Logos, being the ‘face’ of the company, carry the integrity and reputation they represent and visually communicate it to its audience. In other words, it helps the people get an idea of who and what the company is.

That is why logo designs play an essential role in what the outcome of the branding will be. It should be able to effectively express the sought impression to the public and convey a recognizable and memorable look. There are a lot of ways for designers to achieve this aim on their designs. One way is to keep inspirations up in order for imagination to naturally flow and result into a great idea.

To amplify your inspiration gauge, we have a collection of Mesmerizing Vintage Logo Designs. This includes some of the best examples of nicely designed vintage logos that we handpicked to feed your visual eyes. Scroll down and check them all out below. Come, take a peek, and enjoy the designs!

Taking One for the Home Team
vintage logo design

Huntington logo vintage

Irish Pub
irish pub vintage logo

Union Power Supply
power logo design

praetzel logo vintage

Handy Supply Co.
handy vintage logo

Duller & Co
paint vintage logo

The Company
company vintage logo

Avignon vintage logo

The Redemption
bakery vintage logo

New York Butcher Co
butcher vintage logo

The Kingsway
Kingsway vintage logo

Nets Redo
nets vintage logo

History Turned Upside Down
emblem vintage logo

Gilford & Sons
vintage design logo

Tribes Work Co-op
tribes vintage logo

Karma Cafe
cafe vintage logo

handymen vintage logo

sunshine vintage logo

Volvo vintage logo

pedalworks vintage logo

Real Estate Solutions Today
real estate vintage logo

vintage logo moonshine

Home Sweet Home White
home vintage logo

Meget & Mere
typography vintage logo

Washington Brewery
brewery vintage logo

United Task Co.
circle vintage logo

Bender’s Burritos
 burrito vintage logo

Vintage logo templates
 vintage logo templates

Commit To Craft
craft vintage logo

Pure Pleasure
pleasure vintage logo

Shield Logo
shield logo vintage

Premium Coffee
coffee vintage logo

logo concept
banner vintage logo

yalantis vintage logo

Sailor’s Rest Farm
farm vintage logo

Dust to Dust
dust vintage logo design

Small Lakes
water vintage logo

bricks vintage logo

pint logo vintage

Calibre Club
club vintage logo

St. Petersburg race Bureau
bikes vintage logo

Yosemite logo vintage

San Francisco Giants
giants logo vintage

Golden Bass Roadhouse
fantasy vintage logo

Frontager’s Pizza Company
pizza vintage logo

typography vintage logo

The Redwood Store
store vintage logo

Hankow Brew Co.
hankow logo vintage

paperboy logo vintage

The Catch All Hook Holder
hook holder vintage logo

One On One Flavours
flavours vintage logo design

Mickey Javier

About the author: He is a registered Physical Therapist from the Philippines. He likes designing and photography that's why he takes photos during his wee hours. He's also into motorbikes and breeding Bullmastiffs and St. Bernards.