It is important for designers to be motivated and inspired in order to come up with ideas that can help them produce an exemplary design. We keep on going for the best examples of designs that can help you fill your inspiration tank and ignite some great ideas that you can apply for your own work.

For this post, we have gathered various dinosaur logo designs that offer plenty of ideas and techniques that you can apply for your own project. Scroll down and be sure to meticulously check them out below. Come, take a peek, and enjoy your browse!

LA State of Mind

This first feature displays a sports-related logo design that uses a triceratops head.
triceratops logo design


Here is a creative design that simply uses lines that depicts a dinosaur and a falling object (asteroid?) on the background.
line logo reptile


This dinosaur logo design presents various depths through the use of shadows and gradients.
dinosaur logo design


Sweetosaur utilizes a cute T-rex design depicting a sweet personality.
cute dinosaur design


This logo uses a cute character design of a purple dinosaur that can be good for branding.
character design dinosaur

Tiny Island

Tiny Island shows a beautiful logo design with a snail resting pretty on a dinosaur.
brachiosaurus design logos

Little Pterodactyl

Here is a design of a baby pterodactyl made cuter with a wide ‘puppy’ eye.
cute bird dinosaur


This logo uses a brachiosaurus with its leg conforming to the circle design.
detailed dinosaur logo

This logo is made for a food-ordering platform. Its design uses a dinosaur with a ready-to-eat expression.
hungry dino logos


This dental clinic logo combines a tooth and a head of a dinosaur as a negative space.
dental clinic logo


This logo uses a pixel-themed design of a dinosaur that fits well for a mobile gaming company.
pixelated logo design


This logo for a mountain bike shop plays with its name by showcasing a velociraptor holding a gear.
bike design logo


This logo has a triceratops’ head designed using a negative space technique.
triceratops negative space

Logo Idea

Here is a logo with a green motif that is made for a creative studio.
negative space logo


This one is in orange motif with a dinosaur in a funny display.
cafe dinosaur


Rapid And Pretty Things in R’s logo design has a funny look of a dinosaur that shows creativity.
funny logo design

Cutesaurus Rex

Here we have a black and white design of a badass T-rex holding a flower.
sticker t-rex logo


IndieRex’s logo utilizes a fierce T-rex in space!
dinosaur space design

Raptor II

This next logo has a fierce raptor design that delivers style and personality.
raptor fierce logo

Paleo Oil Company

This logo uses a dinosaur fossil design for an oil company that uses fossil fuel.
fossil oil logo


Here the logo has a mosasaurus – a dinosaur that lived in the waters.
Jurassic logo layout

Nimble Games

This is another logo designed for a gaming company. It has a cute dinosaur character design to show fun and playfulness.
cute dinosaur logos

Long Distance

This logo uses the significant length of the brachiosaurus to show the logo’s title.
brachiosaurus logo designs

Dino Saw

This design combines the body of a pterodactyl and a saw for its head.
pterodactyl saw logo

Kinosaurus Film

This film logo uses a dinosaur with its neck made of filmstrip.
film logo theme


This logo shows a dinosaur forming a letter D.
letter D logo

Sir Dapper Dino

This is one of the fanciest dinosaur created for a logo design you may ever see.
fancy dinosaur logos

Jurassic Wine

This logo has a brachiosaurus with a negative space in its feet that shapes like wine bottle.
wine negative spaces


Here is another example of a clever design that matches the title.
saw dinosaur green


Nutrisaurus uses various nutritious foods put together to form the shape of dinosaur.
food logo theme

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