There are just some people who are gifted with awe-striking talents. And CJ Hendry is one of those lucky people. In fact, we have previously featured Hendry’s past artworks here in NaldzGraphics. But today she has another project series that will be a delight to your artistic side.

Enitled “50 foods in 50 days”, this series includes drawings of different foods in detailed Hermes plates that were made only with bare hands and a couple pens. As the title suggests, she creates one illustration per day for 50 days. Scroll down and check these meticulous artworks that will amaze your eyes and make your stomach rumble. Come, take a peek, and enjoy!

Croissant on Hermes
croissant food Hendry

Bananas on Hermes
banana Hendry 50foods

Macarons on Hermes
macarons 50foods illustration

Baguette on Hermes
baguette cj Hendry foods

Blackberries on Hermes
blackberry Hendry illustration

Quail Eggs on Hermes
quail egg hendry

Cherries on Hermes
cherries Hendry 50foodsin50days

Octopus on Hermes
octopus illustration hendry

Wallnuts on Hermes
wallnuts Hendry illustrations

Pepperoni Pizza on Hermes
pizza Hendry foods

Spring Onions on Hermes
spring onions hendry

Avocado on Hermes
avocado Hendry 50foods

Carrots on Hermes
carrots foods hendry

Mud crab on Hermes
crab Hendry artworks

Lollypop on Hermes
lollypop Hendry drawing

Bagel on Hermes
bagel Hendry artwork

Pineapple on Hermes
pineapple Hendry drawings

M&M’s on Hermes
m&m foods hendry

Oysters on Hermes
oyster cj Hendry 50foods

Doritos on Hermes
doritos foods hendry

Coral trout on Hermes
fish foods hendry

What is your say in CJ Hendry’s artistic works? You can share what you think on his works by leaving your comment below.

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