Growing-up, we each have our idols and super heroes that we look up to and try to imitate. From the make-believe costumes to the scripted fight scenes, we enjoy copying their movements, expressions and the way they dress. One of these characters that most young boys (and some littel girls) enjoy imitating the most are the Ninjas. A ninja or shinobi is a covert agent or mercenary of feudal Japan specializing in unorthodox arts of war. They are often associated with espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and assassination, as well as open combat in certain situations. With their sleek and powerful movements, it’s no wonder that many idolizes them.

This Powerful Ninja Artwork Collection showcases some cool ninja creation from some inspired artists in the web. See how the images are portrayed in this great compilation. Enjoy!!!

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By: lun2004

Ninja 2

ninja 2
By: hgjart

Ninja 1

ninja 1
By: hgjart

MtG Online- Higure

MtG Online- Higure
By: UdonCrew

Katsuya the Photo-Ninja

Katsuya the Photo-Ninja
By: reiq

Running Ninja

running ninja
By: barontieri

Monkey Ninja of Doom

monkey ninja of doom
By: Loam

Ninja Afro Samurai

ninja ninja afro samurai
By: digitalninja

Shadow Wolf

Shadow Wolf
By: shanku

Female Ninja

Female Ninja
By: darkness127

CC05 Ninja

cc05 ninja
By: ichitakaseto


By: HangboyArt

Ninja at Night

last ninja
By: anjinanhut

Ninja Suit Final

Ninja Suit final
By: skazi222

Cyborg Ninja

Cyborg Ninja
By: mohzart

Ninja Gaiden

ninja gaiden
By: Nemo93

Cowboy Ninja

cowboy ninja
By: darkeyez07

Two Ninja

two ninja
By: Pechan

HOKUKAGE-NTS character concept

HOKUKAGE-NTS character concept


By: cereal199

MK. Ninja

MK. Ninja
By: ScorpionBlaze

Marvi Ocampo

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  1. Incredible collections of Ninja. The Ninja 2 looks like a mortal combat! 😛

  2. What a great CYBORG NINJA! It’s like the classical ninja costumes is transformed into a futuristic attire and gear. It’s technically cool and so cute!

  3. It’s wonderful! The newest version of Mortal Kombat characters!

  4. yeah! It’s cool and I how I wish I could print all this to put it in my scrap book!

  5. I noticed the shadow of the conceptualization of the character of HOKUKAGE-NTS. What’s the name of his weapon? I like the action picture of this artwork.

  6. Great collection! I would recommend this article to my brother he really loves Ninja since we’re in Sixth Grade! He will be so happy for this. Thanks!

  7. Ninja 1 is a sexy Ninja! She projects beautifully and stunningly! I like the background color and it complements the beauty of the lady Ninja!

  8. way back my childhood, ninjas were already a wonder! you guys just reminded me of my ninja days with my pen and pad! i used to draw them but not as incredible as these 😀 lol

  9. Hey! I tried to draw Ninja Afro Samurai just two weeks ago! oh well. i will try to draw it again the best that i can so it’d be as super cool as what you have here

  10. Hey Agatha! our brothers could be friends lol since they both would be thrilled to see this post

  11. When art talks about action, it has to convey what it wants to do.. these are cool ones! thank you for the share!

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