Improvement is one thing that everyone would like to have. All of us want to be better in every field we are in so that we can offer more to our clients and to other people. We always want to see growth and development not just in our works but also as a person. We might be oblivious of the fact that the things we do could actually make us better individuals and as it does, we have to do better as time goes by.

As a graphic designer, it is important to seek for improvement. This will not only impress your client and bring in more clients but this will also add more self-confidence for you. Always remember that famous graphic designers started at the point where you are at now. But they managed to get to the top because they kept on improving and they never cease to look for ways to be better designers. There should be willingness and eagerness in you to always aim for more even if you think you are already contented with what you have and what you can show. But, if you eye for improvement, you will be amazed with the results. In this post, we will share to you some tips to help you improve as a graphic designer:

1. Make your own projects.

Make your own projects
Image: Passive Income

Even if you do not have projects from clients, make some. This will help you sharpen your skills and express your creativity. Also, you can use this as work samples if ever your client would like to see one. You can create fake brands and fake companies, then use them in making, logos, posters, brochures, websites, stationeries and others. Do this every time you do not have a project to work on. Remember that practice makes perfect. So, keep on doing what you usually do.

2. Improve your previous designs and other’s designs.

Improve your previous designs and other’s designs
Image: seeveeaar

Also, aside from making your own projects, you may improve your old designs. For sure you still have it archived in your hard drive or in a CD or DVD. You may check them once in a while and add some touches that will make it unique. You can also work on other people’s design by re-working on it, thus having a totally different output. This will also sharpen your skills. You could have some additions to your portfolio, too.

3. Collect designs for inspiration.

Collect designs for inspiration
Image: Kasaa

For sure, there are times when you browse for different designs in the internet or in magazines or you may find something that looks good and you would like to keep it. Make a collection of different designs where you can get ideas from when you feel like you run out of creativity juices. But look at your “inspiration collection” from time to time ‘coz it helps to boost your eagerness and willingness to work. It will surely keep that “designer engine” running.

4. Make your own blog and read other’s blogs.

Make your own blog and read other’s blog
Image: Eduard Titov

Blogging is good for it helps you express yourself and sharpen another skill which is writing. You’ll never know, some of your write-ups might help others same way as other’s blogs are helping you. You can actually get so much information and inspiration in reading blogs. Try to search for designers blogs in the internet and you can enjoy reading them during break time and leisure time.

5. Connect with other designers and learn from them.

Connect with other designers
Image: photostock

Get to know other designers who had more experiences than you and those who are still starting like you. You can ask for advices from those who had been in the field longer and you can share new ideas with those who are still neophytes. You can have lots of friends through this whom you can ask for professional advices when you need one.

6. Be active in online design communities.

active in online design communities
Image: Eduard Titov

There are lots of online design communities that you could join. This is a must for designers for it keeps you updated all the time and you could request for feedbacks and critiques from other designers around the globe. These designers can help you improve your work through their inputs for your designs which you could apply not just for one project but for other projects, too.

7. Take pictures.

Take pictures
Image: Eduard Titov

In collecting designs for inspiration, you take pictures of those designs which you cannot bring home with you. Also, this could sharpen your photography skills which is also needed for a designer. You may take pictures of paintings, buildings, or just anything that interests you and gives you an idea to work on something differently. If you scan your pictures, for sure, there will be tons of new designs that will come to your mind.

8. Attend seminars and conventions.

Attend seminars and conventions
Image: lsirtosky

You will get new design ideas and knowledge if you attend seminars and conventions on designs. Aside from learning, you also meet new people whom you can add to your network and you’ll also add another certificate to your portfolio.

9. Have a design book collection.

design book collection
Image: xXxMmMxXx

Aside from collecting designs, collect books on design, too. There are book sales in some places where in you can buy informative and cheap books. These could either be educational, inspirational or technical books. You will find them helpful.

10. Enrol in design classes.

Enrol in design classes
Image: Eduard Titov

There are colleges who accept enrolees even if they do not get all the subjects for a semester. You can try this so that you can learn new things. As time goes by, there are some teachings in design that improves with time. If you study, you will not be left behind. Rather, this could be your edge from other designers.

11. Learn new things.

Learn new things
Image: Shelby_MB_Photography

Being a designer doesn’t mean that you will focus in designing all the time. Try to discover new things and talents by exploring. You’ll never know, you could be a good guitarists or dancer or whatever. Do not box yourself in just one genre. Look deeper into yourself and you’ll be glad to know that there are other things that you can do well at. This will help boost your confidence.

12. Do some sketching.

Do some sketching
Image: jonkeegan

Sketching is a basic thing in design. Try to work on a design by sketching first. Sometimes, you will need to do some sketching to show some designs to a client. You still have to be good at it so that you can present something well. Some designers even sketch their designs before doing it in the computer just to make sure they’ll not forget the idea.

13. Travel.

Image: jschellenberg

Travelling may inspire you since you have seen lots of new things and you have relaxed a lot, too. You will witness different cultures and get to see various artworks that will give you new ideas to work on. This will help you improve your work a lot.

As you can see, it is not really hard to improve your design skills. All you need is the willingness, the effort and the time to do these things. Bear in mind that it is you who will greatly benefit from this improvement. So, give your best and be the best graphic designer!

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


  1. As a web designer most important skill that you must have is inspiration, and the coolest thing about inspiration is that you find it in every little thing around you.

  2. Thanks for this inspirational tips, its totally a big help for to improve my ability in this field.

    1. i’m also in this field. i Little bit understood these topic so plz help me i hop you are able to help me;

  3. agreed! this site is one of the best tips maker 😛 helps a lot for a beginner like me and always glance up for the next tips will be post ..

  4. These steps greatly detailed the process of improving web design! Thanks so much for all the tips!

  5. Well, that’s how life goes. We need to follow rules in a way that we will be satisfied and happy.
    Share what we have in good faith. God Bless!

  6. #3 is one of my favorites.

    I keep a folder with on-paper designs that I can look at from time to time.

    These include a variety of things including ads from magazines and labels from things like soup cans and flower seeds.

  7. These are all correct. We may not be able to do all of them always, but even couple of them once in a while will be good.

  8. thanks for give the five steps.i like it, i shall do exactly, since i know, it is tips from a successful fellow, who will help me succeed in my design quest.

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