You’re surfing through the net, opening all your most visited sites… With your fast and reliable internet connection, you are quite confident that you can open all websites that you please immediately. Suddenly, there it hits you. One site you cannot open because of technical issues that needs to be fixed…’ Annoying isn’t it? But that is for the viewer/surfer’s point of view. Now, for website owner’s out there, this situation is considered a major drawback. Endless possibilities are coming in… You may loose your subscribers and of course, less income generated. Such situations are unavoidable and cannot be controlled. For website owners, however, one major step that you can do is make sure that your viewers and subscribers are still updated with the latest happenings and progress on your site.

Coming Soon templates and Under construction templates pages on the web are pretty useful in ensuring that the viewers and subscribers are retained despite the technical problems and endless troubleshooting procedures. Aside from this, making them pretty cute or pretty cool will also help the visitors extend their patience…

Today, a compilation of 45+ Neat Coming Soon and Under Construction Templates is made available for website owners and designers out there who needs a back-up in the event of website errors and problems that you may encounter. Feel free to navigate through this amazing list and feel free to check out the samples illustrated and also get a chance to grab these free templates that you can use. Get started!

2014 Update:

Every minute there are more beautiful templates being created by different designers. Let me give you more of these creative Coming Soon and Under Construction page templates that you’ll love. We have added more designs below for you to check out. Take a peek and enjoy these fresh designs.

6 In 1 Website Coming Soon Page
website soon

• 6 various colors to select from.
• Includes newsletter form for subscription.
• jQuery form labels.
• Well formatted PSDs and easy to edit

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Under construction page – Coming Soon template
soon template

• Four colors to choose from.
• Subscribe Form including validation and PHP.
• Beautiful Animated Progress Bar with percentage calculation.
• Valid XHTML + CSS3.

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SoonSid – Coming Soon Theme

• Includes AJAX Email Subscription Form.
• Six color Schemes.
• Based on 960 Grid System Framework.
• Validated as XHTML 1 .0 Transitional.

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Launch – Coming Soon/Under Construction
launch coming

• User-friendly to edit countdown timer.
• Working AJAX contact form.
• Twitter Feed integration3.
• 3 color schemes.

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COSoo COming Soon Page Template
cosoo coming soon

• Animated jQuery Countdown with Progress bar.
• Automatic Percentage Text.
• Gather Subscribers Data in Text File.
• Fully Working AJAX Contact Form with Validation.

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Hi! You can’t get enough resources so get to see more templates that you can get inspiration from!

It’s Coming
its coming

• jQuery scroll area which enables you to add more texts
• User-friendly customization to HTML complete with nice documentation file..
• PSD file is included.
• Creative animated slider which will show the project’s progress (eg, 50% completed).

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Ajax Launch Page
ajax launch

• XHTML and CSS valid code with fixes for IE6 and 7 to make it work on all modern browsers.
• Grey, blue, and red color themes.
• AJAX “Email updates” form.
• Complete PDF documentation and guide.

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Easy Coming Soon with Pie Chart, 10 colors + Bonus
soon with pie

• Compatible for all major browsers
• Valid XHTML 1 .0 Transitional/CSS.
• Pie Chart from 0-100% in 10% increments, user-friendly. PSD file included.
• Cufon Font Replacement free to download.

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Launching Soon – Under Construction Page
launching soon page

• HTML 5 + CSS3.
• Fully Functional AJAX Email Subscription Form – no need for MySql Database.
• CUFON Font Replacement.
• Several Mobile Browser Detection Scripts to Choose From.

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Under Construction (With BALLSY progress bar!)
ballsy progress bar

• Compatible to most browsers.
• Clean Design Style.
• PSD Included.
• Fixed Layout.

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Under Construction: 10 Colors + 3 Themes
under construction ten

• PSD files included.
• Compatible for most browsers.
• Files Included: CSS Files, HTML Files, JPG Image, JS Files, Layered PNG, Layered PSD, PHP Files.
• includes a help page

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Construction Page
construction page

• Valid XHTML and CSS with no errors after the W3C validation service..
• Jquery Countdown.
• PHP mail script included.
• Free Cufon font included

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Sneak Peek – Under Construction/Coming Soon Page
sneak peek under

• Seven color schemes to select.
• jQuery countdown with sleek transitions.
• AJAX /PHP contact form.
• Great twitter integration.

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Sleek Under Construction Theme
sleek under construction

• Fully working PHP and Ajax validation contact form .
• Fully layered photoshop PSD files .
• Comes with 4 color schemes .
• Countdown includes days, hours, minutes and even seconds to the event.

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Clean Countdown Timer / Construction Page
clean countdown timer

• XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
• Progress Bar.
• Countdown Timer.
• Layered PSD file.

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Chronos Under Construction Template + WP Theme
chronos under construction

• customizable jQuery countdown and progress bar.
• social media interaction.
• store email addresses in MySQL database and in XML file.
• editable header and content areas.

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Clear Construction
clear construction

• Documentation included.
• PSD file included.
• CountDown script with animation.
• Font file included.

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UnderFlo Constructionz
underflo constructionz

• jQuery supported.
• Working newsletter form input.
• PHP /MySQL included files.
• FadeIn page change (hone, about us, contact us).

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Still looking for the best template designs? Have a peek on these collection we have created.

Vinta SS – Under Construction Page
vinta ss under construction

• Valid XHTML /CSS Template.
• Query Countdown Script.
• Modern and Slick Design.
• Includes latest Site Updates Section.

