Weddings are one of the most memorable moments of a couple’s life. That is why photographs are always needed in order to store the beautiful memories of a wedding. A wedding, may it be simple or not will not be complete without a photographer. It would certainly be one of the important preparations needed even during the engagement stage. Some couples even have engagement pictures, how much more during a wedding! This is the part where wedding photographers come in. But of course, it shouldn’t be an ordinary photographer, but someone who can surely give great memorable shots.

So, if you want to be chosen, you need to have practiced well to get great shots. Also, when you are shooting a wedding, you should always prepare for the worst case scenarios so that you have solutions in mind already when it happens. This way, you will not miss important moments of the wedding. For today’s post, we will give you some tips on how to fill your images with love in your wedding photographs. Here they are:

1. Be professional.

Be professional
Image: Rubixcu8e

You need this in order to be successful in your photography. There are group shots during weddings, hence, you have to be nice to everyone. Do not be bossy by merely commanding them on what to do. There are some people that are only observing how you act during the wedding. So, be nice and be professional. Respect everyone present and have fun while doing it.

2. Fully know your equipment.

Fully know your equipment
Image: John Michael Cooper

Of course, this is always an important point when you are into photography. Always get to know your equipment first. Prepare all of them like spare memory cards and others. Well, before you really work on a wedding you have to make sure that you are really good at what you are doing. If not, you might frustrate the couple and eventually ruin the best moment of their life. Remember that the reason why they hired you is to capture every beautiful moment that they will treasure forever. So, practice a lot first and know everything that you have with you especially your camera.

3. Create a shot list.

Create your own online portfolio
Image: Achfoo

Having a shot list prepared can make it easy for you and the newlyweds as well as the other participants to follow a certain flow in the pictorial. This will make everything organized. So, prior to the wedding day, sit with the couple and you plan the shot list. That would include the shots before, during and after the wedding. It is important that the couple are aware of what will happen during their wedding.

4. Be silent.

It would be frustrating when everyone is silent listening to the wedding talk and the only thing that breaks that silence is the click of your camera. Make sure that you will silence your camera during weddings. This way, you can move around the venue and take shots of everyone there in any angle you want without disturbing them. It is also one way of showing respect to the ceremony.

5. Scout for great locations.

Scout for great locations
Image: Jason Hwong

Another important part of the preparation is the location of shots after the wedding. You can suggest certain locations for the couple. But it would be best if you ask the couple which places they want to have their picture. It could be a memorable place for both of them. Then, visit those locations so you can plan the shots ahead of time.

6. Capture emotions.

Capture emotions
Image: Amanda & Nate Reynolds

There would be so many emotions that you can see during a wedding. Emotions of love would be number one and then the joyous laughter of the couple and the people around them. Sometimes, the couple might even cry due to so much happiness. Get pictures of all those emotions and you can see that it can give a very good result. Your photos will surely be able to store emotions and memories if you do this.

7. Research the wedding venue prior to the big day.

Research the wedding venue prior to the big day
Image: Ridout Photography

You also have to know more about the wedding’s venue. That includes the wedding ceremony and the reception. Visit the area and study where you can get great shots. If you visit the place with the couple, you can do some test shots to see where the light is coming and others. This can also be a good way of early planning.

8. Have two cameras.

Have two cameras
Image: Chris & Katie

Do you know why this is necessary? Because you cannot repeat a wedding. If you were not able to take a photo of something important, you cannot tell the couple to do it again. So, everything has to be shot well. The spare camera is important in case your camera malfunctions. You cannot just stop because you no longer have a camera. That would be very unprofessional. You can also set each camera with different lenses so that you won’t have to change lenses every now and then.

9. Bring a friend.

Bring a friend
Image: Kietdc

You can also bring a friend who is also a photographer. He will also take pictures of the wedding. This way, you will have someone who can take pictures of other shots. It would be hard if you are alone to take pictures of everything that is happening. Also, if ever your shots didn’t come out really good, at least you still have another option.

10. Shot on different angles.

Shot on different angles
Image: John77

Try taking pictures of various angles. This can make your images look unique and more dramatic. Most of the pictures would look formal especially during the ceremony and the group shots. So, add some twist by taking pictures on different angles. This will surely be appreciated by the couple.

11. Experiment with your focus.

Experiment with your focus
Image: Ashley Deyo

You could have taken a lot of pictures of the beautiful faces of the newlyweds. But you can also try other focus. You can take pictures of the bride’s shoes, or focus it on the hands, and many others. Do not be afraid to experiment. It will look good. Also, take pictures of other wedding details like the menu, the flowers and others.

12. Use black and white.

Use black and white
Image: Jason Hwong

Black and white photos always looked dramatic and mysterious. Use this for your wedding shots and for sure it will turn out really beautiful. But of course, not all photos has to be in black and white, only some shots. You can observe that in black and white, the emotions are even more intimately seen.

It’s Your Turn Now

When you are planning to take pictures of a wedding, see to it that you have practiced well before it. You cannot ruin a great moment just because you had some mistake in photographing. Also, make sure that you have prepared everything, from equipments to your skills. You can look at wedding photographs done by other photographers so you can be given ideas on what to do with your shots. Are you into wedding photography? Can you add some tips to what we have above? That would be very helpful.

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