Emojis have become a popular use along with success of messaging apps. They have proven both fun and practical for many people in portraying their emotions without typing any words. They come in a wide array of images from a simple yellow smiley to a smiling poop, and more!

But designer Rebecca Evie Lynch has noticed that there are only very few fitting emojis for introverts like her. As a result, she has decided to design a set of emojis that all introverts and even non-introverts as well would surely enjoy.

The outcome is Introji, a series of emoji designs that includes activities that introverts usually do such as reading, using computers for a long time, and preferring personal space and time than social interaction. Scroll down and check them out below. Come, take a peek, and enjoy!

“I’m charging.”
charging introji emoji

“Giving you time.”
giving time introji

“I’m fully charged.”
full charge introji

“Giving you space.”
giving space introji

“I’m going to hide.”
hide introji

drowning introji

“I’m in my bubble and can’t get out.”
bubble cant get out introji

“Together alone.”
together alone introji

“Social anxiety.”
social anxiety introji

“Door’s open.”
door open introji

“Complex thinking.”
complex thinking introji

“Shhh, listening.”
listening introji

“Shhhh, reading.”
reading introji

“No to the invite but thank you.”
no invite introjii

“Leaving the party.”
leaving the party introji

“Out of power.”
out power introji

“Shhh, computer love.”
computer love introji

anxiety introji

“I’m in my bubble and I’m ok.”
bubble ok introji

What are your thoughts in Rebecca Evie Lynch’s artistic works? You can share what you think on his works by leaving your comment below.

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Christie Ann

About the author: A Filipina freelancer who is unsophisticated yet can be adventurous too. She spends lots of time in surfing the net and reading. She is a very optimistic thinker who believes that she’ll get to see a shooting star someday.