Our place consists a total of 70% of water around the world. It divides the lands and nations with its vast distance that made communication and travel dreadfully unattainable for a time. But as man’s ingenuity, desire to go the distance, and curiosity of the undiscovered lands grew, they have invented a way of transportation that pierced through the waves and horizon of the great sea. It was the time when the boat was created was many discoveries and opportunities were achieved where it was impossible before. Since the early times, boats were already used for trade and transportation of goods to different nations and have aided in early expeditions and voyages in finding new lands and cultures.

For our next post, we share to you an Inspiration booster: 30 Fastidious Boat Logo Designs. We have collected some of the most creative logo designs of boats that can help you sail to your vast imagination and maybe arrive at land of great ideas for your next project. Enjoy the compilation and let your imagination overcome your mind. Come, take a peek, and choose your pick.


Elegant boat logos design
This logo shows a shape of a boat in an elegant linings


Pizza boat logos design
A clever design of boat made of pizza

River Boats

Blue boat logos design
A clean blue logo design of a boat

Maritime Law

Scale boat logos design
This logo design consist of a scale with the two weights are boats

On the way

Watercolor boat logos design
A boat on sail with the sun on its background while colored in light colors


Pen book boat logos design
This logo design has a boat which also resembles a pen and the sea also resembles a book


Pencil boat logos design
a nice logo of a sailboat with its body is a pencil which is great for art companies


Cute pencil boat logos design
Here is another example of a pencil is cleverly combined to a sailboat

hawk ship

Hawk feather boat logos design
this logo design is a ship with its bow part is a head of a hawk and its main sail is a feather pen


Crown boat logos design
This logo has 3 boats which forms a letter “W” and can also be depicted as crown

Lonely Boat

Empty boat logos design
This logo shows an empty boat which portray loneliness

Downeast Boat Forum

Anchor forum boat logos design
A logo design of ships and anchors and is dedicated for boat forums

Tivat 2013 – III

Fishing boat logos design
A logo design of a man fishing in his boat


Tribal trekking boat logos design
A tribal logo design with a compass which is good for traveling and trekking


Blue yacht boat logos design
This logo design has a blue yacht figure which fits its name “aqua”


Snail boat logos design
A clever logo showing a combination of a snail and a sailboat

Plymouth Rockies 3

Sailboat boat logos design
A logo design of a nice big sailboat

Marina Nova

Blue big boat logos design
This logo design shows a blue sailboat with some of its parts faded


Painting boat logos design
This logo used painting style of a boat on a sea with birds


Retro vintage boat logos design
A logo design showing an old-school drawing of a boat in a purple stripe background


Puzzle boat logos design
this logo design has some catchy sail as it resembles a colorful puzzle

Ocean Storm

Swordfish fishing boat logos design
This logo has a nice concept of a boat and clearly signifies fishing industry

Legend Ark

Ark boat logos design
A logo with an image of a traditional ark

Tatuana Trading Company

Trading boat logos design
A beautiful logo design of a boat with its sail showing a face and is encircled with different colors

Jim Clancy, Marine Rep.

Marine boat logos design
A logo design suitable for marine industry


Nuts boat logos design
This logo has a cute design of a boat having fun components


Orange boat logos design
A logo design having nice boat image with an orange shade

High Calling Church

Church religion boat logos design
A logo design for Christian church religion

Adventure Cruises

Cruise boat logos design
A nice logo for cruise ship company

Little Voyag

Bowl boat logos design
A cute logo of three individuals in a bowl maybe having their adventure

Have something in mind related to web design and freelancing? Let us know and maybe we’ll feature it on our next post. All your comments and opinions are appreciated. Let us hear em up in the comment box. Thank you and see you again mate!

Ebrian Acebedo

About the author: A Licensed Medical Practitioner who apparently likes web design and business.


  1. Good designed and simply drawn except for the logo of pizza boat it’s attractive because of it’s color.

  2. I like your post but are this logo designs had been used to a company?

  3. The title of each logo design suit to the shown drawing.
    Who are the designers of this boat design?

  4. I really like the artsailer, because it matches in your work as a designer..

  5. Thanks for your article,it’s very inspirational.I hope I could sail in good ideas.

  6. Thank you Ebrian for sharing,you and the other designers of this fastidious boat design are really have a vast imagination.

  7. I like the way you design except for the color but some of them fit on their description..
    Nice try!!

  8. Boat is a big help to us as mean of transportation..We can travel across the sea because of this boat,it is just right to give importance for this thing like for being the model/inspiration in commetting success.

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