With blogging as a trend, there are so many different blog types that you can see on the web. These are created to tackle various topics which include design. Designing is one aspect that people has interest of. This could be due to the need of design in all facets of business and everyday living. But, as the number of graphic design blogger increases, it becomes a challenge on how you can maintain your blog and improve it so you can keep up with the pace of the blogging world.

It would be better if you look for ways on how you can upgrade your blogging so as to improve your blog’s standing. Well, that is if you are really serious about your blogging. There are some who look into their blog as a responsibility and as a job. But for others, it is merely a hobby. Whatever your aim is and in whatever way you look at your blog, it is still important to have a good blog for it reflects you and affects your online reputation.

Free Expression in Blogging

Research a lot

There are about millions of blogs around the globe. It seems like almost everyone who would like to express something and creates their own blog. This is because creating your own blog takes only a few minutes. There are also so many options to use in making one. Self-expression is no longer limited to having a diary or a journal. It can reach billions of people when you place your thoughts online.

Blogging is like picking up a mega phone and shouting to the world what you think and how you feel. Aside from being able to express yourself freely, you can also show your creativity like how graphic designers share what they know about the niche and how they work on their projects. For graphic designers, blogging is also another way to help other graphic design enthusiasts to learn and get inspiration.

But these days, blogging is not merely for self-expression. It also became a way to earn for most bloggers through ads and affiliate links. Because of that, the need and the desire to drive traffic rises. You can achieve that by promoting your blog. You can read on the ways to promote your website so you can be given ideas on what you can do. Also, you have to improve yourself as a blogger in order to bring in more readers and audience for your blog. So, today, we will give you some tips on how you can be a better graphic design blogger. This can give you more options on what you can do as a blogger and would also serve as a reminder on what you REALLY need to work on.

How to Be a Better Blogger

1. Research a lot.

Research a lot

It is important that you do some research about anything that you want to blog about because there might be things that you think are right but are actually wrong. Also, you will be able to find some new things to add into what you are about to share. There is no harm in looking for more things to share. Of course, you would be sharing your personal experiences but in between that, integrate some good points and some facts, too.

2. Prioritize quality.

Prioritize quality

Quality is an important thing because readers look for this. When you are able to write contents of great quality, the readers will keep on checking what is the latest post in your blog. Remember, what you have in your blog can also be seen in other blogs. Now, if yours has a better quality than that of others, then the readers would opt to check on your blog. Got it? So, do not disregard quality. And if we speak of quality, we are referring to everything you have in your blog from the way you write, the way you present and the entire look of your blog.

3. Show your personality.

Show your personality

A blog is more of showing your personality to the readers. So, go and show them who you are. You can do that through your manner of writing. Write as if you are talking to them. Write anything and everything that you can think of about a certain topic. No one’s gonna stop you. But be sure to read it again and check for errors later.

4. Blog with passion.

Blog with passion

One secret of successful blogging is being able to blog with passion. If you put your whole heart into what you are doing, you will surely be able to come up with excellent outputs without even exerting too much effort. When you have passion, it seems that you are merely doing small things that actually turn out big in the end. Blog with passion! Blog with a smile on your face, let your mind create the story and extend that to your hands so it can blot out the passion from within you. Once you do that, the readers will also be able to see the height of your writing spirit and would no doubt applaud you for that.

5. Interact with your community.

Interact with your community

Blogging is not just about you and what you write. It is also about other people who blog and people who have interest in your niche. Go reach out to them. This way, you will not just gain readers but you will also be able to make friends online. This is a good way to extend your network and it can also help increase traffic to your blog.

6. Be consistent.

Be consistent

Consistency is one key that you need to look into. This pertains on the consistent manner of how you write, how you present your stories and how your entire online personality looks. If you are consistent, you will also be able to create a good brand. This will also avoid confusion for the readers.

7. Always remember the basics of a website.

Always remember the basics of a website

It doesn’t mean that just because you are having a great time blogging that you will already overlook the basic and important things of having a website. This includes what contents are vital, SEO and others. Take note of this because if not, you will still fail with your blog.

8. Think less of quantity.

Think less of quantity

Do not be counting the number of posts all the time. Although it is also important to have more posts in your blog. But if the quality will be sacrificed, then that would be a different story. You have to make sure that as you grow the number of posts in your blog, the quality of your contents remain the same or will improve. So, the best thing to do is to focus more on writing. Just keep on writing. Do not force yourself to write just to hit the number of posts you want. This way, you will be more inspired and you will surely acquire your goal to have quality posts in great numbers!

