No matter how busy you are with work, for sure you still want to be healthy and fit. For sure, there are some things that you would like to improve in your body. Although, most people overlook this part. Many people claim that because of their busy schedules, they could forget to do some exercise and others enjoy eating food which they thought are healthy. It is important to keep your bodies in good shape for if you get sick, you wouldn’t be able to work and you’ll lose a lot of earnings.

Graphic designers experience back pains, headaches, anaemia, cough and other illness due to the nature of their work. Spending time sitting in the front of the computer can even be stressful at times. It is not good to be sick and stressed out because it can lead to more serious diseases like heart problems. Since no one would like to get sick, you need to take some steps to stay healthy.

If we come to think of it, it doesn’t really take a lot of time to keep our bodies healthy. Only that we do not give time to it or we really couldn’t think of it. We will share to you some tips which you could apply every day. If you’ll try this, for sure, you’ll feel a lot better and you’ll feel the good change in your body. You’ll be more energized and happy which leads to a better work performance. So, let’s get started for a healthier you!

1. Self-Discipline.

Image: Eduard Titov

Before anything else, you need to discipline yourself in order to follow the tips that we will give you. It requires one’s full determination to stay healthy and fit despite the stressful and demanding job you have. If you are positive that you can do it and that you are doing this not just for yourself but for your family as well, then you can reach your goal. Staying healthy and fit is very important in order for you to live longer and work effectively.

2. Have a comfy chair.

Have a comfy chair
Image: samurai-charger

Designers spend most of the time sitting in front of a computer. Hence, it is important to have a good chair which is comfortable enough for you to sit on. Make sure you can relax while sitting. Some designers experience back pain because of using a plastic chair without a soft covering. Choose your chair. Even Blues Clues use a comfortable Thinking Chair, how much more for designers? Some people buy the used and damaged ones and then they fix it and make it unique, beautiful and comfortable. Why don’t you get your own comfy chair now?

3. Laugh and have a positive outlook in life.

Laugh and have a positive outlook in life
Image: Undercheese101

Laughter is said to be the best medicine. It could brush away your worries, your sadness and anything negative that you feel at that moment. So, laugh. You don’t have to spend money to laugh. If you stay happy by having a positive perspective on things, everything around you will be on bright colors. Shoo away the worries. You’ll see that if you are happy no matter how many tons of work you have, you will feel good. Remember that what you feel is reflected in your work.

4. Keep your body hydrated.

Keep your body hydrated
Image: entrelec

Drink lots of water and other fluids. This is necessary to keep your body system run smoothly. Some people have trouble drinking water so try juices or green tea. Choose the healthy juices and not the ones with preservatives. Green tea is said to burn fats and is good for the health. Choose which ones you would like to drink. The important thing is, you have some fluids in your body. Even if you are merely sitting most of the time, make sure you are keeping your body hydrated.

5. Do not skip breakfast.

Do not skip breakfast
Image: Benedict W

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for it breaks the long hours of fasting from the time you have slept. Breakfast give us energy for the things we do the whole day. If you think that skipping breakfast will make you thin, you are wrong. People who skip that meal actually gains weight. Do not take breakfast for granted. Have a breakfast with carbohydrates, protein and other essential vitamins. This will truly fill you up and prepares you for everything all throughout the day.

6. Have healthy meals and snacks.

Have healthy meals and snacks
Image: kelleynsavage

Always eat healthy food. Even snacks should be healthy. This is important especially for you ‘coz you are merely sitting most of the time and you do not have much time to exercise. Eat vegetables and fruits. This will not only keep you healthy and fit but this will also make you look more beautiful and young. You can actually munch on those chocolates and chips once in a while. Just don’t make it a habit to be eating those stuff while you work. You can eat cookies, sandwiches or sliced fruits instead of chips.

7. Have enough sleep and rest.

Have enough sleep and rest
Image: graur codrin

Even batteries go empty and needs to be recharged. Treat your body that way. Take a nap during the day if you could and have enough sleep. An average person needs 7-8 hours of sleep at night. Try doing this. It won’t hurt to sleep, anyway. Although some consider this as wasting time for they opt to spend more time working. That is not good because your body needs rest. If you won’t get enough sleep, you will feel sluggish and you will have lower energy which will lead to a poor performance. If you love yourself and your work, have enough sleep.

8. Take vitamins when needed.

Take vitamins when needed
Image: dimshik

Try to consult your doctor and ask what kind of vitamins you need. Some take ferrous sulfate to make sure they won’t be anaemic despite the long hours of work and lack of sleep. Your doctor knows which vitamins your body needs. This is important because if the food you eat and the activities you do cannot sustain the needs of your body, at least, your daily dose of vitamins can fill in what is lacking in your body.

9. Exercise.

Image: Ambro

Busy people tend to skip this part. It seems hard to allocate time to exercise. But you still can. By merely walking to buy something near your place, you have done some exercise already. Some really go the gym and workout for an hour or for a couple of minutes. If you do not have time to go to the gym, you can do simple exercise. Aside from walking, you can do biking or even mowing your lawn. Just do activities that can let you sweat out. There are also some exercises you can do while sitting.

10. Do your hobbies.

Do your hobbies
Image: limeonrocks

After long hours of working, you’ll find it relaxing to do some painting or strum your guitar or do some sewing. Make it a point to do some of your hobbies despite your busy schedule. Taking breaks buy doing these stuff can make you feel better and healthier, too. It gears up your brain while you have fun. You can even have better outputs if you do this.

A healthier body is a result of a healthy and simple life style. No one wants to grow old and sick as result of what they have been doing while they are still young. It isn’t really that hard to keep your bodies in shape. It only needs self-discipline and a little of your time. No one else can benefit from this but you. So, start doing healthy things and eating healthy food now! For sure, you’ll be more than pleased to know that you are now a totally healthy and fit graphic designer!

Ronald Bien

About the author: A Graphic Designer and the founder of Naldz Graphics. He launched Naldz Graphics to help the Design Community in providing quality design resources and tutorials.


  1. Thanks for the most problem nowadays is im always lacked of sleep due to many works to do.. but i will try to sleep on time 😛

  2. the day i started doing some graphics design, i always miss my breakfast instead i ate my breakfast on lunch time. Thanks for this cool tips of urs.

  3. After reading this article i’d make my own little ways how to make this tips possible to do for me. have to buy a new chair. 😛

    Keep posting more tips, thanks a lot!

  4. Great article, very inspiring and absolutely a huge help to become a healthy designer……..

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  6. No matter what your job, you have to stop a moment to eat the breakfast. However, eating bacon for breakfast is not healthy.

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