Monochrome is defined as an object or image is whose range of color consists of shades of a single color or hue. This type of artistic work is often described to be a painting, drawing, design, or photograph in one color or shades of one color. Confused? Well then, here is a must-see collection to all photographers out there…

Amazing Examples of Monochrome Photos is showcased here to give you a better view and understanding of Monochromatic photography… Be amazed and, of course, inspired as we take you to a short journey of cool and unique photographic images. Have fun browsing through this collection and enjoy!!!

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The Andes

the andes

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Black and White

black and white

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Black and White 2

black and white 2

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Reflecting Candlelight in Black and White

reflecting candlelight

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Stone Garden

stone garden

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Big Ben

big ben

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In the Fog

in the fog

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Bee in Black and White


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Black / White

black white

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Stormy Day

stormy day

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Black Death

black death

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Afterglow in Black & White

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Black Drops

black drops

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Quiet Noise

quiet noise

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Tatras: White Stream Falls


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Forged Arrowheads

forged arrowheads

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Beating Together

beating together

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Best Friends

best friends

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Le Tour Eiffel

le tour eiffel

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Open Window

open window

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A Brave Girl

a brave girl

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Bleak City

bleak city

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Joshua Tree #9

joshua tree

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Spider I


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Paysage Pétrifié


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Ebrian Acebedo

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  1. I love monochromatic photos. One friend of mine let me add a black and white category to his website.
    When you remove the colors you can feel the real meaning of the photo.

  2. Those are great. I especially like Solitude and Joshua Tree.

  3. These photos are highly create a special feeling in our mind so great Thanks for the nice posting…..

  4. Love the images. You can almost feel the color in some of them!

  5. those are simply awesome… I want to pick my cam and go have some b/w shots 🙂

  6. Astounding and descriptive collection. Agree with Julia, want to grab my camera and get outside

  7. Very nice photographs.

    There is so much beauty even without the colors, just need perfect angle to see it 🙂

  8. Amazing photos! So inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing them. Would say more but I have to go get my camera a change the setting to Mono!

  9. this is really very amazing phot gallery.

    the brave girl photo is very nice.

    i like it very much & very thanks who capture this shot.

  10. The photos are awesome.
    but is the ‘Spider I’ photo actually monochromatic ?

  11. Fantastic collection but i like A brave girl photo.. amazing, thanks for share.!

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