You’ll see Cakes in different occasions. In birthdays, weddings, graduations, christenings or even valentines day celebrations, a cake makes a difference. The celebrations become a lot more special. The sweetness indeed is there even when you’d always see one in other occasions.

What may make one cake different from the other? It’s the touch of Art. For today, we share with you a Collection of Really Tasty Cake Art to either inspire bakers to make their own cake designs or to move you to appreciate the beauty there is in art… Since there’s really no limitation in Art, feel free to check out these Cake Designs…

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Izumik Wedding Cake

Beautiful Cake Art
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Crazy Cake

Amazing Cake Art
Image: Cakedesigner57

Steampunk Cake

Inviting Cake Art
Image: ArtisanCakeCompany

Camera Cake

So! Pretty Cake Art
Image: RDPJ Cakes

Louis Vuitton Hand Bag Cake

Extra Sweet Cake Art
Image: dragonsanddaffodils

Alice in Wonderland Cake

Full Of Decoration Cake Art
Image: naera

Topsy Turvy Quinceanera Cake

Artistic Cake Art
Image: pinkcakebox

Nike Cake

Seasonal Cake Art
Image: Joel Lozano


Cute Cake Art
Image: ivegotitmemorized

Tool Box Cake

In Demand Cake Art
Image: verusca

Cake Rocks

Very Attractive Cake Art
Image: dragonsanddaffodils

Combined Graduation Cake

Mouth-watering Cake Art
Image: hildoom

Shabby Chic Wedding Cake

Homemade Cake Art
Image: verusca

Box of shoe Cake

Yummy Cake Art
Image: verusca

Topsy Turvy Baby Shower Cake

Simply Awesome Cake Art
Image: see-through-silence

25th Anniversary Hearts

Very Inspiring Cake Art
Image: h0p31355

Gucci Cake

Favorite Cake Art
Image: verusca

Snow Cake

Plenty of Icing Cake Art
Image: verusca

Hot Air Balloon Cake

So! lovely Cake Art
Image: verusca

Weird Wedding Cake

Simply the Best Cake Art


So! Tempting Cake Art
Image: EMILY

Scary Cake

Indulging Cake Art
Image: EMILY

Wedding Cake

Engaging Cake Art
Image: creativecakeart

Princess Cake

Deliciously Good Cake Art
Image: bunchofpants

Graduation Cake

Satisfying Cake Art
Image: CakeMyDay

Cowboys Football & Jersey Cake

Tasty Cake Art
Image: Crazy Cake Lady

Mr. Bump & Little Miss Giggles Cakes

Unique Cake Art
Image: SmallThingsIced

Invite Cake

Extra Ordinary Cake Art
Image: creativecakeart

Golden Years

Adorable Cake Art
Image: lockpickdsay

Dango Cake

Very Creative Cake Art
Image: danceljoy

Have you baked a cake recently? Or have you even tried to design it according to the event? There’s really no restrictions when you’d want to try out something new. That’s Art already. You get to learn more, you get to do better, isn’t it?

Jamae Corregidor

About the author: A teacher turned disc jockey turned online writer who has the love for teaching, music and the passion for writing since then.


  1. Wow! cool design.. for sure it takes time to make a perfect cake like those photos above..

  2. Wonder how do they make those cakes? so tough! for the bakers hand up for you, excellent!

  3. I think cakes like these fall into the category of design vs content. Not that they are gorgeous to look at, but no one stares at a cake forever. I’ve tried a lot of great cake designs but horribly failed in taste in texture. I don’t like fondant either, the horror on how these icing-like substances are made. Maybe that is why I prefer minimalism.

    Great round-up by the way.

  4. Gorgeous. There are some really amazing cake designers. I admire their ability. Thanks for sharing,

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