9. Focus on where you are good.

Focus on where you are good

Do not blog on something which you are unsure of. Instead, blog on where you are good at. This way, you will be able to share things that could be helpful to the readers. Also, you will be able to come up with unique articles once you work on something that you know you can be named as an “expert”.

10. Write on long lasting topics.

Write on long lasting topics

Not all topics can be tackled anytime of the year. Choose those that can still be helpful to the readers for a long time. Think of the present readers and think of the future readers, too. Articles that do not go stale give more value and traffic to your blog. It will still be read by millions of people around the globe no matter how old it is already. What matters are the contents. See to it that whenever they read it, it still looks and sounds fresh for them.

11. Give answers to question.

Give answers to question

Try to think of questions that your readers might most likely ask. Then write an article about it. You can also check the web for queries from readers on your niche. This way, you will not just give answers to their questions but you will also start to establish the reader’s trust to your blog.

12. Do not hesitate to express ideas.

Do not hesitate to express ideas

Expressing an idea is free of charge. Do not be hesitant to express it. Just write and share anything you want as long as it also interests other people. Well, that is your blog. It is about you and what you want to share to the world. Also, when you suddenly come up with a certain idea, start blogging because you will surely feel excited about your idea that you will be able to come up with a good output.

Blogging and Beyond

Well, aside from the tips we have given above, there are still other things you can do to help you become a better blogger. These tips are not directly about blogging but it is more of how you value your blogging and how you can commit in doing it. The tips that we are about to give you is much easier and simpler than the above tips. These are less serious too but if you take it seriously, it can make wonders for you!

1. Blog when you’re on vacation.

Blog when you’re on vacation

Why not? Go on blogging even if you are on vacation. Lounging near the beach? Taking a rest on a luxurious hotel? Blog if you want to. You might even be able to share new ideas and experiences while you are on vacation. It would be fun to write in a totally different environment. Why not give it a try?

2. Blog when you are told to stop.

Blog when you are told to stop

Some people might tell you to stop blogging coz they think it’s useless or something. Well, don’t let them stop you. Hey! Blogging is free! Why stop doing something that you are happy of? Also, show them that you value your blogging a lot that no one’s gonna stop you. But make sure that you don’t spend 24 hours blogging because if you are doing that, well, no wonder someone’s stopping you already.

3. Blog when you receive criticisms.

Be an events photographer

You really cannot avoid criticisms. There are people who were born to criticize. But you are born to take their criticism positively. So, instead of being discouraged, do better. Get to know How to Deal with Design Criticisms Positively.

4. Blog on when you are most comfortable.

Specialize on one field

We have talked about night owls and morning birds before. So, wherever you are comfortable, whether you are a night owl or a morning bird, the important thing is that you will be able to work well and you will be more productive, too. Work whenever you feel you can give better outputs.

5. Blog while eating your favorite snacks.

Blog while eating your favorite snacks

Maybe many bloggers have done this because the truth is, it would really be fun and inspiring to mix up two things you love to do- eating and blogging! But oh, be careful not to eat too much because you might end up getting fat.

6. Blog while on travel.

Blog while on travel

When you are on a trip, try blogging too. May it be a mere vacation for relaxation or a business trip, just blog whenever you have the time to. You can notice that you can share something new on a different light.

7. Blog on holidays.

Blog on holidays

Holidays are fun and you might also be busy with many offline activities. But for sure, you will be able to have a little time to blog. During holidays people are mostly at home and will have some time to browse on interesting stuffs on the net. They might get to your blog. So, why not share something?

8. Blog when you have accomplished something.

Blog when you have accomplished something

If you are totally happy about something you have accomplished or achieved or acquired, write a blog post. When you are in high spirits, you can come up with great results because your happy tone will be reflected in your write-up.

It’s Your Turn Now

Quite simple right? Actually, it can be both a simple task and a challenge depending on how you do it and depending on how you approach it. The tips we have given you can be valuable if you have that willingness and determination to really improve as a blogger and excel in your niche through your blog. Was this post helpful? If you are into blogging, what steps do you do in order to improve your blog? Share to us your thoughts on this.

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


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