Over the years, we have searched, compiled, and shared various website designs that have different elements and themes in a pursuit to engage our readers’ creativity and give them an inspiration boost that they need. And for our loyal readers, we will continue to share to you the best and inspiring designs for your pleasure.

For this post, we will present to you yet another inspiring showcase of Website Designs that includes video backgrounds making the website more unique, interesting, and engaging. Scroll down and check them all out below. Come, take a peek, and enjoy!


matter video web design

Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli

hotel video web design

Immersive Garden

hotel video web design

Digital Kitchen

digital kitchen website design

GSG Carpenteria

gsg video website design

Big Cartel

big cartel video website

Stephen Webster

fashion video website design

Squarespace — Seven

squarespace video background website

Sweden Unlimited

Sweden video website design

Persuade Content

persuade video web design

Creative Class

creative class video web design


airbnb video background

Blu Homes

blu hone video background website

Purple, Rock, Scissors

freelance video web design


aquatilis video website

Nokia Transitions

nokia transitions video site

AYR Editions

video background web design

Cultivated Wit

cultivated wit video website

Nationale Opera & Ballet

opera video website


menagerie web design

Chattanooga Renaissance Fund

video background style website


storq video website


auria video background

Brindisa Tapas Kitchens

web design video background

Joel Compass

music video background website

De Republica

republika video background

Story & Heart

story video web design

Rare Icons

water video background website

Sid Gentle

sid gentle web design

St. Louis County Library District 2012 Annual Report

kiddy video website

Bienville Capital Management

capital video design

The Hotel Style

hotel style video website

Kingsbury Press

hotel style video website

Tool of North America

tool video web design

L’attrape Rêve

artist video website


blink video web design

Into the Arctic

arctic video background website


agency video background site

Rick & Drew

cool video background design

Image Partnership

fashion video background website

Alexandra Posen

Alexandra video background desgin


city video design website


yodabaz hipster design website

Sarkissian Mason

mason background video website


sky video background website

Ebrian Acebedo

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