Designers and artists are often perfectionist. They do not want to see an entourage of mistakes in their masterpieces. They always want their outputs to be as good as they want it to be and not merely “good enough”. Scratch papers will always be seen when an artist is working and even if it is already done, he will still look into it again to check every detail of his work because he wants it to be perfect.

Perfectionism is a belief that perfection can and should be attained. A perfectionist view things that are less than perfect as “unacceptable”. Psychologists said that perfectionism is not good for one’s health, well, depending on what type of perfectionist you are.

    There are two types of perfectionist. 

  • 1.Normal Perfectionist. These people feel a real sense of pleasure upon seeing their work which is the result of their arduous labor. They are satisfied with their work.
  • 2.Neurotic Perfectionist.These people are never satisfied. They feel that everything they do is not good and still needs a lot of improvement. This results into working more long hours and still ending up unsatisfied. They try to achieve what is impossible to reach.

Nothing is wrong with being a perfectionist only that we need to look into “perfection” in a subtle way, not sacrificing ourselves and our health conditions. So, after a few words on perfectionism, let us consider the reasons why being a perfectionist is of great advantage for designers, writers and artists.

1.Makes you set high personal standards.

high personal standards

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An artist will always sharpen his pencil before starting to work ‘coz he wants the guidelines to be light and thin so it won’t be visible when the final touches are placed. This is a simple example of setting a standard for yourself. You won’t work with a dull pencil same as you won’t allow yourself to have a dull work. This is important for all artists and designers. Setting a high personal standard would make your work on top of what others expected. Having low standards will be hard for you to climb and reach the standards of your clients. This will make you achieve a better output and will surely impress your clients.

2.Being organized can make work processes easy.


Perfectionist usually works with a certain process and they always see to it that everything is organized. There is a great advantage in this for it won’t take time to look for the files or tools you need coz you have placed it all in one place. Being systematic is a sure way to maximize your time.

3.Attaining a perfect output.

perfect output

(Image: imsosxe)

Well, since nothing is perfect, let’s just say that when you aim for perfection, your output will be the nearest thing to perfection. This means less errors and more satisfaction for customers. Your projects will surely be as polished as you want it.You will make sure to choose the right materials for your work. Getting a perfect output actually depends of the artists. One might look at it as “already perfect” but for some, it is not. There are various perspectives as to what a “perfect output” is. Normally, one would be satisfied with their work when it comes out they way they want it or better than they want it.

4.Makes you pay attention to details.

pay attention to detail


Little details that most designers might overlook could be noticed by a perfectionist. You look beyond what the eyes can see and make sure that every single detail is okay. You might even add more details that other designers won’t even think of. This way, you could surely pass the standards of your clients.

5.Have fewer things to fix.

fewer things to fix


One of the advantages of being a perfectionist is you have fewer things to fix since you had been very keen while on the working process. You have already examined everything including any possible comments that your client might say. You have taken into consideration a lot of things making your clients totally pleased with your work. This will help you save some time, too. Perfectionist do not have to paint white roses red ‘coz he already made it in red in while he was working on it.

6.Trained to think differently.

think differently

(Image: self)

Perfectionists not only want their work to be polished but they also want it to be different from the work of other artists. You will certainly think outside the box. This way, an original output will be given. Designers always want to be unique and original.

7.It challenges you.

challenges you

(Image: BronwinRain)

Once you post a challenge for yourself, you’ll always work for the better. You always try to beat the challenges that you have placed making you a better and more empowered designer. It is like going into a maze. You wouldn’t dare enter a labyrinth if you do not have enough confidence that you can overcome challenges as long as you put your effort into it. So keep on challenging yourself and you’ll love the better you!

8.You are encouraged to give your best.

give your best

(Image: Lfcmaniac)

No matter how long the queue of workloads you have, you will always aim for the best in every project you are working on. No one needs to fire up your soul in order to work on it ‘coz you have kept that fire burning within you. You are also encouraged to work hard on your projects. Give your best and you’ll get your best work as an aftermath.

9. Achieve high customer satisfaction.

customer satisfaction

(Image:Eduard Titov)

Aside from satisfying yourself, satisfying your clients are more important. If they see your “perfect” work, they’ll truly be pleased. Clients are always looking for designers who could make their job easier. If you make a good impression on your first project with them, then two thumbs up for you ‘coz you’ll surely get the next one!

10.You’ll be highly regarded .

highly regarded


Seeing your well-done designs due to your being a perfectionist, people will turn to you for advices. Clients will recommend you to others. You’ll be considered as one of the best designers due to your excellent outputs which show that you have given the best in you. Applause!

On whatever project you are working on, you should always satisfy yourself before you satisfy others. That is what we call self-realization. It will also help build self-confidence and self-reliance which are very important for designers and artists. And you don’t have to be a workaholic when you are a perfectionist. It really depends on how you handle yourself but you’d better take a break once in a while and get some fresh air. It is easier to achieve perfection when your mind is relaxed.

Actually, to be a perfect designer, one needs to seek fulfilment, contentment and pleasure in yourself. That is the most delightful way of practicing perfectionism.

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


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