Graphic designers are creative people who play vital roles in one’s business. It starts with creating a logo design and you will never know where the design work will stop. Creative thinking is important for every designer to develop for it is the best way for them to achieve great outputs. It is an ability to innovate new things with the willingness to play with ideas and possibilities.

But there are times when some designers find it hard to think creatively due to some things that blocks creative thinking. There are certain mental blocks for creative thinking that one needs to overcome. So, to help you overcome it and to help you retain your creative thinking skills, here are some helpful tips for you.

1. Have free time.

Have free time

You would not be able to give yourself time for creative thinking if you will be focused in working all the time. Have some free time to think, to enjoy, to have fun, and to do other things aside from work. Your free time is the best time to discover new things.

2. Try things without setting a goal.

Try things without setting a goal

You are surely used in setting a goal in everything that you do. Try doing it in a different manner now. Do something and do not set a goal. This will stir creative thinking in you for you will just be doing anything in your designs and you will even learn new things in the process.

3. Make mistakes.

Make mistakes

Having some mistakes while creating your designs isn’t bad all the time. It can actually help you so much. In making mistakes, you learn something. It will also encourage you to think on what needs to be done to fix your mistake. This way, you will go beyond what you already know and cultivate creative thinking.

4. Expand your consciousness.

Expand your consciousness

Do not just be contented with what you know now. Do not close your mind from other’s opinion and for new information to come. It is important for you to expand your consciousness which means that you are also expanding your comprehension on different circumstances. This way, you are allowing lots of new things to come to you.

5. Do some research.

Do some research

Research to find something that no one has discovered yet. This leads to innovation. You might also find some designs or artworks that will inspire you to think of something coined from that concept. This might even make you well-known for creating a new trend in art and designing. Do not be impatient in researching and do not be afraid to over think.

6. Try doing what is uncertain.

Try doing what is uncertain

Do not limit yourself in doing things which you already know. For sure, there are some design techniques you have used so many times and you certainly know how it would come out. Why don’t you try other techniques? Do not be afraid to try even if you do not know how it would come out.

7. Don’t depend too much in technology.

Don’t depend too much in technology

Avoid spending so much time in the computer. You have so many things to discover outside the television, your iPad, your computer and other things. Try to spend time with nature and with the people you love. This way, you will not just be focused on things you see in the screen but you will have a better grasp of reality.

8. Have fun and be fun.

Have fun and be fun

Do not be too serious. Have fun and be humorous at times. Nothing is wrong with being humorous. It doesn’t mean that just because you would like to be professional, you won’t learn how to smile anymore. Having fun and being happy is a good way to stir up creative thinking.

9. Follow your own creative path.

Follow your own creative path

Each one of us has our own creative path. Just go with the flow. Do not be afraid to do that. Just be yourself. Enjoy doing what you want to do. If you feel like doing some painting, then do that. Do not hesitate to resort in different forms of art when you feel like doing it.

10. Do not be pessimistic.

Do not be pessimistic

You wouldn’t get any advantages in being pessimistic. You will just convince yourself with negative things if you do this. You will also limit yourself with what you think. Hence, you need to do away with being a negative thinker because it would hinder possible things to happen. Allow not just the possible things to occur but also those which you think are impossible but are actually possible.

11. Have a good atmosphere.

Have a good atmosphere

A good environment contributes a lot in awakening that creative thinking in you. This will give you inspiration to make things happen. This will inspire you and motivate you to do some artistic works for it will give you a good mood. A good ambience will also result into a great output and the birth of new ideas.

12. Know your creative challenge.

Know your creative challenge

There is also what we call a creative challenge. You will be able to achieve effective thinking if you have determined your creative challenge. Try to know what is that one thing that you would like to achieve. This will lead you to the right path and would direct your thoughts and acts toward a goal. Knowing your challenge will also help you determine what you need to do and what materials you need to acquire.

13. Keep rejected designs.

Keep rejected designs

If you are doing a design, for sure you already know which path to take. You may have considered this as a perfect path to work on. But, despite that, you need to come up with alternatives. Keep your old designs for if they are not feasible at that moment, they would be for other designs. Keep your sketches, too. This will help you generate new ideas.

14. Keep a notebook.

Keep a notebook

Most designers and writers keep a notebook with them so that they can immediately scribble anything that they can think of. There are some instances that great ideas suddenly come to your mind. A time like this does not come all the time. Write down these things so you don’t forget it.

15. Know how to listen to other’s opinions.

Know how to listen to other’s opinions

You are not Mister Know-It-All. There are some things that you need to learn from others. Listen to what they say because it can help you develop creative thinking. Remember that creativity is not inborn. You can learn it from the environment, from the people around you and even from clients.

It’s Your Turn Now

Do you have other creative thinking tips to share that may help other graphic designers? There might be other things that you have thought of or you have tried doing. Feel free to let us know what you think. We would be glad to hear from you.

Ebrian Acebedo

About the author: A Licensed Medical Practitioner who apparently likes web design and business.