If you find websites pale and boring, one way to remedy this is creating a cartoon style designs. Even in today’s trends where minimalism is at the top, fun and creativity definitely still have room in web design. You can create various elements including character illustrations, scenic illustrations, and background doodle designs, to say a few.

This kind of design will not only showcase your creative prowess to your visitors, it will also increase their interest and memory retention to your site. It is also a great way to make your site more fun and friendly to your readers.

With that said, we give you a handpicked collection of fun cartoon-style web designs that can help you boost your inspiration and give you great ideas that you use to your projects. Release your ‘kiddy heart’ within and have fun browsing through this list. Come, take a peek, and enjoy!


JSConf is a website made for a javascript convention. It has a fun and creative cartoon design with various colors and animations.
javascript cartoon animation


CUPS is a charity website that utilizes its design with illustrations. The illustrations make the page more interesting. It is even made more entertaining with animations.
cartoon illustration website

Pete Nottage

This portfolio website has a design that showcases various illustrations of places, each representing sections such about, contact, etc. This design is a great example of a UX that balances simplicity and creativity.
flat cartoon design

Flying Piñata

Here we have a website for an app that also has a flat design combined with animation.
web design animation

Tiny Universe

This is a website of a creative design agency and the web design alone shows how creative the people are behind it.
space web design


Memrise uses a scenic cartoon illustration of trees, mountains, and sky with moving clouds.
creative cartoon theme


Duolingo is a language tutorial site and has an illustration of the Earth in space as its header image.
earth cartoon design


Mango’s landing page offers a video link that is made more attractive through a cartoon illustration of scenes
video illustration site

3 Language Adventure

This website also utilizes a scenic illustration – this time playfully displaying China and Japan.
language website cartoon

Easy Rocket Studio

Easy Rocket Studio has a space-themed web design that is filled with creative illustrations and animations that makes browsing more entertaining.
creative animation illustration


Firewatch’s website is designed with a full-screen background illustration that has a parallax effect, making it look like 3D when scrolling.
full screen illustration

Traveline Cymru

This is basically an online comics – a cool one at that. It delivers a story in succeeding pages that can be navigated or “turned” to another page through the arrows at the sides.
comics cartoon website


Mailboxing is an app and its website has a beautiful illustration design of its characters.
cartoon illustration sites


This site uses a red background and an illustration with a comic-book-theme design.
comics cartoon design

BlackMoon Design

BlackMoon Design is a game development studio and its portfolio website has a spot on design. It has a classic game design as a background image.
classic gaming site


This site help you create a password that is definitely hard to hack. The passwords generated are peculiar just like its web design.
password creator website

Suicide Squad

The movie’s web design fits well to the film’s neon accent.
colorful cartoon design


29Rooms has a mesmerizing web design that showcases a loop of a set of abstract art.
pop art web design

Party Pooper

Here we have a set of character design created for this puzzle game.
character cartoon game

Made By Few

Made By Few uses hand-drawn character illustration with a parallax effect that makes the design seem 3D.
hand drawn website

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