Business cards come in different shapes and styles. There is no limit as to how your business card should look like. While this is well and good, it can sometimes be overwhelming in deciding which design to go for with the vast options to choose from.

A great business card is the one that gives a positive impact to your customers. It should help them remember your shop and also help them decide to go for your services.

Today we have covered creative examples of business card designs for barbers and barbershops. Scroll down and check them all out below. Come, take a peek, and enjoy your browse!


This first feature of the list has a clean and straightforward design. Its information also includes social media profiles such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
clean barber business card

Barba Bird

Barba Bird also uses a classic white business card design with nothing but the logo on one side and its contact information on the other.
white business card

Barber Shop

This business card’s frame is designed with blue and red stripes that are commonly associated to barber shops.
barbers business card

Barber & Cosmetics

This next design has a black background and vintage-style font and elements.
black vintage design

Barber King

Yellow and black are combined in the design with the logo placed in a visible manner.
black yellow card

Comb Card

Here is a creative design that is fit for barbers and stylist. It looks like a comb with the name on top.
comb hairstylist card

Towne Barbers

This business card has modern design with great layout that displays the logo, address, contact information, and store hours.
black card barber

Traditional Barber

This one has a vintage theme design and a hipster-style logo.
hipster business card

Barber’s Business Card Concept

The design in this card has a creative twist. When the card is pulled from its jacket, it creates an optical illusion where the scissor seems to be moving.
creative barbers business card

Barber Shop

This card also uses the blue & red stripes with fading effect. It has a brown background and an all-caps font for great readability.
modern barber identity


Here you have a card with a white background on one side and a black background on the other. It is designed with creative illustrations that make it more interesting to see.
hipster business cards


Cutthroat has a clean and minimalistic business card design that showcases an elegant look.
classic business card design

The Barber Shop Club

This card has a stylish and minimal look with gold and black stripes. If you look closely, the gold parts are in gradient range that makes it have a shine effect.
branding style barbers

VIntage Style Barber

Here you can see a glossy shine and how it makes a classy look on the card. At the back, you can also see the blue-red stripes.
gloss barber cards

James Hicks

James Hicks’s branding includes this stylish hipster business card.
hipster barber identity

Gentleman’s Barber

This business card has a barber stripes for its frame and includes an appointment section.
barber stripes designs


Here we have a classic design that combines dark background and vintage style.
black vintage style


This business card is for a barbershop in Long Island, New York. It displays the address, contact no. and store hours.
barber shop branding

Special For Men

Special For Men is a local male grooming lounge that has a business card design with black background and gold-themed graphics.
men grooming lounge

Retro Barber Shop

This one is a business card template in PSD format. Its design emanates a retro feel and effectively displays every element.
retro business card


This business card design uses various color combinations. Its logo color jives well to the card’s background color.
branding identity designs

Barber Card

Here you have a handwritten style combined with a grunge and vintage feel.
grunge vintage style


This card has a clean and classic look that uses black and white contrast to do the trick.
black white cards

Moe Jano Barber

Moe Jano’s card has a black background with lines in bronze hot foil.
metallic print card

Rico Fruster

Rico Fruster’s business card also utilizes a vintage look in a full image background.
vintage style cards

Albert’s Barbershop

This barbershop’s business card has a beautiful blue-themed design with a classy logo and textured paper.
blue barbershop card

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