Working at home is a lot comfortable and convenient for anyone. Aside from the numerous advantages you can get in freelancing, you will be able to benefit from it more if you are successful in handling your job at home. At first, it will indeed be a challenge in your part on how you can get to work while the kids are around. You might be even distracted from other things at home. You might also be hooked in doing some chores without knowing that you have spent most of your time for it. Well, you need to do some changes to that. If not, there is a great chance for your freelancing job to go down.

First, you need to know the advantages of setting boundaries at home while freelancing. This can motivate you to discipline yourself and take some steps to have a better freelancing approach. You also need to know this for you to determine the kind of boundaries you need to have. So, take a look at what we have below:

1. You can focus on your work.

You can focus on your work

One of the important reasons why you need to set boundaries while working at home is to let you focus on your work. You really need focus in order to make sure that your work is done well and you are able to apply all the design specifications that your client wants to be seen in the design. Focusing can also help you achieve an impressive output for you can come up with a well-thought design project.

2. You can do away from distraction.

You can do away from distraction
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Being distracted while working is one reason why some errors and mistakes are being seen. So, being away from distractions can surely help you to make sure that your work is done free from mistakes. Clients would not want to see works with lots of mistakes. It would also be a waste of time in your part for you will need to work on the project again with much revisions. Hence, make sure that you are away from distractions like children playing, noisy people chattering and others. Your workplace should be located in an area away from this.

3. You can find inspiration.

You can find inspiration
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When you are working at home, see to it that you are always inspired while working. You can get inspiration in various sources. You can even get it from the people and things around you. But you also have to set a boundary between the different kinds of inspirations that you can see at home for some might mislead you. You might be able to apply some aspects which the client doesn’t want to have and you were able to include it because of your found inspiration.

4. You can separate work from personal aspects.

You can separate work from personal aspects
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It is very important for you to learn how to separate work and your personal aspect. This way, even if you are troubled with something, you can still get to work. Do not be dwelling on a personal problem too much for it can affect your work and might even sacrifice its quality. You will have more problems if that happens because clients might not trust you anymore seeing that your work quality went down. So, learn to separate work from your personal life. This can be challenging especially if you just work from home but it is also important. You can set a time for work at home so that you can find it easier to determine which time is for work and which one is for your personal life.

5. You can follow your schedule.

You can follow your schedule
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When you set boundaries, you are given the opportunity to follow what you have scheduled in your timeline. It is always valuable to have a to-do-list for it can guide you on the things you need to do and would also help you not to entertain things that are not in the list. When you are at home, lots of things will just come up. So, have a list so that those that are not there will not be inserted especially when they are not important. When you make a schedule, see to it that those things for your personal time will included there, too.

6. You can finish work on time.

You can finish work on time
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Since you have separated work from your personal aspect, you can focus on what you’re doing, follow a timeline and finish your work on time. Being able to finish your work on time is very important for the client always have a deadline for the project. You need to finish the project before the deadline because there might still be revisions to do. At least, you will still have ample time to do the revisions.You should be able to manage your time well.

7. You can achieve expected goals.

You can achieve expected goals
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As you work at home, you are also having time to grow as a designer. Aside from your goal of finishing a project, you can also set other goals like learning new skills and techniques for design. If you are successful in setting a boundary for freelance work and enjoyment at home, you can surely get what you intend to acquire.

8. You can have personal time.

You can have personal time
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Unlike working in an office, you have more personal time at home. Aside from the fact that you are in your comfort zone, you are also more happy working because you can have time for yourself. These are the times that are not part of your work. After your work, you can take a rest, watch a movie, and do other things that can help you recharge. You can surely enjoy having time for yourself and for your work without having hassles.

9. You can have time with family.

You can have time with family
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Working at home is a great way to bond with the family more. But it doesn’t mean that when you are working, they are also there with you. You can tell them that when you are busy, you should not be disturbed. Anyway, you have all the time together after working.

10. You can create better outputs.

You can create better outputs
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No doubt, you will be able to come up with outputs even better than those you have done before. This is because no one is setting pressures on you like in an office. You are also more inspired to work because your family is there with you. Your mind and heart is also in good condition for you can have ample time for yourself. This can greatly contribute to having better outputs. But this can only be possible if you can set boundaries between freelance work and your personal life.

It’s Your Turn Now

You will surely agree with us that setting boundaries at home while freelancing is an important thing. It can also give you lots of benefits for your work and your personal life. Aside from those mentioned, are there other things that you would like to add? What are the advantages that you can see by setting boundaries at home? Feel free to share it to us.

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.

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