One of the key factors that will determine a website’s success is its UI/UX quality. Designing a friendly user-interface can make the browsing experience of visitors convenient or even enjoyable. Hence, UI design can directly affect how visitors will feel about the website and whether or not they will come back.

Flash messages are useful tools in making a good UI design. They can help lessen confusions and offer immediate feedback to actions.

Below we have examples of flash message designs that were made with various styles and shapes. Scroll down and explore various details that were used by talented designers in creating their design. Come, take a peek, and enjoy!

Flash Message

winner flash message


UI flash message

Flash Message

transparent message box

Flash Messages

connection message box

Daily UI #011

basketball message design

Flash Message

donut error success message

Flash Message

error message design

Flash Message

minimal message box design

011 – Flash Message

gradient design success

Flash Message

illustration ui messages


error flash message

Flash Message

mascot message box

DailyUI Challenge 011

airplane outline design

Daily UI 011

flat design message

Flash Message

flat rocket design

Flash Message

traffic lights minimal

Daily UI Flash Message

pastel color box

Flash Message

success fail message

Flash Message

gaming flash messages

Weak Draft

realistic message box

Flash Message

glowing message box

Daily UI Challenge 011

minimal outline design

Asking Permissions

notification message design

Error Page

ufo minimal designs

Day10 Flash Message

ultra minimal messages

Flash Message + Free PSD

thumbs up down

Daily UI #11

minimal notification design

Day 011

UI web design


error notification designs

Flash Messages

success message box

Flash Message

monkey mascot box

011 Flash Message

gradient transparent style


gif success error

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