Upon hearing the term freelancing, what comes into your mind are people who opt to work and earn while at home. This could include mothers, disabled people, students and others. But it is not only people like them who are involved in freelancing. Even skilled people who are experts in their craft does freelance work. Some people who have stable jobs in a company even resort to freelancing for additional income. Many people these days are engaged in freelancing for they can avail of so many benefits from it.

Freelancing gives many advantages especially to those who prefer working for himself instead of being employed in a company. If you are still in the verge of decision making whether to take freelancing or not, this article might be able to help you decide. Below are the top reasons why designers and other people opt for freelancing.

1. You are your own boss.

You are your own boss

You don’t have to worry about having a boss who will tell you what to do. No one will control you. You can be independent and make decisions of your own. No one will observe you while working. All you have to do is design your projects and wait for the client’s revisions and feedbacks. You can work better in freelancing. You can work in whatever manner you want.

2. Flexibility of time.

Flexibility of time

It is everyone’s dream to take hold of his own time while working. It would really be great if you can work at times convenient to you. When you work at home, you can still do your chores and even take care of little kids if you have. Another advantage is that you can choose your time to work when you are most productive. You can go out whenever you want and you can even have time for yourself.

3. Full freedom.

Full freedom

The best thing about freelancing is your full grasps of freedom. You can follow your own choices and do whatever you feel is convenient for you. You can even choose your projects, choose your time, choose your clients and still have a good time outside work. You are your own boss. No one will reprimand you for being late or absent.

4. Better work-life balance.

Better work-life balance

Since you have more freedom, you will have better work-life balance. You can even have more time to socialize and to spend quality time with your family. You will be able to do your hobbies and other things you love. Freelancing can give you a happy and fulfilled life.

5. Choice of work and clients.

Choice of work and clients

You can choose the kind of work you want and you love. You can even choose your clients. You don’t have to deal with clients that you do not like. If you think the client is not good, then do not work with him. Also, there are so many freelance jobs online that you can choose from. You can certainly find one that suits you. You can also choose a project which you can do well and be comfortable of with a good pay. You will not be pressured to work on something which you do not like.

6. Work load control.

Work load control

No one would want to have so much work to do. Freelancing can help you control what you can work on for a particular time. If you are busy, you can decline some jobs so that you can focus and finish your recent projects. But during times when you do not have many projects to do, you can accept more work. You can also decide on how much you want to earn.

7. Income control.

Income control

For freelancing, your work performance will be surely well compensated. That is why most people still work freelance as a part time even if they have good jobs for they can earn well through freelancing. The more you work, the more you will earn. Unlike when you work in an office, no matter how many tons of work you do, you will still receive the same amount when pay day comes.

8. More challenging work.

More challenging work

As a freelancer, you will face different challenges with your projects depending on what the client’s demands you to do. There would be different requirements and you will surely do your best to meet them. The more challenges you face, you better you will become as a designer.

9. Have a global scope.

Have a global scope

Unlike a local company, your client comes from around the world. You can even earn money in a stronger currency which means more earnings for you. With the vast number of prospect clients, you will surely have work all the time. You don’t have to worry because if you can’t find a job in your field, you can easily look for easier jobs while waiting for projects that you like.

10. Lesser pressure and reduced stress levels.

Lesser pressure and reduced stress levels

Compared to having a boss, you will feel much better when freelancing. You handle everything and you do not need to worry that someone would reprimand you for the work you have done. It is easier and more relax when freelancing. Because of this, you will have lesser pressure and stress. You will surely feel much better.

11. Learn new skills.

Learn new skills

Since you will be doing all the work, you will be able to develop other skills which you thought you could never do. This includes sales, marketing, client development, accounting and others. But even if it means that you would be busy, it is still worth it because you are ensured that everything will be done the way you want it.

12. Be open to new opportunities.

Be open to new opportunities

When you work as a freelancer, the world is open for you and you will gain lots of new opportunities. It will help you have new clients. It allows you to develop new skills. It gives you the chance to meet new friends and expand your network. You will even be considered an expert in a particular niche. This can lead to other great opportunities like business collaborations and others.

13. No commitment to fulfil.

Avoid looking for easier ways

Unlike working in a company, you don’t have to worry about bonds and contracts as a freelancer because there isn’t any. You can stop working whenever you want and choose a job whatever you want. You would not need to do the hassle of working on some papers when you’ll need to leave a job and get a new one.

14. No need to dress up.

No need to dress up

You can start working even if you haven’t taken a bath yet. You don’t have to wear business attire and put on some make up. You don’t have to worry about getting up early in order to get ready for work. This will lessen your expenses for your clothes and you can buy just any type of clothing you want. You can have lesser personal maintenance costs but of course, it doesn’t mean that you can look ragged all the time. Still, you need to practice personal hygiene and wear the clothes of your type.

15. Gets full credit of project.

Gets full credit of project

When you are freelancing, you will be credited for your designs. It is not a company or another business that will consider your design as theirs. You don’t have to worry about your design being compromised for whatever reason. You will get direct credit and you will be better known as a designer.

It’s Your Turn Now

These are just some of the benefits and advantages of freelancing. It actually varies from one person to another. Those mentioned are the common reasons why most people opt for a freelance job. If you feel that there is more to add up to the list, feel free to do so by writing it in the comment section below.

Johnna Eudese Ward

About the author: A 20-year old living in Mountain View Village, Cebu, Phillipines. She loves cooking, surfing, reading and watching movies.


  1. for me simply, your job not giving you enough salary and it is great to learn starting your own company

  2. I agree. A full time job will always be underpaying, and don’t let that talent go to waste.. do something! 🙂

    Love from KL, Malaysia.
    Freelancing all things graphically…

  3. Of course, freelancing has positive aspects, but in this financial crisis it shows his negative sides. Namely, the intense competition among freelancers. Many lose their customers because of the crisis and therefore they have no income.

  4. Very inspiring post. I am on the company now and thinking about freelancing. It will help me motivates alot.

  5. I’ got it , you have got the best ideas about freelancing.:) Enjoyed while i was reading the post.

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