Some clients can really cause problems for you and for a business transaction. It could be because of their character or maybe due to other reasons but whatever that is, there are really instances that a certain client can really cause stress to you. You cannot do away with this since you will be able to meet people of different traits while you are working as a designer. But you can handle it. Anyone can control anger when he wants to and when he tries to.

Getting mad on a certain situation like dealing with bad clients is natural for a human being. But not everyone is able to control their anger. It takes determination and discipline in order to calm down and refuse the urge of shouting or doing anything that could get you in trouble. Hence, we will be giving you tips on how you can control your anger especially when you have a problem client. Read on and learn how you can stay cool despite getting mad without offending your clients.

1. Be aware of your anger warning signs.

Deal well with interruptions

Anger is a normal physical response. That is why our body can help you determine if you are already getting mad. Some feels like there is a knot in their stomach, feels flushed, breathes faster, clenches their hands, and sometimes feels like having a headache. Others walk around and tend to lose focus with what they are doing. There are different anger warning signs for every individual. Try to know what’s yours.

2. Cool down.

Cool down

If you feel that you are getting mad, try to cool down. You can stop what you are doing and leave the place where you feel bad at. Take a break from anything that makes feel angry. When you move away from what is upsetting you can make it a lot easier for you to cool down. You can also do other things that could make you feel better.

3. Take a deep breath.

Take a deep breath

If you are in a situation where you feel so mad, take a deep breath. It gives a calming effect to you. If you can feel your heart hammering with much anger, control your breath so you can slow it down. Hold your breath for awhile as you inhale or you can count 1-2-3 and then exhale. Focus on your counting and forget about your anger. This would cool you down.

4. Do positive self talk.

Do positive self talk

It would also be helpful if you talk to yourself when you are mad. Convince yourself that doing or saying something rude would affect a lot of things. It can ruin relationships, leave a bad stain on your reputation and it can also make matters worse. Make it a habit to do positive self talk in order to calm down. This can really be helpful.

5. Go to your happy place.

Go to your happy place

When you feel mad, leave that place where you felt bad. Go to a place where you can relax and calm down. If you are in an office, you can go outside for a little while. If you are at home, you can go to your bedroom. Excuse yourself for a while so that you will not storm towards your problem client. If you still feel mad after your talk with the client, you can relax first so that you can compose yourself again.

6. Tell a good friend.

Tell a good friend

Expressing yourself can also be a big help. Tell a wise friend about how you feel. A wise friend can give you advices on what you can do. He can also help you see the situation on a better perspective because when you are mad, you tend to look at one side of the situation only. Be careful in choosing that person whom you will confess your emotions so that you can get the right advice.

7. Asses the reason why you got mad.

Asses the reason why you got mad

Doing this can also help you control your anger especially if you will realize that your reason of getting mad is no good at all. You will also be able to realize that you do not need to get mad of the situation. Sometimes, getting mad is also just a way to cover up other feelings like embarrassment, hurt, vulnerability and others.

8. Think long term.

Think long term

Feeling mad could also make one focus only at the current situation. You might be able to shout at your client and offend them through your words. Of course, you do not want that to happen because no matter how a client is acting, we should still respect them as individuals. So, when you are mad, think of what your actions will result into. If you think it won’t do you any good, then control your anger and remain professional.

9. Don’t speak when you are mad.

Don’t speak when you are mad

One good way to control anger is to keep silent. Talk to yourself until you calm down before you start saying something. The tendency is you will be able to say words that are hurting and offending. It can also destroy the relationship between you and your client. Think before you speak. Remember that you are doing business.

10. Do something you love.

Do something you love

If you still feel mad after an encounter or after a certain situation that boils your temper, then do something that can make you feel better. You can go shopping, cook, watch a movie, read a book, drink coffee, or do anything that can calm you down. This is for prolonged anger. One really cannot do away with that especially if the situation has really affected you and your business.

It’s Your Turn Now

Controlling your anger is important. It can give many good benefits for you, your business and even for the people around it. Even if you are dealing with a bad client, you have to make sure that you will practice self-control. In order to do away with bad clients, you can take a look at our post on How to Avoid Working with Bad Clients. You can also be like a watch dog to smell problem clients while they are still on their way to you. Doing this can save you from getting mad. Have you experienced getting mad with a client? How did you handle the situation?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


  1. thanks kareen nice tips!!! to control anger himself when i am anger that time i will do those things which i like thanks for giving more ideas

    1. Your welcome Rahul 🙂 Its important to control anger especially when dealing with clients. Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. I think we have some of these tips in our minds, but thanks to facilitate us a great way to do it!
    Have a nive week!

    1. Your right Paola. These points are actually in our minds but we sometimes fail to recognize them especially if we are on extreme emotions like getting so mad. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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