card

Otto Greenslade

A minimal, square-shaped business card is made more interesting with the optical illusion shadows.
3D design

Personal Business Cards

Looking for a minimal design that displays a professional aura? This one is a good example.
minimalist card

Marangoni Gino

This business card was created with an elegant and sober design.
elegant business cards

Business Card

This next one utilizes a red theme for its logo, lines, and icons.
red minimal

Business Cards

turquoise design

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Ebrian Acebedo

About the author: A Licensed Medical Practitioner who apparently likes web design and business.