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Ultra Sleek 3D Look Under Construction Page
ultra sleek 3d

• Stylish and modern 3D design.
• Fully working PHP and Ajax validation email submit.
• PSD file included.
• Valid XHTML and CSS.

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Animated Under Construction – Twitter & Ajax forms
twitter ajax forms

• Ajax contact and register forms.
• Both ajax forms are our popular iPhorms – which sell separately for $6! Included freeValid HTML 5.
• Works in all major browsers.
• Multi language UTF -8 ready.

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DigitFlip, UnderConstruction with twitter
digitflip underconstruction

• Valid xHTML and CSS.
• Styled JQuery Count Down.
• Ajax/PHP Email Subscribe From (no Page Refreshes).
• JQuery PNG fix for IE6 .

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Pixel Media – Under Construction
pixel media under

• Supports all major browsers.
• Valid XHTML 1 .0 Transitional.
• Cufon Font Replacement.
• Social networking icons integration in the theme.

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Influction – Under Constructionm
influction under construction

• AJAX contact form.
• Image showcase with Macbook Pro or iMac surround.
• Macbook Pro and iMac layered images included in PSD .
• Easy to modify countdown timer with dark and light style.

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Under construction/maintenance – Twitter & AJAX
maintenance twitter ajax

• Fully functional AJAX (jQuery) newsletter signup form.
• jQuery Countdown timer and progress bar.
• IE6 PngFix script.
• Valid (4.01 strict), cross-browser HTML & CSS .

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Under Construction Page
Under Construction Page

• jQuery countdown that can set to any time and date.
• Includes PHP AJAX form.
• jQuery animation on social media icons.
• 4 color choices.

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Fleepy Under Construction Theme with Countdown
fleepy under construction

• HTML and WordPress versions.
• Documentations included for both WordPress and HTML .
• Comes in Five different colors to choose from.
• User-friendly PSD file.

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eConstruction – Under Construction Page
econstruction under

• An easy customizable jQuery countdown timer.
• A super sleek progress bar supplemented with a stylish progress description box.
• Social media icon pack included.
• PSD file included.

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Digital Under Construction
digital under

• Working AJAX register form.
• Social Website Icons with tool tip.
• Cross browser compatibility.
• Valid XHTML 1 .0 Strict! and CSS.

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Circo Under Construction HTML Page
circo under construction

• Valid XHTML /CSS Template.
• includes 4 Custom sIFR Fonts.
• jQuery Countdown Script.
• PDF file for guide support.

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NEOTERIC—The Ultimate Under Construction Page!
neotericthe ultimate

• Valid 1.0 Strict XHTML /CSS Template.
• Working PHP Form with Validation.
• jQuery Countdown Script.
• Has seven color themes.

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Under Construction Page with AJAX, Twitter feed
ajax twitter feed

• AJAX Newsletter Sign-up form.
• AJAX Contact form with validation.
• Includes PSD files.
• Valid XHTML 1 .0 Strict.

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Cool Under Construction Theme
cool under construction theme

• AJAX contact and subscription forms with validation.
• Full layered PSDs for all versions.
• Still great looking and working (the same functionality of forms) when javascript is disabled.
• Cufon font replacement.

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OnePage Under Construction 7 in1
page under construction

• Valid XHTML Strict and CSS .
• Cufon Font Replacement.
• jQuery Lightbox.
• Compatibility for most major browsers.

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Under Construction by seal
under construction by seal

• jQuery counter.
• jQuery Content Slider.
• Integrated working php input form .
• simple HTML version.

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MeegoApp. – XHTML Under Construction with Bonus WP
xhtml under construction

• Twitter script for displaying latest tweets.
• Valid XHTML .
• Screencast for installing and using the WordPress version.
• PSD included.

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new under construction template

• Video slide presentation
• 100% responsive
• Retina ready
• Free icons included

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countdown coming soon page

• editable jQuery countdown
• User-friendly
• HTML 5 coding
• Includes newsletter subscription

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app coming soon page

• Responsive for any devices
• CSS3 sign up animation
• Includes eight widgets
• Has Twitter feed and social icons

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Launch WordPress Theme
wordpress under construction template

• Clean and minimalist design
• Widget subscription form
• AJAX contact form with Instant validation
• Easy-to-change Background

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responsive coming soon template

• Completely responsive
• Retina reeady
• Includes three layouts
• CSS3 Animation

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responsive under construction page

• Includes three various templates
• includes 439 icons
• User-friendly customization
• 6 predefined colors

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The Horizon
html under construction pages

• Full screen photo/YouTube video background
• Three additional content pages
• 100% responsive

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cartoon coming soon page

• Elements color change with CSS
• Cool and funny animations
• 100% responsive layout
• Retina ready

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parallax under construction page

• Parallax layout
• Six cool versions
• Google web fonts
• Nicely organized and retina ready

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Feed your design greed with these must see related articles!

clean coming soon page

• Completely responsive to device screens
• User-friendly customization
• Compatible for most major modern browsers
• Retina ready and well organized

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event countdown page

• Two slide selections
• Twitter Bootstrap
• Crossbrowser
• PSD file included

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dark coming soon page template

• Dark and modern design
• Responsive
• 8 variants to choose from
• AJAX form

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I’m curious on what you think about this collection. It would be great to know your opinion and comments below!

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