Choosing the perfect typeface can be one of the most daunting tasks for professional designers. There is much to consider before you can zero in on that ‘perfect’ font style such as its readability, pairings, color, style, etc. Depending on the nature or theme of the design, some of these considerations are prioritized more than the others. In the end, it all comes down on what you want your overall design to look like.

With this, it is just as important for any designer to have a wide array of font style resources ready at his disposal whenever he would need it.

If you are going for a more futuristic or techy design, then you’ve come to the right place. Below are some of the best sci-fi font styles that you can download for free. Some of them are also free to be used for commercial projects. So be sure to check their respective license for you to get the most of these fonts and also avoid violations as well.

Space Age

Space Age contains capitals, alternate capitals, numerals, most punctuation, and some extended characters. Also included is an experimental OpenType version of SPACE AGE that contains some automatic ligatures.
sci-fi fonts


Xirod is a square, sci-fi techno headline font that comes in In OpenType format. Moreover, strange alternate letters can be accessed using the OpenType “Stylistic Alternates” feature.
techno headline fonts


This font family contains 6 versions of open type fonts that can be used for your sci-fi themed projects.
open type fonts
italic open font
bold open typeface
bold italic font
outline sci-fi font
italic outline fonts

Transistor 2.15

Transistor 2.15 has a stylishly edgy design that is perfect for science fiction typography. It is available for personal design projects.
free sci-fi font

Kenney Rocket

Kenney Rocket has a pixelated look as well as square version that are both perfect for digital-theme designs.
sci fi font family
square free fonts


This sans serif font can be used for personal or commercial design projects.
free digital fonts


Opossum is also free to be used for your personal and commercial projects.
irregular free font


Stormfaze is a high-tech, science fiction themed headline font. This font includes a license that allows free commercial use.
bold regular fonts


Spaceboy is a fun font style that you can use to make your design more playful and futuristic.
unique font style

01 Digitall

This font comes with 164 various characters that includes alphabets, numbers, punctuation marks, and other special symbols as well.
futuristic font design

Borg 9

Borg9 is a 1980’s style techno display font. The font is also available for any personal or commercial designs.
retro techno font


Asgalt was created with geometric shapes and is inspired by science fiction theme. It is free to be used for any personal or commercial projects.
geometric fonts free

SF Viper Squadron

Viper Squadron is a ragtag typeface that comes with a solid weight and an inline design as well.
solid font weight
sold italic fonts
inline design font
inline italic typeface

Code Predators

Code Predators is a combination of square and eroded design and the result is amazing.
eroded sci fi typeface


This font style was inspired by art deco and mixed with a touch of science fiction.
science fiction typeface

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