40 Best Photoshop Tutorials for Creating Fantasy Scenes


With our unwavering imagination, we are able to create fantastic scenes that corresponds to our moods and feelings… As designers, of course, we are gifted with large amounts of imagination that helps us create cool and unique images. We tend to formulate meaningful images that expresses conscious and sub-conscious desires and wants. Equipped with useful gadgets, softwares,proper techniques and creativity, amazing results are created…

This next post on 40 Photoshop Fantasy Scenes Tutorials will be able to provide you with cool techniques that will be helpful in your designs… Read through this cool tutorials and learn new ways of manipulating photos, creating awesome effects and many others with Photoshop. Enjoy reading!!!

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Photoshop Fantasy Scene Tutorials

Create Spectacular Concept Art in Photoshop

Spectacular concept art

The tutorial will guide you in combining stock photographs to create a stunning effect that can be easily reproduced to work with almost any combination of images.

Galaxy Angel

galaxy angel

This tutorial is on retouching the skin of a model, imitating the make-up, drawing tattoos, representing the hair out of the smoke, using different textures, and many more.

How to Place a Fantasy Creature in a Misty Landscape

fantasy creature in misty land

Learn several non-destructive techniques in applying photo filters to adjust the lighting wih this tutorial.

How to Create a Flying Land Illustration On Fire

flying land on fire

Here is a tutorial on creating a fantasy illustration using some dragon images and a few cliffs for creating the land.

The Magic Night

magic night

In this tutorial, you will be guided with simple actions to create a beautiful and interesting collage.

Create a fantasy illustration in Photoshop

fantasy illustration

Be guided in creating a fantasy montage in Photoshop using some stock images and brushes with this tutorial.

How to Create a Dark Surreal Illustration in Photoshop

dark surreal illustration in photoshop

Create a dark surreal illustration using a few techniques and a handful of images with this tutorial.

Nightly Prayer Tutorial

night prayer tutorial in photoshop

Create an amazing fantasy scene with the techniques offered by this tutorial.

Making of a Forest Magical Scene

forest magical scene

The tutorial is on creating a forest magical scene with photoshop.

Tutorial: Seamless Compositing

fantasy scene illustration

This tutorial illustrates how to fake unbelievable fantasy images using some clever Photoshop trickery.

How to Create a Fantasy “Mother Nature” Scene

fantasy mother nature scene

Create a fantasy scene with Mother Nature using the techniques given in this tutorial.

The White Tree

white tree

Here is a tutorial on creating a white tree image with photoshop.

Night Sky

Night-Sky night sky

n this tutorial, you will learn how to create nice wallpaper with night effects.

Photo Manipulation – Creating a Fantasy Scene

fantasy scene

Learn several cool techniques in photo manipulation with this tutorial.

Design Surreal Composition Fallen Angel’s Dream Fly

fantasy scene illustration

The tutorial is on creating another fantasy scene with photoshop with several tips illustrated.

Mysterious Lightning

mysterious lightning

Create mysterious lightning effects with photoshop in this tutorial.

Photoshop Tutorial: How To Create A Fantasy Flower Creature

fantasy flower creature

Learn create a cool flower creature with Photoshop in this tutorial.

Creating your own Fairytale Scene

 own fairytale scene

This tutorial will teach you to fuse and manipulate several photos and create a fantasy image.

Design an Epic Fantasy Scene with Photoshop

epic fantasy scene

In this tutorial; you will be guided in creating an epic fantasy scene with photoshop.

Fable of the Night

fable illustration

Here is a tutorial on creating a night fantasy scene with photoshop.

How to Design a Dramatic Winged Dragon with Photoshop

dramatic winged dragon

Learn to merge two images into one using layer Masks and reshape a picture using the Liquify Filter with this tutorial.

Making of a Floating Island

floating island

Create your own floating island with the help of this tutorial.

Create Breathtaking Fantasy Light Effects

fantasy illustration

The tutorial is on combining brushes and blur effects in Photoshop to create a beautiful fantasy scene.

Reflective Bubbles

reflective bubbles

Design reflective bubbles with this tutorial.

Digitally Paint a Fantasy Tree Scene

fantasy tree scene

In this tutorial, you will be guided in making fantasy scene using only standard photoshop brushes.

Earth Day. Green Planet

green planet

Be part of nature and create a environment fantasy image with this tutorial.

How to Create a Sparkling Fantasy Photo Manipulation

sparkling fantasy photo manipulation

This tutorial is on creating photo manipulation using different techniques such as adjusting each layer.

Create a Beautiful Lonely Fantasy Fairy

beautiful lonely fantasy fairy

Here is a tutorial explaining how to make a beautiful fairy from a single source image.

How to Create a Fantasy Photo Manipulation

 fantasy photo manipulation

Learn to work with a few images and create a really interesting photo manipulation with this tutorial.

Design a Surreal Floating Eiffel Tower Scene In Photoshop

floating Eiffel tower scene

Create an absolutely magical, floating Eiffel Tower scene in Photoshop with this tutorial.

Fantastic Tree

fantastic tree

In this tutorial, you will be guided in creating a fantastic tree with photoshop.

Light In The Forest Photo Effect

fantasy scene illustration

The tutorial will give you techniques in creating forest light effects.

How to create a fantasy photomanipulation in Photoshop

fantasy photo manipulation

Learn how to combine some stock images in Photoshop to create a fantasy photo manipulation with this tutorial.

Awesome Fantasy Style Castle Scene Creation in Photoshop

castle scene fantasy

Here is a tutorial that will give you steps in designing an awesome Fantasy style Castle Scene with icy background texture, space and debris brush sets.

Creating A Fantastic Fantasy Night Sky In Photoshop

antastic fantasy night sky

This tutorial will show you how to create cartoon-style clouds using Photoshop and a bit of Illustrator.

Fairy Night

fairy night

In this tutorial you will learn how to correct the photos’ colors, change the eyes color, work with the layers, applying ready brushes and designs, create your own design and to picture the stars.

Golden apple tree

golden apple tree

In this tutorial, you will learn how to manipulate a tree and turn it to a fantastic golden apple tree.

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