Violet is considered to be one of the oldest colors in existence. Amazingly, there are findings of this color being used in prehistoric cave arts 25,000 years ago. Also at one point in history, violets were only exclusive for the wealthy and royal people. Although it is already available for everyone today, it still holds the reputation of being related to luxury and elegance.

If you want your business card to portray a luxurious and elegant feel, the using violet is one way to go. Today, we have found some business card designs that use violet theme to boost its appeal. Scroll down and check them all out below. Come, take a peek, and enjoy!

Pozitivní Domov (Positive Home)
violet business card design
A nice combination of violet and green brings some life to this business card.

Business Card
violet business cards
This a square business card that has a violet background with added texture.

Zoe Bijoux
zoe business cards
A clean and simple business card design with the logo and info in violet.

marketing violet business cards
Blue and violet are the two colors used for all Omegadisc marketing collateral.

Hor Nok Hook
violet business card
This design shows a full violet background with the logo in white and inverted at the back where the background is white with the violet logo and contacts.

Dots business cards
dots violet business card
This card has a violet color scheme with a bokeh effect.

Business Card
cool violet business card
A business card with some nice varnish spots.

Tom Wang
tom violet business card
The text was done in metallic silver ink and the camera logo and edge painting in a custom purple.

The University of Silesia’s Academic Jockery Club
violet club business card
Another cool example of a business card design with a violet color scheme.

Violet VI
violet flower business card
This white business card uses a printed beautiful violet-colored flower.

perfect violet business card
This violet business card design for salou hairdresser.

Jenny Wren
violet minimalist business card
The balance of purple shades was used to evoke the luxurious nature of the brand and the delicacy of the products on offer.

Lorenzo Imperato
graphic designer violet business card
This is another nice example of inverted colors on opposite sides of the card.

Laven Decor
luxury violet business card
This is a minimalistic design of a business card with violet scheme.

Double Diamond
violet black business card
A business card design incorporating diamond and triangles with violet colors.

AR Photo
violet business card
A clean white business card with the logo in violet.

Bridal Hair for Perfection
bridal violet business card
This business card design was made for a beauty brand.

efneo violet business card
This violet business card was made for a company of gearbox for bicycles.

Sample Violet Business Card
sample violet business card
A cool violet business card made in Illustrator.

Bare Bear minicards
bare bear violet business card
This business card added a background pattern of its logo and violet colors for the front and the information.

Business Card
beauty violet business card
The designer used a map of the location at the back with a violet theme at the front.

sweet violet business card

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  1. The designer used a map of the location at the back with a violet theme at the front. Really beautiful to see and helpful to . Thank you for idea really cool keep it up .

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