Creating art is done by using different mediums. Each work even has varying outputs depending on the medium he uses. But ocassionaly, even the medium itself is given certain alterations to create artworks that have stories and meanings of its own increasing its value apart from the time, effort and talent the artist pour into it. Talking about alterating the medium, we will feature an artist that use pencils and crayons not in making art but as the art itself.

You’d be surprised to see that the narrow lead of a graphite pencil and colorful crayons could bear detailed sculptures of animals, people and others. Diem Chau’s delicate sculptures are really impressive for it reflects how meticilous it is to carve all the details on a thin pencil and elusive crayons. She is a native of Vietnam whose family came to America as refugees in 1986 where she then finised a BFA from the COrnish COllege of Arts. Her works have gained recognition through different awards and are even exhibited in New York, Miami, Seattle and Los Angeles. We were given this oppurtunity to showcase to you her recent works. So, don’t forget to scroll down this page to see her amazing creations!

Alphabet Crayons
Animal alphabet crayon sculptures showing the letters A-F and their representations Armadillo, Boy, Cat, Dove, Elephant, and Frog.

Alphabet Crayons
Beautifully done crayon sculptures for letters G-L showing a Girl, Handstand, Iguana, Jellyfish, Koala, and, Ladybug.

Alphabet Crayons
Letters M-S represents Manatee, Nautilus, Owl, Penguin, Quail, Rabbit and Seahorse on a skillfully done series.

Alphabet Crayons
We love how the zebra is done for Z! The letters from T- Z shows a Tiger, Urchin, Viper, Wolf, Xiphosura (Horseshoecrab), Yoga and Zebra.

Currency Crayons
These are colorful currencies carved on crayons.

Alphabet Crayons
Another AAlphabet series but this one features Northwest Natives. Seen here are letters A-G for Aquilegia (Columbine), Bald Eagle, Cougar, Dogwood, Elk, Fox and Grizzly Bear.

Alphabet Crayons
For the letters H-M are Heron, Iris, Juniper, Killer Whale, Lynx and Mountain Goat

Alphabet Crayons
The Northern Spotted Owl, Otter, Painted Turtle, Quinault Tribe, Rhododendron, Salmon and Timberwolf represented letters N-T for the Northwest Natives Alphabet.

Alphabet Crayons
The last group are letters U-Z for Urchin, Viola, Wolf Eel, Xanthogrammica (Giant Green Anemone), Yuma myotis (Vesper Bat) and Zapus princeps (Western Jumping Mouse).

Storytelling Crayons
Storytelling would no doubt be exciting and fun with these crayon scupltures of the characters.

Boys and girls on crayon and graphite pencils. You can see that even to the smallest lead, Diem can still put in all the details.

Bird Elephant Pencil
A bird and an elephant on pencil. Look closer at the bird and you will see that she has something in her beak.

Elephant Pencil
A closer look at the elephant shown about. Isn’t this a huge work of art?

Sail Pencil
Aside from the sail, you can also see the waves sculptured below it.

Orca Pencil
An orca on graphite pencil looking itsy bitsy but a total stunner becuause of how well crafted it is.

Graphite Pencil Sculptures
Shown here are the different graphite pencil sculptures of Diem Chau. Can you identify what these are?

We couldn’t just imagine how Diem Chau made all these sculptures. Merely sharpening a pencil might even be hard for some, how much more of sculpting detailed works on it! If you loved her work, you can read more about it on her blog where she shares stories behind every artwork.

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.