Single page websites may be described as websites that constitutes all of its features in one page. In this kind of design visitors need not to load different pages just to find what they are looking for and this can give your website an advantage to the rest. But to make this effective, it is of importance to have a creative design to your website to make it more fun and lively.

In our next post, we will be showcasing examples of Beautiful Single Page Design. We have collected different creatively made single page design websites to give you an overview on this interesting concept. Come, take a peek, and be inspired.

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We Shoot Bottles

we shoot bottles

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TV Rdek

tv rdek

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Simon Edamico

simon edamico

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Roger Burkhard

roge rburkhard

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Bit Bots

bit bots

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Dean Oakley

dean oakley

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Antonio Gioia

antonio gioia



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Basil Gloo

basil gloo

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Made by Giant

made by giant

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KZ Xtreme

kz xtreme

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Bounty Bev

bounty bev

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Deelux Design

deelux design

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Alex Cohaniuc

alex cohaniuc

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Vanity Claire

vanity claire

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Macaw Scarlet

macaw one page website

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Amo Digital


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Ralph Flores

ralph flores

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Camp Firebelly

camp firebelly

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My Brain Art

my brain art

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Yeezy Display

one page web design

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Icon Sweets

icon sweets

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Salon Lafolie

salon lafolie

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Mutant Labs

mutant labs

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Nick Hand

nick hand

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The Web Boutique

the web boutique

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Adami Design

adami design

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Charle Selena

charle selena

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Giorgio Molinaro

giorgio molinaro

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Think Green Meeting

think green meeting

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Get Pepperminted

get pepperminted

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Doddle Media

doddle media

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bicycle single website design

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Woo Concept

woo concept

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Ascii Events


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Emrah Duzer

emrah duzer

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Clive Spies

clive spies

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Crush Lovely

crush lovely

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singe web design daytrip

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Riot Industries

riot industries

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Ronald Bien

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  1. Very nice compilation here. I get inspired by these single page designs!

  2. Maybe my site is not as popular as the ones mentioned in this article, but I’m proud of it and I believe it is unique. It was built a year ago and I was aiming a “real magazine” look and feel.

    Check it out!!!

  3. Makes me want to take every design a step further and then 12 steps after that!

  4. Was checking out NOFRKS. Really amazing site!. The navigation is awesome – probably the best I’ve ever seen!

  5. thanks 🙂

    all website is really good looking…….

  6. Very good compilation! However I think you forgot about my site 🙂

  7. Nice list, for the most part. Feels like this could’ve easily been a 50. I mean, for example is a nice try but the typography is horrible and it doesn’t add anything to the list. Why include it?

  8. Thanks for added my portfolio but my name is Simone D’Amico, not Simon Edamico 🙂

    Thanks again 🙂

    This showcase is fantastic, I didn’t know many of the sites you entered!

    Great work!!

  9. Great to see that a holding page can be beautiful too!

  10. Lots of nice designs here. Several of them I have not seen before. I’m a big fan of the single page site.

  11. These websites are amazing! This is definately getting my creative juices flowing! My favorites are the brightly colored ones without too much clutter. my favorites are: Tomatic, Jai, Morphix and Simon Edamico

  12. Cool! i love one page designs & those are some great exaples 😀

  13. Great list! Nice to see some fresh additions to the list.
    You may want to check out the one-page gemms of Ricardo Mestre ( and Eric Steuten (

  14. Good point, not every site needs a base of 6 pages, in fact, I would say half the small business sites out there only really need one or two. The problem is that clients see value in page quantity, a big misconception.

  15. Marvelous collection of applications Thanks for sharing with us…

  16. I always like those giant headings and logos, now it’s a trend and you can see such thing anywhere.

  17. It is a well-compiled designs. it has a great quality of designs.thank you for sharing it with us.

  18. Pretty neat stuff, at least most of them. Some are still really hard to navigate though.

    And most seem to be made for the designer’s screen res. On a netbook or a cinema display some of them fall apart quite dramatically. Imagine them on a mobile device.

    Still, good and inspiring overview.

  19. This is proves that one page websites can be very effective and attractive.

  20. Thanks for posting the ProfessaGrafx website. That one was a fun site to design.

  21. It’s tricky to talk about if this is very good, nonetheless only time will tell, as with most superb design.

  22. thanks for featuring our work.

    for the record its Clive’s Pies.. not Clive Spies… that would be completely different.


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