As a follow-up of our previous post on business card designs, we have once again searched throughout the web for cool business card designs. A collection which focus on one style, illustration concept. This post aims to inspire designers everywhere in creating innovative business card… As a useful tool in advertising business, a business card’s presentation is important in creating a good first impression.

As a designer, it is imperative to learn how to correctly design them in order to make them effective. Also, it is helpful to know the best typeface to use in creating a great business card and their sizes.

Today’s post on A Showcase of Inspiring Business Card Illustration Designs will be a useful add-on for all designers out there who are currently experiencing inspiration lapse… Check out our cool list and be motivated…

2014 Update:

For this update, I have gathered more beautiful business card designs that can boost your inspiration and give you some insights and ideas for your next design. Scroll down and check them all out. Enjoy!

Original Business Card
original business card
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Wokoman Design Card
wokomon  design business card
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Kawaii Style Card
my business cards
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GoonPay Business Card
goonpay business card
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Desginer Business Card
designer business card
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Them Bones BBQ Business Cards
bones bbq business card
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Brave Whale Custom Card
brave whale custom card
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The Shoppe Business Card
shoppe business card
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My Cutie Business Card
cutie business card
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Sketchbot Business Card
sketchbot business card
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tBusiness Card Design
cool business card design
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Business Card
awesome business card
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Designministeriet Card
designministeriet card
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Creative Business Card Design
free business card design
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Elbarbon Business Card
nice business card
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beautiful business card design
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Couple Business Cards
amazing business card
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Lea Alcantara Business Cards
pretty business card design
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Oriental Express
free cool business card design
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New Business Cards
new business card design
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Chef Burger
free new business card design
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Bubi Au Yeung
new cool business card design
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bird business card designs
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cat business card illustrations
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Full Color MINI
tattoo business cards illustrations
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flat design business card
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El Paso
cartoon business card design
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Hi Ni
bear business card design
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Business Card Design
dog business card design
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New Business Cards
drawing business cards
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animals business cards
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Little Brown Rabbit
kiddy business cards
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Did we miss anything? Feel free to add your comments and suggestions below.

Ronald Bien

About the author: A Graphic Designer and the founder of Naldz Graphics. He launched Naldz Graphics to help the Design Community in providing quality design resources and tutorials.


  1. These are some really cool cards. Sketch book is pretty creative and awesome 😀

  2. Really Amazing Card. I make a point not to miss any post from this blog.

    Keep up the good work Ronald

  3. amazing and unique card designs with creative illustrations

  4. Very cool and inspirational designs. You misspelled Designer Business Cards. 😉

  5. Amazing business cards. I never miss out this site anymore

  6. Great job.
    Thanks for providing useful ideas for my next project.

  7. some really nice ones here. I see the trend of having a card as 2 half is being more used lately (like the elephant project on this list)..
    Nice post!

  8. Awesome! These business cards have soo much personality!

  9. Awesome designs and great direction with every card.

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