Gold has been one of the precious things since the dawn of civilization up to now. It carries with it elegance, luxury and high quality. Business cards, on the other hand, is still one of the most effective tools in promoting yourself, your company or services that you offer. With this, it is actually not a bad idea to put some of the ‘gold’ effect to your business cards.

Today, we have gathered some of the Business Card designs that have gold elements for you to see their effect and maybe get some ideas and inspiration on how you can use these on your own business card design. Scroll down and check them all out below. Come, take a peek, and enjoy.

Minimalist Design Letterpress Business Card With Gold Accents
gold accent business card
A minimalist business card design with beautiful gold accent and gold edge painting.

Bold Black And Gold Letterpress Business Card Design
black gold business card
The black and matte gold ink used in this business card nicely gives an antique feel to it.

Gold Edge Painted Business Cards
gold edge paint business cards
A nice business card design with a stylish gold edge paint.

Minimalist Design Gold Edge Painted Business Card
 minimalist gold edge business card
This is a white minimalist business card design with gold foil that gives the palette simple but classy feel.

Beautifully Patterned And Textured Gold Foil Stamped Business Card
patterned gold business card
This business card has beautiful pattern and texture as well as gold foil for the letters.

Gold Foil Edge Painted Letterpress Business Card
gold foil edge painted business card
This business card with its gold foil edge paint and minimalistic design shows simplicity and elegance.

Textured Black And Gold Foil Edge Painted
black gold business card
This beautiful letterpress printed business card uses the technique a gorgeous texture to the background of the card and gold foil for the letttering.

Intricate Black And Gold Hot Foil Stamped Business Card
gold hot foil business card
An intricately designed business card that shines in gold for a more noticeable design.

Gold Foil Accented Business Card
gold foil business card
Black printing on a white card alone can be a little boring so these cards have been given gold foil accents which add some artistic flair and a little luxury.

Gold And Silver Hot Foil Stamped Business Card
gold textured business card
The metallic foil is super shiny and using it to print the intricate pattern on the card actually creates a little texture and dimension.

Beautiful Antique Wallpaper Inspired Business Card
gold pattern business card
This beautiful business card design takes its inspiration from Victorian era wallpaper patterns in gold.

Bright Neon Pink And Gold Foil Edge Painted Business Card
pink gold business card
A card this bright and glammed up is impossible to ignore.

Textured Letterpress Gold Foil Edge Painted Business Card
textured business card gold
These cards use a simple combination of black, white and gold to create a set of very professional and stylish business cards.

Beautiful Watercolour And Gold Edge Painted Letterpress Business Card
watercolor gold business card
These beautiful cards are an interesting combination of letterpress printing and hand painting with gold edge-painting.

Beautiful Multi Coloured Hot Foil Stamped Business Card
colored gold business card
The splashes of colour on the cards have been printed in a variety of different coloured foils which have that bright metallic shine that only foil can give.

Gold Hot Foil Stamped Business Card
gold typography business card
A simple but very effective card design, this one shows off the lovely typography of the logo to excellent effect with the use of gold foil.

Black And Gold Foil Business Card
black gold foil business card
The matte black and gold foil makes the business card look sophisticated and professional.

Vintage Damask Wallpaper Inspired Hot Foil Stamped Business Card
vintage gold business card
This beautiful set of business cards was designed with patterns and letters in gold and silver foil and finished with matte gold edge painting.

Personal Branding
gold business card design
A business card all in gold with black letters.

aydee gold business card
A classy business card with its elements, letters, and edges in gold.

Gold And Black Corporate Identity
nice gold business card
A classy and high quality business card design suitable for any kind of business.

Lao Clean Services
gold professional business card
This business card has its information and logo in gold in a black background giving it a professional and elegant effect.

Comp Slip and Card
gold shiny business card
A beautiful and luxurious-looking business card with one side in shiny gold foil.

decorative foil stamping
gold foil business card
This design effectively highlights the company’s name or logo with the use of gold stamp.

Cassandre Snyder Business Cards
letter gold business card
This business card with its golden letterpress results in a luxurious card with flair.

EXIGO Boutique
exigo business card
A great combination of brown background and a gold typography that makes it stand out to the eyes.

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