22 Beautiful Example of Brochure Designs


We received a great response to our readers when we  showcase the 60+ Most Beautiful and Creative Business Cards Design a months ago.  And today, we made a new list to inspire you and this time its all  about Brochure. A Brochure is a small booklet or pamphlet, mostly containing promotional material or product information.

Here  is a showcase of  22 Beautiful Brochure Designs for another list of inspiration.In this post you will see some example of a good brochure designs.


Source: k.james


Source : designsitesup


Source : Antonio Bonanno


Source : Toast Creative


Source : designsitesup


Source : designsitesup


Source : inkdphotos


Source : inkdphotos


Source : designsitesup


Source : designsitesup


Source : Studio MIKMIK


Source : studiomikmik


Source : Source Creative


Source : inkdphotos


Source : inkdphotos


Source : FalkPhotoDesign


Source : inkdphotos


Source : vi.sualize


Source :


Source : vi.sualize


Source : Matt Wahl


Source : vi.sualize

So which one do you like the most? We would love to hear your favorites. Maybe you would like  to drop a comment if you like.

  • hadi060

    A very nice collection of Brochure Designs to get inspiration. Thanks fo sharing.

  • FreelancerCrowd

    Simply loved the last one

  • Khürt Williams

    Loved the inkdphotos and the Ozlab.

  • http://URL(Optional) CulinaryCulture

    Thanks for the inspiration. Great collection!

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  • Igor

    I really love the toast creative with a bite:] Thanks for sharing.

  • http://URL(Optional) Peter Fabricius

    Excellent, thanks. Really like sortdesign’s

  • Stratigo

    Very inspiring collection of brochures using contemporary design. Thanks for sharing.

    Follow us on Twitter: @stratigodesign

  • Evan MacDonald

    Very nice collection!

    I love the pacing of the NA* brochure

  • SOS Media Web Design

    Amazing what you can do with some space, a little copy and a printing budget!

  • Geoargent

    so cool. i love the #7

  • kixvix

    Nice! Wish the brochures they give in malls look like these. :)

  • Design freak

    absolutely stunning

  • om ipit

    really i love this showcase
    very inspiring me
    thanks for share

  • Fabian

    Very nice!

  • http://URL(Optional) bebopdesigner

    Brilliant collection. Thanks for sharing. Very inspiring… Cheers

  • Jennifer Farley

    Nice collection. Have added to delicious, thanks!

  • Tracey Grady

    Many of these would take a sizeable budget to produce but the end result is a design which really stands out. One of two of the designs are not very readable and that needs to be addressed as a priority in design.

    My favourite of the collection is inkdphotos’ Hardware brochure: clever idea, simple execution, great style and designed in two-colour so cheaper for printing.

  • Rebecca

    really nice, inspiration stuff, thanks!!

  • Web Templates

    Creative, colorful, well printed, and totally stylish.

  • div

    Awesome designs. I Love them all.

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  • Johnson Koh

    Love the one from DesignSitesUp!

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  • B

    Nice inspiration.

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  • JChristian


  • fakher

    amazing collection

  • eduh

    damn…niiiiceeee….iv saved all o dem for ref. material u know…thanks!

  • jeandesignstudio

    I just love it…
    great idea and design concept….
    I’m proud of you kababayan. Thanks for sharing.

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  • ira

    i like vi.sualizev

  • angeliclyr

    it’s very nice…..very colorful!

  • nomi

    These are very good brochure designs.

  • pixie

    marvellous cllection.

  • http://naaaa razz

    creativity at its best…..

  • rose

    beautiful brochures

  • M.T Shafraz Nafeer

    wow wow wow wonderful

  • rio

    awesome collection work…

  • Michelle

    wow these are amazing but where would you get this kind of stuff printed?

  • Raptor

    awesome thanks!

  • Simran

    Awesome list .. I’m first time seeing any collection of brochure designs.. thanks :)

  • azam zaki

    Nice Job , amazing designs

  • Favoripartner Escort


  • http://brochure shriya

    i love u very much.

  • escort bayan

    thanks so much admin

  • jonard pantoja

    Cool selections!!! Great Inspirations!!! Mabuhay ka kabayan!!!

  • Brochurenesignortfolio

    Great did. I loved to bookmark this page forever. Thanks for providing inspirational work for us.

  • Taelor

    wow crazy cool disigns…i wish i could do that…bad a**

  • Chykalophia

    Those are awesome brochure, some are just WOW.. ^.^
    great job finding them

  • behzad

    It is nice to see fun creative design with rainbow of colors.

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  • Fidget

    Those are simply awesome! Really nice collection.

  • Onur

    It is nice to see fun creative design with rainbow of colors.

  • inspirationfeed

    Awesome collection, some great designs here.

  • Boldis Media

    Zlab brochure is very cool!

  • Imperiakupe

    We like design of Studio MIKMIK very much!

  • chandru

    Nice collections. Everyone will get different ideas. Thanx.

  • Abhijit Sonavane

    Something New Sounds Great !!!

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  • sapto prasojo

    wow,,,,, fantastic design….

  • marko

    beautiful collection brochure is a good selection for any inspiration for designers of color application gives life to each design

  • Atif

    Excellent Designs :) I like it so much

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  • Melody J.

    Colors are really eye-catching! Excellent designs!

  • NoToy

    Really inspiring and cool examples. That´s why I love Internet, thank you for sharing with us. :)

  • tadalis

    Your blog is amazing..Nice design and interesting blog post makes me to stop here for a while..
    Thanks a lot for such an amazing blog…Keep it up…

  • siba sahu

    Nice collection loved it

  • Ruth wambui kiai

    Pure awesomeness!

  • winskey

    Galing naman ni Ronald! Iba talaga mga Pinoy, pati banyaga, napapahanga! Ganda ng mga articles, freebies…lahat! hehe! Congrats Bro!

  • Sanjeeb Sahu

    Awesome collections….

  • Ronald Bien

    Thanks Winskey :D Mabuhay

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    Very nice concepts , thnx for sharing

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  • clayton

    u really came for my rescue

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    amazing collection!!!!!

  • erick azof

    wow, i like them!

  • Naresh

    Brochure designs are very nice and to get inspiration from these designs

  • Memet

    Very Goods inspiring collection of brochures using contemporary design. Thanks for sharing.

  • M.Aswad Mehatb

    Very Impressive Designs for inspiration, I will defiantly use these styles , Thanks for sharing

  • Raphael

    Very Creative Designs

  • Khadar

    The inked photos collection, and especially the coffee themed designs are very good and realistic. Matched well with the product theme.Thanks for sharing

  • finaz


  • creative jimmy

    impact 2008 seems very corporate
    indeed good collection.


    cooool nice designs

  • ria

    i love itis collection:)

  • M. Siva Kumar

    concept – colorfulness – commercial very nice designs
    thank u i inspire your designs

  • nurdiin daifufgo

    are u have pamphlet template with psd format?

  • sachinbatwal

    Hi your all the brochure are awesome, Nice :)