Freelancing is indeed a challenging industry. Aside from the challenges that you meet during work, there are also other challenges that you may encounter outside work. This could include how other people think about you and how they look at your freelance job. Stereotyping is common for people and it does not exempt your freelance job. Of course, some stereotypes for a freelancer might be true sometimes but there are also some that is way beyond reality.

You might want to know what these stereotypes are. It sounds interesting and it would also be good if you are aware what they are so that you won’t be surprised on how people look at you and you will find it much easier to reveal the truth to them. Knowing these can also help you defend yourself from what prospect clients may think of you. Here they are:

1. Freelance designers lack sleep.

Freelance designers lack sleep
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Well, it might be true in a way but not all freelancers are the same. It actually depends on how you do your work. Some people just choose not to sleep even when they can. There are could be times that freelancers work over time when there are rush projects but it does not happen every day. Being able to have ample sleep depends on how you create your work schedule at home.

2. Freelance designers seldom take showers.

Freelance designers seldom take showers
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You may laugh at this but this is what other people think of freelancers. There might be delays in taking showers each day but freelancers DO take showers. People think that since freelancers work at home and are busy with their all-day job that showers are no longer included in the to-do-list. But freelancers do care about their personal hygiene. Of course, they take showers, sometimes even more than once a day.

3. Freelance designers are loners.

Freelance designers are loners
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Some people also look at freelancers this way because they are always facing their computers to do the work. But it doesn’t mean that freelancers do not have friends. They actually go out once in a while to have fun with friends and they also spend time with the family. They even have more are privileges to mingle with other people.

4. Freelance designers are small earners.

Freelance designers are small earners
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Well, one can’t say that freelancers are small earners unless you have actually tried it and you do not know anyone who is into freelancing. You can earn enough or even more than what you are expecting if you are in the right track of freelancing.

5. Freelance designers are unhealthy.

Freelance designers are unhealthy
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Freelancers are hard working people but it doesn’t mean that they do not care for their health. Yet, there are people who think that freelancers are unhealthy for they have poor eating habits, lacks sleep, no exercise and do not go out for sunlight and fresh air. But that is all wrong. Some freelancers might be so focused with work and might fail to consider staying healthy. But not all freelancers are like that.

6. Freelance designers are not qualified to office jobs.

Freelance designers are not qualified to office jobs
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There are some who thinks that the reason why you opted to be a freelance designer is because you cannot find a job in design companies. They think that you are not qualified to get a job. Freelance designers are skilled people and are highly qualified for design jobs but they prefer to be their own boss to handle their time. Freelance designers even have more design experiences to the vast number of jobs available for them. Freelance designers are exposed to various design jobs at one time.

7. Freelance designers are stressed.

Freelance designers are stressed
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Freelancers choose to be freelancers because this is where they will be happy. There is even lesser work pressure in doing freelance. So, there is greater chances of doing away with stress by having the privilege of choosing the clients to work with, the project to work on and the time to work on it.

8. Freelance designer’s job is easy.

Freelance designer's job is easy

Many people think this way but freelancing is actually very challenging for it is like handling your own business with yourself as the capital. It is even hard especially when you are just new for the job.

9. Freelance designers do not have college degrees.

 You can determine what the client wants
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Many freelancers have college diplomas and are very much knowledgeable in their field. If they were not well-versed in it, they won’t be successful in freelancing. It takes ample knowledge in order to get to the top of freelance designing. Many of them actually went to design school and are continually expanding their knowledge with various tools like online tutorials.

10. Freelance designers are sad people.

Freelance designers are sad people
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Well, ask freelance designers if they are happy or sad about their job. Most probably, they will tell you they are totally happy because of the numerous advantages they can get. Above all, there is no pressure in going to the office and listening to the commands of a boss. Freelancers even have enough time to work, have fun, travel and do anything they want to do.

11. Freelancer designers focus on money.

Freelancer designers focus on money
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There are also some who thinks that freelancers are mainly concerned about how much they will be earning for a certain project. This means that designers do not give attention on the quality of their output but that is wrong. If they only look into the earnings, they will not survive in the world of freelancing because only people who have good works can live long in this kind of job.

12. Freelance designers are all men.

Freelance designers are all meny
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Females do a lot of designing, too. It is not only men that are working as freelance designers. What males can do, females can also do.

It’s Your Turn Now

Some of these stereotypes of a freelancer may sound funny but some may also sound not so nice. Well, you have to know how to face instances when a client or a person is swathed with these stereotypes in order to make sure that you’ll have a good branding as a freelance designer. Can you add other stereotypes of a freelance designer? We will appreciate it if you speak your mind.

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.