Brand identity is valuable for anyone who is running a business or would like to offer certain services to the people. Having an effective brand identity can help you promote yourself and your business as well. For sure, graphic designers will play that important role of creating a good logo, business cards and others for your company.

Graphic designers greatly contribute in making a strong brand identity for your company. Let us just say that you were the one who conceptualized it but the application of such concept still relies on the creative minds of these designers. The challenge for graphic designers to create a good brand is laid before them. In creating those, colors should always be considered for it is a vital aspect in order to come up with an effective brand identity. Aside from knowing how to choose colors, it would also be significant for you to know the importance of colors in brand identity so that you will not just take it for granted when designing. Here they are:

1. Color increases brand recognition.

Color increases brand recognition

Every brand has its own color which makes it unique from the rest of the brands in the same industry. This way, it is easier to recognize which is yours and which is of your competitors. It will also be easier for people to know the kind of product or service your company is offering. Recognition is vital in business for it is one way to easily get into the minds of the clients and customers.

2. Color makes brand memorable.

Color makes brand memorable
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Aside from being easily known and recognized, you can also easily leave a mark in the minds of the clients. Remember that they will only look at a certain product, website or brand for a few seconds. So, you have to make sure that with a little time, your brand can be retained in the mind of the clients. Colors can greatly help you to be remembered by clients.

3. Color encourages participation.

Color encourages participation
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Color in your brand can also encourage people to participate and cooperate. It will urge them to do something. It is like a call to action without saying anything. They could be encouraged to what you wanted them to do like purchase an item or participate in a survey.

4. Color delivers information.

Color delivers information
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Since every color has a different association to various aspects of business, it can tell your client what particular information you would like to share to them. Like if you use green, what will come to the minds of your readers is the environment and nature. Just one look at it and they will know what your brand is about.

5. Color draws attention.

Color draws attention
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People usually find it boring to see things that are merely black and white. They are more attracted to things that are colorful. Even babies are attracted to colorful stuff especially if it uses primary colors. Same is true with adults. Colors attract them and it makes your brand more eye-catching.

6. Color prolongs interest.

Color prolongs interest
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It is said that even though black and white can get the interest of the people, color prolongs interest. A person may look at a black and white brand for a second but would look at a colored brand for two seconds. It doesn’t just make your brand look interesting but it even allows more time for people to look at it.

7. Color allows you to shine out.

Color allows you to shine out
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From your competitors, you will surely shine out if you are able to choose a color that sets you apart from them. So, in choosing your colors look at what your competitors are using. Use the opposite of their color in the color wheel. This way, you will have an edge over them.

8. Color shows brand is high quality.

Color shows brand is high quality
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The right choice and usage of colors can show the quality of your company. If you use professional looking colors, you will surely give an impression that your company and your products are of high class. For sure, people will patronize it. You will get more customers by using the right color and color combinations. Make sure that your colors match well because mostly, brands with bad color combination are of low quality.

9. Color stimulates senses.

Color stimulates senses
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Colors stimulate our senses especially the sense of sight and makes you stare at it and be attracted to it. You can also easily register certain color associations through your senses. That is why even if you are so far from something that is colorful, you will still get a glimpse of it and you’ll turn your head towards it. So, if you will succeed in choosing the right colors, you will no doubt be effective in stimulating human’s senses.

10. Color brings emotion.

Color brings emotion
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Every color shows a different emotion. Red could represent anger, love and passion. Blue can represent sadness and loneliness. Yellow can show happiness. There are different emotions a color can tell. So if you want your color to say something about a certain emotion, then choose the right one so your audience will not misinterpret your brand.

It’s Your Turn Now

We really cannot deny the fact that colors are very important for brand identity. You can even justify that due to the impact of some brands to you. Some people even love a particular brand just because it uses a color that greatly appeals to them. So, how about you? What do you think of colors used for brand identity? Tell us what you think.

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.