Little children are usually given rewards when they do something good. They’ll be in all smiles when they get a special toy or even a simple chocolate. Well, kids are happy when their efforts are recognized and when they are being rewarded of what they did. Grown-ups may not aim to get chocolates anymore but they do deserve rewards when work is accomplished. As a freelancer, it would be advantageous if you set rewards for yourself.

Like little kids, you will also feel happy once you get a reward after completing some tasks. Choose a reward that can surely motivate you and do not cheat! If you fail for a task, do not get the reward or do not grab it when you are not yet done. There are other benefits you can get by setting rewards for yourself. Look into the points we have below:

1. Become more motivated.

Become more motivated

Setting a reward would make you more motivated to work. You will be obliged to do some action immediately towards your goal. This will not only make work faster but it can also create better outputs. A motivated person tends to have a better mood while working and can come up with better ideas to achieve a more impressive output.

2. You can be on the right track.

You can be on the right track

Distractions can be all around you. You could be distracted with mere phone calls, kids around the house, frequent breaks and many others. You might easily give in to these especially if you are not really focused on what you are working. But setting a reward in the end of the project can keep you on the right track. You will think that if you give in to distractions instead of blocking them, you will not be able to get the reward you have at the end.

3. Become more focused on work.

Become more focused on work

Another good advantage of setting a reward is you will be more focused with your work. Since you have already blocked distractions, you will surely be able to concentrate more. This can be very helpful for the success of the project. You will be able to look into every detail of it for fear of failure. Of course, you do not want to repeat it since it will only mean that you will delay your acquisition of your reward.

4. You work doubly hard.

You work doubly hard

You become more productive when you see something you really desire as a reward. Instead of wasting time, you work doubly hard while making sure that your work is of good quality. You do that in order to get the reward at once. While working hard and accomplishing more, you also have to see to it that you are doing it all rightly.

5. You can avoid procrastination.

You can avoid procrastination

When you are working, procrastination can be your number one enemy. But you can win the battle in so many ways. Learn How to Stop Procrastinating is an article that can tell you how to win the battle against procrastination. But one good way of shooing away procrastination is by setting a reward. You will be obliged to work instead of merely procrastinating.

6. You can discipline yourself.

You can discipline yourself

Self-discipline is vital in order to finish a task. Without this, you will not be able to concentrate on what you are doing. You might end up watching a movie on your computer or play some online games. But with a reward, you will do away with those disturbances and you would discipline yourself to work, work and finish work.

7. Forced to stick with schedule.

Forced to stick with schedule

A schedule is sometimes merely a piece of paper posted on your working area and is left unnoticed. Sometimes, people really try to discipline themselves with time management by using huge calendars in their work area and some post-its for work reminders but still fail. Well, setting a reward can be a lot helpful. You will really be forced to follow the schedule which you have crafted. Or else, you would need to say goodbye to your most desired reward.

8. You can finish on time.

You can finish on time

Since you have followed your schedule, you can finish on time. You will be able to deliver the project to your client even before the deadline. It is actually important to give it earlier so you can still have time to fix some corrections and minor revisions. You will hit the deadline since you have worked harder and you have disciplined yourself towards your work.

9. You can earn more.

You can earn more

You would really be able to have more earnings since you can finish more projects on time with good quality. This can pave the way to acquiring more clients and you can be more successful with your freelance design career. All that would be attained merely by setting a reward for yourself.

10. You feel happy.

You feel happy

Who wouldn’t be? Even little kids when given a reward after doing a good deed feel so glad after getting candies or chocolates or toys. Well, as for you, you wouldn’t be eyeing for merely sweet stuffs but you could look at a new gadget as a reward or just anything you desire. You will certainly feel happy since you have accomplished something, finished your projects and of course get a reward. That’s doubly rewarding for you.

It’s Your Turn Now

No doubt, setting a reward could indeed be doubly rewarding. You will be able to impress the client by finishing on time with a good output. You will also feel so happy to get the reward you have set for yourself. And remember, do not cheat. Do not get your reward if you failed with your task so it can still serve its purpose of motivating you. Have you tried setting rewards for your work? Did you find it beneficial to achieve your goals?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


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  4. so how do we set rewards that will make us feel incentivized?

    1. Hi Jarod, setting a reward that you really like to get will make you feel incentivized. That is why choosing the type of reward is important for it will drive you to work better and be more focused with your tasks. Getting the reward after all your hard work is a good incentive especially if the reward is something you perfectly desired for a long time. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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